Reset Bomb Forest

Name: Reset Bomb Forest

Game Series: Kid Icarus
First Appearance: Kid Icarus Uprising (2012)

VR Capable?: No

BattlefieldΩ Mode

Reset Bomb Forest is a stage based upon a battle that existed in Kid Icarus Uprising. In this stage, you start off on some ruins with a battle going on in the background. After a short amount of time, the Goddess of Nature, Viridi will appear and out of anger for the damage of the world, casts a Reset Bomb down that destroys the current arena you're battling on

After the Reset Bomb, you enter a new area that is made up of several floating platforms of rubble. Many of these are enclosed areas which can prevent the enemy from being blasted off. From time to time, a Lurchthorn shall fly by the bottom of the stage, causing damage to anybody who hits it. The stage will reset after a short time.

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#103 Alolan Exeggutor
#146 Moltres
#249 Lugia
#382 Kyogre
#484 Palkia
#487 Giratina
#493 Arceus
#646 Kyurem
#716 Xerneas
#802 Marshadow

Assist Trophies Unable To Appear

Skull Kid
Squid Sisters