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Dunsparce Nokocchi
Classification Type 1 Type 2 Height Weight
Land Snake Pokémon Normal N/A 4'11" (1.4m) 31lbs (19kg)
Pokédex Description
Gold: When spotted, this Pokémon escapes backward by furiously boring into the ground with its tail..
Silver: If spotted it escapes by burrowing with its tail. It can float just slightly using its wings.
Crystal: It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there.
Evolutionary Chain

Captured By/Where?
Gold V. Rare Dark Cave
Silver V. Rare Dark Cave
Crystal V. Rare Dark Cave

GSC Attacks Learnt
Attack Name
-- Rage Normal
Lv. 5 Defense Curl Normal
Lv. 13 Glare Normal
Lv. 18 Spite Ghost
Lv. 26 Pursuit Dark
Lv. 30 Screech Normal
Lv. 38 Take Down Normal
GSC TM/HM Compatibily
TM01 TM02 TM03 TM04 TM05 TM06 TM07 TM08 TM09 TM10
TM11 TM12 TM13 TM14 TM15 TM16 TM17 TM18 TM19 TM20
TM21 TM22 TM23 TM24 TM25 TM26 TM27 TM28 TM29 TM30
TM31 TM32 TM33 TM34 TM35 TM36 TM37 TM38 TM39 TM40
TM41 TM42 TM43 TM44 TM45 TM46 TM47 TM48 TM49 TM50
HM01 HM02 HM03 HM04 HM05 HM06 HM07 MT01 MT02 MT03

Egg Moves (Learnable Through Breeding)
Attack Name
Rock Slide Rock
Ancientpower Rock
Bide Normal
Bite Dark

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