Name: Terry

Game Series: Fatal Fury
First Appearance: Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (1991)

Unlock Criteria:

  • DLC

Special Feature
Terry has a few unique features. First the strength of his attacks varies based on if you quick press or hold down. Quick is weaker but doesn't leave you open while holding increases range and power. There are also unique directional inputers to activate his moves.
There are also two powerful moves accessed only when over 100% or has a third or less Stamina. Power Geyser and Buster Wolf

Alternate Costumes


Neutral SpecialPower Wave

Terry's Neutral special has him punch down to the ground sending a shockwave that damages anyone he hits

Side SpecialBurning Knuckle

Terry's forward side special has him charge forward with his fist outwards to damage anyone he hits

Side SpecialCrack Shot

Terry's backward side special has him leap forward with a massive kick damaging opponents that get in the way.

Up SpecialRising Tackle

Terry's up special has him spin upwards feet first, damaging anyone he hits. This attack can be tilted slightly to the left or right

Down SpecialPower Dunk

Terry's down special has him knock an enemy up to the air and then have a diagonal downward punch doing severe damage

Final Smash

Final Smash SpecialTriple Combo

Terry's Final Smash has him slam down to the ground. If there are enemies nearby, he will knock them up and do a combo strike on them giving them massive damage