Name: Halberd

Game Series: Kirby
First Appearance: Kirby Super Star (1996)

VR Capable?: No

BattlefieldΩ Mode

The Battleship Halberd stage shares its stage type with stages such as Port Town and Delfino Plaza in which, for the majority of the level, you are on a platform that will occassionally land on certain areas of the stage

You start off the level on the ground in a hanger with the Halberd in the background. You battle here for a short time until the Halberd takes off, as it takes off, a platform rises from the ground and you have to be on it. This platform follows the Halberd. The platform you are on has one higher mini platform in the centre to give you multiple areas to fight while the platform follows the Halberd

Eventually, after following the Halberd for a bit, the platform eventually lands and integrates itself onto the Halberd. There you have a flat platform to battle in, but there is also a variety of hazards to take into account when fighting here. From time to time, a laser target will appear, you have to get away from this as, before long, a massive laser will fire to where the reticle is present

Another danger has the arm that is attached to the gun suddenly lurch out to damage a random player, this does moderate damage to whomever it his. Finally, a projectile is sometimes shot through the stage from the gun and will damage anyone in its path, until it hits something and explodes

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#802 Marshadow

Assist Trophies Unable To Appear

Squid Sisters