Scovillain, the Spicy Pepper Pokémon. The red head converts spicy chemicals into fire energy and blasts the surrounding area with a super spicy stream of flame. The green head has turned vicious due to the spicy chemicals stimulating its brain. Once it goes on a rampage, there is no stopping it.


Several generations coming, Scovillain is conceptionally an idealized Sun Sweeper, being a Chlorophyll Pokémon with natural Fire STAB, finally able to emulate what so many Swift Swimmers have been able to do for generations. Fire moves boosted by both Sun and STAB hit like a truck and even harder after Terastalization. Grass STAB is complimentary to Fire STAB, hitting most of Fire’s resistances, leaving scarce few answers to Scovillain. Scovillain’s above average balanced offenses and access to Growth wrap together the Sun sweeper package, giving Scovillain a degree of unpredictability and making it difficult to conventionally wall. This is not even getting into Scovillain’s other ability, the incredibly busted Moody, that with some luck, makes any Pokémon a ball of stats that can just roll over the opposing team.

Sadly, Scovillain stumbles at every turn. Its defenses are comparable to Gengar’s, but the lack of immunities and Stealth Rock weakness make it much frailer. Scovillain’s speed outside of Sun is underwhelming as well, leaving Scovillain struggling to do anything of note without a boost. Even with a boost, Scovillain still struggles, being outsped by other, better Sun abusers such as Speed Booster Roaring Moon as well as returning Chlorophyll users in Venusaur and Hisuian Lilligant, all of whom possess greater bulk and coverage. Yes, coverage, as Scovillain’s movepool is lackluster as well, having no Special coverage outside of STABs and physical sets are hampered by Scovillain’s strongest physical Fire STAB being the middling Temper Flare. This lack of coverage hurts all the more given all of Fire-Grass’ strengths, it has two common resistances in Fire and Dragon, always leaving gaps in Scovillain’s coverage. Compounding this, Scovillian’s offenses are unimpressive without the Growth boost, something Scovillain struggles to get given its lack of defenses. While Scovillain promises a spicy encounter, its numerous failings leave it rather mild.
Balanced above average offenses enable Scovillain to hit on both sides of the Spectrum, giving it a degree of unpredictability.
A Fire type with Chlorophyll is incredibly synergistic, enable Scovillain to outrun almost everything and attack with boosted Fire STAB
Moody is the most powerful ability in the game, enabling Scovillain to become a ball of stats with enough time.

Scovillain has near nonexistent utility with 65 defenses across the board and a lackluster defensive typing exposed to Stealth Rock.
Base 75 Speed is unimpressive outside of Sun, compounding Scovillain’s lack of bulk and have it struggle outside its favored weather.
Nonexistent Special coverage and lacking Fire physical STAB leaves Scovillain struggling on both sides of the spectrum.
Huge influx of Protosynthesis Pokémon on top of returning Chlorophyll users leave no lack of Pokémon that outclass Scovillain at its role.



-Solar Beam
-Stomping Tantrum
Ability: Chlorophyll
Item: Heavy Duty Boots
EVs and Nature:
4 Atk / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe
Mild Nature

A standard spicy sun sweeper set, Scovillain excels in the end game where everything has been weakened, greatly facilitating Scovillain to reach KOs. Sweeping in the midgame is possible if Scovillain can find an opportunity to Growth, ideally against a slow bulky Steel or Water type in the sun that Scovillain can threaten out natively. Flamethrower is the move you will click most often, given the lack of drawbacks and the Sun boost making it even stronger than Solar Beam. Speaking of Solar Beam, it is the preferred Grass STAB for its increased power and the fact that Scovillain is all but KO’d when the weather isn’t Sun. Stomping Tantrum rounds out the set, answering the Fire types that subvert both of Scovillain’s STABs while hitting most Dragons neutrally.

