Pokémon Air Adventures

Pokémon Air Adventures, known in Japan as Flying Pikachu Project (そらとぶピカチュウプロジェクト), is a new campaign of Pokémon themed transportation, predominantly airlines but with special promotions in other forms including buses, trains and more. This campaign is a global campaign to run across the world.

Pikachu Jets in Pokémon Air Adventures

Picture Name Plane ID Number
Pikachu Jet BC Pikachu Jet BC Boeing 737-8AL(WL) JA73AB

Airlines in Pokémon Air Adventures

Picture Name Country Active
SkyMark SkyMark Japan June 21st 2021
Scoot Scoot Singapore 2021


In the airports that the special Pokémon Air Adventures planes fly out of, there are various concession stands, these will sell a variety of merchandise themed around Pokémon Air Adventures including but not limited to Plush, Clothing, Slippers, Neck Pillows and food.

In some of the planes, you will also be able to purchase some exclusive merchandise such as medals, model planes and more.

Pokémon Air Adventures Merchandise

Local Tie-In Events Pokémon Air Adventures

Picture Location Date
Okinawa Okinawa June 2021