Name: Onett

Game Series: Earthbound
First Appearance: Earthbound (1994)

VR Capable?: Yes

BattlefieldΩ Mode

Onett is another one of the stages that has made the transition from Melee to Brawl and then to this game. Like before, it has several platforms in the middle as well as allowing you to battle on top of buildings in the street. The knockout points are to the left, right and up

This stage does have several hazards in which can utilised to your advantage. Firstly, the Drug store sign can be knocked off, causing the two platforms beneath it to be flattened and not be useable for a short while. There are also several cars that come past the stage. A small warning is given and as the cars drive past, they damage anyone they come into contact with. Some cars will come in speeding & spinning for even more damage so its always best to be in the air when this happens

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#026 Alolan Raichu
#063 Abra
#282 Gardevoir
#493 Arceus
#716 Xerneas
#792 Lunala
#802 Marshadow

Assist Trophies Unable To Appear

Color TV-Game 15
Yuri Kozukata
Squid Sisters