Tera Types:
Given Scovillain’s nonexistent defenses, it is an exclusively offensive Terastalization user, though not mandatory given the good coverage of Fire, Grass, and Ground. Tera Fire is by far the recommended Tera, stacking firepower for a result akin to Rain Tera Water Floatzel, pulling off stunts like 2HKOing Tentacruel and OHKOing Umbreon after a Growth. If looking to expanding Scovillain’s coverage, Tera Fairy or Tera Ground are recommended. Tera Fairy is Scovillain’s best answer against Dragons, while giving it an immunity it can use. Tera Ground boost Stomping Tantrum in line with Scovillain’s STABs, or giving Ground coverage that lines up with Scovillain’s investment.

EVs and Items:
Given Scovillain's Special STABs are far better than its physical, Special Attack investment is recommended. Max Speed is required given Scovillain’s poor defenses so it can outspeed as many targets in and out of Sun. Mild Nature is recommended as a minor balm to Scovillain’s barely above average offenses, while not sinking its attack for Stomping Tantrum. Hasty Nature can be considered if desiring to outspeed targets like, Scarf Monkidori, Scarf Infernape, Scarf Espeon, and Scarf Lycanroc-Dusk, but the power drop is noticeable, missing post Growth OHKOs on Galarian Articuno and offensive Sylveon, while missing 2HKOs on Goodra (w/Fire Tera) and Muk (w/o Fire Tera). One can also run a physical set, investing in Attack instead of Special Attack, having the side benefit of boosting Stomping Tantrum. Heavy Duty Boots is recommended as the item, giving Scovillain more utility as an early game revenge killer without decreasing its value in the end game. Focus Sash is another option, great for guaranteeing Growth, but requires very tight Hazard control for the Focus Sash to remain intact.

Scovillain needs the sun to operate at all, so partners that set the sun are required. Ninetales and Torkoal remain the best options, their Drought ability enable passive Sun setup without any loss of momentum needed to manually setup Sun. Both are also amazing at facilitating setup, Torkoal with Yawn and Ninetales with Memento. Non-grounded Dragons are a huge problem for Scovillain unless it is running a super effective Tera, so allies that can eliminate them efficiently are appreciated. Fairy types are a great answer, able to switch into Dragon STAB, and threaten with their own. Dachsbun is a notable option, able to switch into the oft physical Dragon types, as well as no selling Fire types that also trouble Scovillain, though is more defensive than offensive. Ice types, while unable to switch in, are great for revenge killing Dragons, and work well with Scovillain’s more offensive playstyle. Frosslass excels at this role, being blisteringly fast and capable of setting up Spikes to facilitate a later sweep or outright remove a counter with Destiny Bond.

Other Options:
Fire Blast offers a huge surge in power over Flamethrower, but at the cost of reliability. Energy Ball is great if you don’t want your Grass attack ruined by Abomasnow switching in, or have a Grass attack when the sun isn’t up. Seed Bomb/Temper Flare are physical alternatives for Scovillain’s STABs, though the drop in power from their special counterparts is noticeable, especially with Seed Bomb given most Rock and Ground types have much higher Defense than Special Defense.

Doubles and VGC Options

Scovillain remains as woefully outclassed in Doubles as in Singles. Chlorophyll users Venusaur and Hisuian Lilligant are both naturally faster and more bulky while offering superior disruption in Sleep Powder. Flutter Mane being so prevalent is another nail in the coffin given its insane speed means that Speed booster Flutter Mane can outspeed Scovillain as well, though they need significant investment as well. Thus Scovillain turns to its other ability, Moody, where it has a more viable niche given its main competition are Smeargle and Glalie, acting as a sort of middle ground, being bulkier than Smeargle, while having more utility than Glalie. Smeargle in the end is by far the best given its sheer utility, while Scovillain remains a niche option for a niche strategy.

