Spear Pillar

Name: Spear Pillar

Game Series: Pokémon
First Appearance: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (2006)

VR Capable?: No

BattlefieldΩ Mode

The Spear Pillar stage is a two-level stage based upon the Spear Pillar area in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. This stage, like the other Pokémon stages, has an added effect implemented, depending on the Pokémon that is in the background. It also has two extra platforms above the top level which move up and down in order to give you more height if necessary. Uxie, Mesprit & Azelf sometimes make cameos within the level, but don't do anything

Commonly, the Pokémon that you will find adorning the stage is Dialga. Dialga has a variety of effects on the stage. Firstly, he will occassionally let out a large roar which will destroy a third of the top level of the stage; Left, Middle or Right. After a short time of this part of the stage being gone, it will be Time-Warped back into place. Dialga also, on occassion sends in energy beams from above through the stage, causing massive damage to anyone it hits. Finally, Dialga uses his abilities to manipulate time to slow down select opponents. Their movement becomes impaired making it easier for them to be attacked. Dialga is also capable of causing the stage to tilt diagonally to the left and right temporarily and can step out of the stage to cause damage for a short time

Less common than Dialga is Palkia. Like Dialga, Palkia also has a variety of different effects on the stage. Palkia can send down a vertical beam through the stage in the same manner as Dialga. However, he also has the ability to send a horizontal beam through the entire bottom level of the stage, decimating anyone that is stuck within it. Like Dialga, Palkia also has the ability to tilt the stage diagonally temporarily and has the ability to destroy parts of the top level of the stage. However, unlike Dialga, Palkia uses his Space-Bending powers in order to flip the stage upside-down. You wont fall down as gravity is pointing the other way, but this adds many possible strategies in order to not get confused and die for the short time that the stage is flipped. Palkia can also use these powers to flip the stage left to right suddenly and vice-versa.

Much less common than Dialga & Palkia is the appearance of Cresslia. Cresselia also has a variety of different effects on the stage. One of which is Cresselia charges up a bit of Razor Wind and sends one crescent shaped bit flying around the stage in a single figure of eight. Another is a rapid fire shot of the Razor Wind, sending them out quickly in various directions to try and damage as many foes as possible

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#103 Alolan Exeggutor
#484 Palkia

Assist Trophies Unable To Appear

Skull Kid