Name: Sora

Game Series: Kingdom Hearts
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts (2002)

Unlock Criteria:

  • DLC Pack 2

Alternate Costumes


Neutral SpecialFiraga

Sora's Neutral Special changes every time you use it. Firaga will shoot fire shots out from Sora's Keyblade rapidly. Press the button repeatedly for continous shots

Neutral SpecialThundaga

Sora's Neutral Special changes every time you use it. Thundaga summons a lightning bolt in front of Sora that covers a wide area of damage

Neutral SpecialBlizzaga

Sora's Neutral Special changes every time you use it. Blizzaga sends ice shots out from Sora's keyblade, which will freeze the opponent. The more hits on the opponent, the longer they're frozen

Side SpecialSonic Blade

Sora's side special has him charge forwards with his Keyblade, damaging opponents in his path. As you charge forward, you can change direction using the control stick or you can press the Special button to home in towards opponents

Up SpecialAerial Sweep

Sora's Neutral special is his recovery. He will jump in the air with his Keyblade out, damaging anyone in the way. This can be moved slightly left or right.

Down SpecialCounterattack

Sora's down special has him deflect attacks from the opponents, using a counterattack to damage

Final Smash

Final Smash SpecialSealing the Keyhole

Sora's Final Smash sends a beam forwards and launches up to three opponents into a keyhole. This then damages them, but if their damage is high enough, they willbe instantly KO'd