Ultra Spicy Spray

-Rage Powder
Ability: Moody
Item: Bright Powder
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs and Nature:
4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spe Timid Nature

Scovillain revolves around Moody abuse, either dying relatively quickly to pass on the ability to Alolan Muk, or use Flamigo’s opportunist or Mirror Herb to copy the accrued boosts become a ball of stats to roll over the opponents team. Protect and Substitute are dedicated for stalling out for more Moody boosts, in addition to the supreme utility Protect boasts in doubles for blocking Fake Out, stalling out opposing field conditions like weather, Tailwind, Trick Room, terrains and screens, or stalling for allied setup. Substitute is a pseudo Protect, while boasting several synergies, becoming durable after a few defensive Moody boosts. Rage Powder is incredible utility, Protecting allies from opposing attacks, keeping them healthy while drawing moves to have Scovillain knocked out more quickly. The number of moves that are neutered by redirection, from Sucker Punch and Thunder Clap, to Heal Pulse and Pollen Puff to even self-targeting strategies like Beat Up, leave Rage Powder well worth the price of admission. Substitute also synchronizes well with Rage Powder, if intact enabling Scovillain to blank multiple attacks in a single turn. Flamethrower serves dual purpose as the last move, making sure Scovillain isn’t completely passive while roasting the Grass types immune to Rage Powder, making sure Scovillain’s Rage Powder’s cannot be ignored without Safety Goggles.

EVs are to maximize longevity for more redirection and boosts as well as Speed to be able to throw up Substitutes as quickly as possible. Brightpowder can also buy Scovillain more breathing room, while synergizing well with Rage Powder and Substitute. In theory, you never want to Terastalize Scovillain, since it will be its teammates doing all the heavy lifting. Tera Ghost is only there if you absolutely cannot afford to take a Fake Out.

Other Options & Partners:
Spicy Extract is Scovillain’s signature move and an odd one, being both allied buffing and enemy debuffing, but requires either careful planning or specific opposing team composition to not have it backfire.

Allies that can take advantage of Moody are greatly preferred for Scovillain. Alolan Muk is a key example with Power of Alchemy, able to take Moody once Scovillain faints and becomes a huge ball of stats, while stalling out for more boosts with Minimize. Flamigo is another fantastic partner thanks to Opportunist, able to copy several Moody boosts to become an instant threat.

Countering Scovillain

Ungrounded Dragons are a persistent problem for Scovillain, given it has no native coverage to answer them. Altaria and Noivern are key examples, resisting both STABs while firing back with Super Effective ones of their own. Charizard also deserves mention given its resistance of both STABs and immunity to Stomping Tantrum, but a Growth boosted Tera Fire Flamethrower or Fire Blast can KO Charizard before it can attack.

If lacking Stomping Tantrum, Fire types can work, but Scovillain does hit hard even through resists. Flash Fire Pokémon like Houndoom and Chandelure can switch into Fire STABs for a free boost, but need Stealth Rocks off to avoid being KO’d by a follow up Growth boosted Solarbeam.

Venusaur and Hisuian Lilligant both natively outspeed in the Sun and can OHKO, but absolutely cannot switch in due to Scovillain’s Fire STABs.

The large majority of Scovillain are Special, so sponges tend to fare well. Dragalge and Goodra can weather the storm, and KO back, though a single Growth boost can cause things to get out of hand.

The best way to deal with Scovillain is to wait out or remove the Sun. Its speed is nowhere as impressive without Chlorophyll, making Scovillain much easier to handle, though no passive weather setter likes coming in aside from Ninetales and Torkoal, which don’t remove the sun. Priority is another way to reliably pick off Scovillain given its horrid defenses. Lycanroc Dusk’s Accelrock cleanly OHKOs, as does Tera Normal Banded Lucario’s Extremespeed and Gale Wing Talonflame’s Brave Bird. Banded Decuideye’s Shadow Sneak and Tera Normal Scyther’s Quick Attack can both pick off a Scovillain at half health.

Both Sun Sweeper and Moody sets struggle against Unaware walls that ignore their boosts. Skeledirge is quite notable given its massive bulk and Fire typing. Clodsire is also decent, though physical Scovillain’s Stomping Tantrum can 2HKO.

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Dalizapa Passage, North Province Area One, North Province Area Three, South Province Area Six
Tera Raid Battles: 4 Star Raid Battles

Anime Appearences

Scovillain has yet to make an appearance in the anime

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