Name: Skyworld

Game Series: Kid Icarus
First Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)

VR Capable?: No

BattlefieldΩ Mode

Skyworld has five seperate levels of elevation, .one of which is quite low and largely goes un-noticed except during recovery. Each platform, apart from the main one is seperate from the others

As Skyworld is set in a temple in the sky, the platforms are being held up by clouds. However, with some simple attacks, the platforms will easily be destroyed and as such, you will have to rely on the clouds to stand on, and the clouds can then be passed through. This also negates recovery and so if you see an enemy scrambling towards the edge while trying to recover, quicky destroy the platform and they wont likely survive. After a short while however, the platforms return

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#249 Lugia