Walking Wake

Walking Wake, the Paradox Pokémon. It resembles a sketch made by a member of the Area Zero Expedition in the Scarlet Book. It bears a uniquely shaped set of horns on its forehead. It also supports its weight with just its hind legs and walks bipedally.


A surprise addition mid-generation, Walking Wake immediately draws acclaim both aesthetically as an prehistoric take on Suicune and mechanically as the first Sun using Water type. The roles Walking Wake provides Sun teams is absurd, not only giving them a viable Grass-Wire-Water core, but also the absurd neutral coverage of Water and Dragon, enabling Sun teams to hit many troublesome targets. And it is not just Sun teams Walking Wake excels at -its all around excellence finds it a slot on most teams. Base 109 Speed is fantastic, already getting jump on nominally fast targets like Garchomp and that is before the Protosynthesis boost, while Base 125 Special Attack as proven by Zapdos is potent, enabling Walking Wake to hit hard with just investment. And all this coupled with the fantastic Water Dragon typing and slightly above average defenses to make Walking Wake a nightmare to take out.

However, Walking Wake is not without flaws. Its Special coverage outside of STAB is scarce, making it rather predictable. A lack of special boosting options also stings, preventing Walking Wake from ramping up and leaving it stymied by dedicated Special walls like Blissey and Clodsire. If not in the Sun, its speed is nowhere near as peerless leaving it prone to being revenge killed by faster opponents such as Dragapult, Roaring Moon and Iron Valient. However, Walking Wake’s pros far outweigh its cons and must be planned for before this impossibility washes away all hope of victory.
Water Dragon is an amazing typing both defensively and offensively giving Walking Wake few resistances and very hard to resist coverage with STABs alone.
Base 125 Special Attack is potent, ensuring Walking Wake hits hard
Protosynthesis, Hydro Steam and Flamethrower synergize beautifully, making Walking Wake a potent threat in the sun.
Base 109 Speed is amazing, getting the jump on many already fast Pokémon and becoming nigh unmanageable in the sun.

Poor Movepool leaves Walking Wake predictable
Lack of boosting moves leaves Walking Wake struggling to break past dedicated Special Walls, especially out of the Sun and Rain.


Living Contradiction

-Hydro Steam
-Draco Meteor
-Hydro Pump
Ability: Protosynthesis
Item: Choice Specs
EVs and Nature:
12 Def / 244 SAtk / 252 Spe
Timid Nature

Walking Wake’s premier set with good reason, with Choice Specs bolstering its power to dangerous levels, while using its great neutral coverage to ensure almost nothing is safe as an offensive attacker. Hydro Steam is a bonkers move, boosted by both Sun and Rain, falling slightly short of Draco Meteor, but without any drawbacks. Speaking of Draco Meteor, its as much key to Walking Wake’s success as Hydro Steam, enabling Walking to slap around opposing Water and Dragon types that otherwise would try to stop Walking Wake’s assault and hitting many targets for obscene neutral damage. Flamethrower rounds out the coverage, gaining pseudo-STAB in the sun and punishing Steel and Grass types that may resist both STABs. Hydro Pump works as a stronger Water STAB option out of Sun, eviscerating specially bulky targets that may resist Walking Wake’s offense otherwise.

Tera Types:
Tera Water is highly recommended, pushing Hydro Steam and Hydro Pump to superlative defying levels of power that partially makes up for Walking Wake’s lack of boosting options. Otherwise Tera Grass is good for coverage, hitting Slowking and Gastrodon hard while Tera Steel is the staple defensive option, turning Walking Wake’s weaknesses into resistances with no Fire or Ground type willing to come in on it and with the added bonus of hitting Fairy types.

EVs and Items:
For Walking Wake to get its all important Speed boost in the sun, a positive Speed Nature and Max Speed investment is needed while 244 EVs are placed into Special Attack to ensure Speed is higher by 1 point. Choice Specs is heavily recommended as the item, as Walking Wake has no way of boosting its power, so this is the best stopgap to that issue, though the flexibility of Life Orb is worth consideration.

Torkoal is an amazing partner. On top of being part of the Water-Fire-Grass core, as the lone available Sun setter, Torkoal enables Walking Wake to such terrifying extremes, giving it a free Speed boost that turns its great speed into amazing, outspeeding the entire unboosted metagame.
Great Tusk is another great partner. In addition to being a fellow sun user, its ability to remove hazards is great considering Walking Wake’s regular switching and its complimentary offense reliably answers Blissey and Clodsire.
Scovillain is an excellent Sun using Grass type, completing the Fire-Water-Grass core and providing a reliable answer to Gastrodon. Other Grass types worth consideration include Amoongus, Brute Bonnet, Meowscarada and Iron Leaves.
Ironically, Pelipper also makes for a great partner. As much as it flourishes in the Sun, Walking Wake enjoys the rain as well, bolstering its Water STAB and fixing the accuracy of Hurricane.
Kingambit is another excellent partner, having complimentary offense and a reliable pivot into Dragon, Fairy and Freeze Dry attacks, while enjoying Walking Wake’s ability to not only answer Fire and Ground types but also ravage a team to leave them vulnerable to a Supreme Overlord sweep.

Other Options:
Hurricane -if running a Rain team, this is a nice tech option.
Sunny Day -considering how reliant Walking Wake is on the sun, setting up its own is worth considering, especially given Walking Wake’s good bulk.

Countering Walking Wake

Walking Wake’s wide coverage, impressive power and speed make reliably answering it difficult. Water Absorb Clodsire, Blissey and Assault Vest Azumarill fare the best, able to pivot into multiple attacks and strike back but barring Azumarill are rather passive and often prey for Walking Wake’s teammates.

Revenge Killing Walking Wake is also a tall task especially in Sun given Walking Wake outspeeds anything unboosted at that point. Roaring Moon is possibly the best check, getting the same Protosynthesis boost to outspeed Walking Wake and OHKO with its Dragon stab. Iron Valient fares similarly, but requires either Choice Scarf or Booster Energy since it cannot benefit from the same Sun. Dragonite does well if not locked into Draco Meteor able to setup and blitz down with Tera Normal Extreme Speed.

Getting Walking Wake out of the sun greatly widens the pool of revenge killers. Specs Dragapult can outright OHKO Walking Wake while Meowscarada can take down a weakened Walking Wake or at least blunt its power with Knock Off.

Prediction and baiting also work well against Walking Wake, as if it is Choiced locked, knowing what move it is running makes it far more manageable.

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