Min Min

Name: Min Min

Game Series: ARMS
First Appearance: ARMS (2017)

Unlock Criteria:

  • DLC Pack 2

Special Feature
Min Min is unique in that both her neutral attack and specials function similarly. The special neutral uses her ARM as a punch. This ARM can be changed for multiple effects:
Ramram - It bends and does minimal damage. It loops back towards you when thrown
Megawatt - It's shorter range and doesn't bend but can do a massive amount of damage
Dragon - Has long range. Hold it down to shoot lasers when using a Smash attack

Alternate Costumes


Neutral SpecialPunch

Min Min's Neutral Special is unique. It activates with both the A or the B button with the A button controlling Min Min's Left Arm and the B Button controlling her right arm. When pressed, they will send out punches with the current ARMs. You can flick the stick to the side to turn it into a smash attack, you can curve them and you can hold the button to charge. Min Min can also kick with this button
Ramram Punch Megawatt Punch Right Dragon Punch

Up SpecialARMS Jump

Min Min's Up Special is varied based upon your positioning. On the ground, you will just get a boosted jump

Up SpecialARM Hook

Min Min's Up Special in the air is different. Here, Min Min extends her ARMs out in a punch. This will damage opponents but can also grab onto ledges

Down SpecialARM Change

Min Min's down special has her change the ARM on her right. This can be cycled through at will from Ramram to Megawatt to Dragon.

Final Smash

Final Smash SpecialARMS Rush

When activated, Min Min will extend her ARMs out. If it connects, many other ARMs fighters will appear and will start attacking the hit opponent. After some pummelling, Min Min will unleash a powerful beam from her Dragon to damage the opponent