Yoshi's Island

Name: Yoshi's Island

Game Series: Yoshi
First Appearance: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)

VR Capable?: No

BattlefieldΩ Mode

Yoshi's Island is a stationary stage with one level above the main stage. Sometimes Shy Guy will appear on the stage and can be KO'd, but they are harmless but can alter the angle of the top platform. On occasion, a Blarggwich will come up and act as a secondary platform to the left or the right of the stage, helping in recovery, but they disappear fast

Yoshi's Island is a stage that also runs through several variations based upon the seasons, running from Spring, Summer to Autumn and then Winter before looping round again.

Poké Ball Pokémon Unable To Appear

#146 Moltres
#382 Kyogre
#484 Palkia
#487 Giratina
#493 Arceus
#494 Victini
#571 Zoroark
#702 Dedenne
#716 Xerneas
#792 Lunala
#802 Marshadow