Name: Midgar

Game Series: Final Fantasy
First Appearance: Final Fantasy VII (1997)

VR Capable?: No

BattlefieldΩ Mode

The Midgar stage is a unique one. based on the Capital City in the world of Compilation, it seems to be a rather basic stage on first glance, with a standard three platforms, but there is far much more than meets the eye when you play this stage.

As time passes through play on the stage, a summon orb will randomly fly into the stage. When a player touches it, they will summon one of a handful of summons that alter how the stage works.

This summon calls upon Ifrit, the Fire-summon. It uses its power of Hellfire to send fire towards the stage, pushing it. This can come from the bottom or to the sides. If any player who didn't summon Ifrit hits the fire brought by it, they will receive damage.

This summon calls upon Leviathan, the Water-summon. It uses its power of Tidal Wave to bring a lot of water to the stage. Hitting from the right hand side, it creates a massive current of water hitting the stage. If any player gets caught in the water current, it counts as a point for the player who summoned Leviathan.

This summon calls upon Ramuh, the Electric-summon. Once summoned, Ramuh will send out a wave of electricity that hits all three of the platforms. Then, the platforms are moved to a random position and take turns in being electrified. If any player other than the player who summoned Ramuh hits the electricty, they receive damage and knockback.

This summon calls upon Odin. Once summoned, Odin will use its move, Zantetsuken, to create a massive slice through the stage. If any player is caught in this, they are instantly knocked out. This then separates the stage into two halves for a short time before it closes back up again. If any player is caught up in the stage as it recombines, they are knocked out as well.

The final summon calls upon Bahamut ZERO. This summon calls upon this dragon who flies upwards and then sends a massive energy beam down onto the background and then into the stage. The place it hits will be denoted by a red circle. If any player is caught in the energy, they receive significant damage

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#792 Lunala

Assist Trophies Unable To Appear

Skull Kid
Knuckle Joe
Samurai Goroh
Color TV-Game 15
Dr. Kawashima
Yuri Kozukata
Squid Sisters
Shadow the Hedgehog