Viridian City

Viridian is pretty empty but there are some useful things in town. There are a Pokémon Center, a PokéMart and A Locked Gym. If your Pokémon Is a Little Weak and is low on Health go to the Pokémon Center and get it healed. Now, go into the PokéMart Where the Store Clerk Will Request you to take a package back to Pallet Town for Prof. Oak. You will Have to Head Back down through Route 1 to get to Pallet Town But there is a quick way, just jump down all the ledges. When you get to Pallet Go into Oak's Lab. After you have delivered the package, your rival will appear and you'll receive the Pokédex. Talk to Gary's sister despite his last comment and you'll receive the Town Map. Now back To Viridian City's Pokémart and buy some Pokéballs and maybe some Potions And Antidotes if you wish. Afterwards go to through the left exit to get to Route 22 to catch some Pokémon and to have a battle with your Rival

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