Vermillion City

Head back to Vermilion and cut the bush down blocking the gym. Inside, you'll find some of Lt. Surge's cronies are positioned throughout the gym. Remember, they like to use electric-type Pokémon just like their leader Surge.
To open the gate leading to Surge you must search inside the barrels around the room. There are 2 switches inside them which move randomly each time you find one and not the other. The 2nd switch is always either above, beside, or below the 1st one. This is a very frustrating puzzle so try to be patient, this won't be easy I'll clue ya'.
Defeating Surge is easy. If you head to Diglett's Cave you can catch a high level Dugtrio with Dig that can obliterate all of Surge's Pokémon before seeing what hit him. After clobbering Surge he'll give you his Thunder Badge and TM24, Thunderbolt. This badge allows you to use the Fly ability once you get the correct HM

Lt. Surge Raichu Lv. 29


Get the Thunderbadge from Lt. Surge in Vermilion City. Go talk to Officer Jenny in the middle of Vermilion. Respond "Yes" to her question

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