Hitmonlee, The Kicking Pokémon. The legs freely contract and stretch. The stretchy legs allow it to hit a distant foe with a rising kick. When in a hurry, its legs lengthen progressively. It runs smoothly with extra.long, loping strides. When kicking, the sole of its foot turns as hard as a diamond on impact and destroys its enemy. Some people refer to it as the "kicking master." If it starts kicking repeatedly, both legs will stretch even longer to strike a fleeing foe. After battle, it rubs down its legs and loosens the muscles to overcome fatigue. .

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Hitmonlee would have to be this:


Brick Break
Earthquake OR Double Kick OR Mach Punch
Rock Slide
Hidden Power Ghost

Items Attached:

Choice Band

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Hitmonlee

Personally, I like Jolly over adamant, it outruns quite a fair few pokemon with such speed. I've tested out this Choice banding Hitmonlee, and I can say for certain that it is very effective.
Even though it has fairly weak defenses, it can pack a punch, HP Ghost or Rock slide is capable of OHKO'ing Gengar's. Its other moves can OHKO Blissey's, Jolteon's, Electabuzz's, Magmars, Charizards etc. It may not be as strong as Medicham as a choice bander, it can 2HKO a Snorlax with Brick Break ( depending on the Lax, not that I advise you to keep it out against a Snorlax since Return from this pokemon will KO Hitmonlee. Unless it is an Adamant Hitmonlee with 252 EV's into attack). Its obvious that you should switch when you're up against Physical sweepers/mixed sweepers that are faster than hitmonlee (Skarmory, Aerodactyl, Crobat, Swellow and Zapdos come to mind, who are all capable of defeating this pokemon.)
Hitmonlee also works well with Endure/Reversal, since its quite common on fighting types (again, HP Ghost should be included, mainly for ghost types who won't be harmed by this strategy.)
Earthquake can be replaced with Double kick (for substituters) or Mach punch (there will be times when Hitmonlee needs to attack first), though EQ is useful against Metagross (since Brick break does normal damage, around 89% damage with Critical hit).

EV Corner:

Max out the EVs in Attack & Speed for Hitmonlee with any remaining in HP

Strategy Against Hitmonlee

Hitmonlee is one of the few fighting types capable of taking a psychic hit. Fortunately (for anyone facing one), he isn't hugely capable of taking a physical one.
- Since Hitmonlee has a good maximum speed (300, which outruns the max speed of a neutral nature Base 100 Pokémon), you need to be prepared to take a strong physical hit or have a Pokémon fast enough to out speed Hitmonlee (and strong enough to KO him). Aerodactyl is a good choice for something fast and Skarmory is a good example of something that can take a hit.
- Ghost types are good way to go, since Hitmonlee's strongest attack against ghost types is Hidden Power (which is hard to get unless you are using NetBattle). Also, since most ghosts have access to Will-o-Wisp, which can help neutralise that large attack stat (plus you can't paralyse him so burning him is the best way to go).
- Double Kick can be an annoyance for people using Substitute (Tarboah [Substitute, Focus Punch, Crunch, Thunderbolt] is screwed by a Double Kick Hitmonlee since Crunch isn't very effective, Focus punch is flinched), so beware of that if you see Hitmonlee switched in against your Focus Puncher (or whatever that happens to be using Sub).
- Limber prevents Paralysis, making it ideal for countering Jolteon.
- 110 Special Defence means it'll absorb a few Special Hits before fainting.
- It's always handy to have something with Quick Attack (or a Tyranitar with Sandstorm) since Hitmonlee can make very good use of Reversal.
- Aerial Ace, Drill Peck or Hidden Power Flying is your best bet for taking down Hitmonlee, though most decent physical attacks will KO Hitmonlee with such a pathetic HP and Defence stat.

Contest Moveset

A good Contest Moveset for Hitmonlee would have to be this for the Tough Contest best with Impish, Lax, Relaxed or Bold Nature:


Bulk Up
Rock Smash
Brick Break

Items Attached:

Yellow Scarf

Strategy Using Hitmonlee

If you do the attacks in this following order you should have very few problems; 1st - Bulk up, 2nd - Rock Smash, 3rd - Bulk Up, 4th - Rock Smash, 5th - Earthquake/Brick break

Locations in Games


Trade from FR/LG


Trade from FR/LG

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Fighting Dojo - Only One

Animé Appearences

Hitmonlee has had a few Animé Appearences. Most however, it is wild or under the control of a rude trainer. The noteable exceptions are in the first movie and when the Karate King had one. The rest are cameos

Episode 029: The Punchy Pokémon!
Movie 1: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Episode 138: Chikorita's Big Upset!
Episode 168: Two Hits And A Miss!
Episode 175: Wobbu-palooza!
Special 2: Mewtwo Strikes Back!
Episode 235: A Tyrogue Full of Trouble!
Episode 275: Gotta Catch Ya Later!

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