Moray Towers

Name: Moray Towers

Game Series: Splatoon
First Appearance: Splatoon (2015)

VR Capable?: Yes

BattlefieldΩ Mode

The Moray Towers stage is based on the stage of the same name from Splatoon and Splatoon 2. This stage is a multilevelled stage which runs from top to bottom with various slopes, with holes on either side. As the match approaches the last minute, then Judd and Lil' Judd will stand up and show flags to show who is winning and, in the final 30 seconds, the music changes.

If you play the stage with the Ink Me Up, Ebb & Flow, Muck Warfare or Acid Hues tracks, then the stage will change to a Splatfest themed stage with a night time mode and more decorations.

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#103 Alolan Exeggutor
#133 Eevee

Assist Trophies Unable To Appear

Color TV-Game 15
Dr. Kawashima
Arcade Bunny