Mt. moon

Floor One
2nd Floor
3rd Floor

Mt. Moon as you will see will take some time to go past. Inside you will find trainers, Pokémon, and helpful items. The items found are found both in PokéBalls and secret areas. Besides the normal trainers, the notorious Team Rocket will try to stop you from interfering in their search for Pokémon fossils. Once You Defeat The Last Trainer, you'll get to choose from the Dome fossil or the Helix fossil. The Dome will later earn you Kabuto and the Helix, Omanyte Choose Wisely, As There is no Better one. You must trade in order to get both logged onto your Pokédex. After this, you'll find yourself on Route 4 heading toward Cerulean City

Jesse And James Battle 1
And James
Lv. 12
Lv. 12
Lv. 12

Pokémon Seen In This Area
Zubat Geodude Sandshrew Paras Clefairy
V. Common Common V. Uncommon Rare Rare
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