A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 2)


The episode begins with a recap of the events from the previous episode. Tirtouga launches its AncientPower attack, while Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Oshawott uses Water Gun to block the attack and create an explosion. Fujio asks Tirtouga to listen to them, but Tirtouga uses Brine attack at them. Everyone dodges the attack, but Brine hits three Whirlipede in bushes. The three Whirlipede come out of the bushes and onto the ground in front of Ash and Fujio. The Whirlipede and Tirtouga look at each other and Tirtouga becomes scared, as the Whirlipede come towards them with Steamroller. Tirtouga hides its head in fear, as Fujio steps in front of it to try and stop the Tirtouga. The Whirlipede run over Fujio, and roll away from them. Everyone checks to make sure he is alright.

The Whirlipede turn back around, as Pikachu and Oshawott look scared. Pikachu tries to calm them down, while Oshawott pushes Pikachu to make him deal with them. The Whirlipede again come towards them with Steamroller, as Ash says that they are very agitated. Ash and Fujio look to a side, as a car with a Crustle on top of it approaches them. The car lands in front of Ash and Fujio, as Cilan opens the car window and commands Crustle to use Rock Wrecker. Crustle uses Rock Wrecker to create a crater hole in front of the Whirlipede, as they go in it and then come out. They land on their sides when they hit the ground. Iris opens the car door, and tells Fujio and Ash to get into the car. Ash returns Oshawott to his Poké Ball and goes inside of the car, as Fujio goes inside of the car and thanks Stella. Cilan returns Crustle to its Poké Ball, as they back up the car and drive away.

Ash scans Tirtouga with his Pokédex. Stella says that she finds it hard to believe that Tirtouga was revived from the fossil, but has no other choice but to believe it. Fujio says that Team Rocket seems to want to use Tirtouga to get all of the ancient Pokémon from the past. Iris asks how they would be able to do that, as Fujio says that there is a space-time distortion that is called the Gate of Time that is underneath Twist Mountain. He says that passing through it will allow a person to go enter the past world, as he thinks that he may have gone through the gate back when he was a child. Stella asks him if he is referring to the one time that they explored the tunnel.

Fujio says that according to Team Rocket, Tirtouga's life energy can stabilize the space-time distortion and fixate the Gate of Time in its opened state. A flashback of Team Rocket in the helicopter while showing the graph of Twist Mountain was shown. Cilan says that Team Rocket must be planning to use the fixed state to enter the past world, and bring the Ancient Pokémon from there. Iris says that Team Rocket will definitely come after the Tirtouga. Tirtouga looks worried, as Fujio says that he is going to protect it. Tirtouga is happy that they are willing to protect it, as its stomach begins to growl. Ash and his friends head towards Twist Mountain.

Meanwhile back at the helicopter, Team Rocket is examining Tirtouga's skills on the computer monitor. Dr. Zager says that Tirtouga's Brine has the osmotic pressure and salinity that matches the ancient sea water. He says that the results are exactly what he expected them to be. Jessie says that they can gain the life energy from the Tirtouga that they are after, as Dr. Zager says that any minor change from the data on Tirtouga that he had calculated before the event is very unlikely. Meowth says that with the Tirtouga, they will be able to enter the ancient world. While James is working with a laptop outside of the helicopter, he sends out eight flying devices to go after the Tirtouga. With an evil look on his face, Dr. Zager says that he won't let it get away.

In the field in front of Twist Mountain, Axew and Pikachu are playing around while Cilan and Ash show up with some fruit for the Pokémon. Pikachu and Axew eat the fruit, while Tirtouga looks very unsure about the fruit. Iris picks up the piece of fruit and offers it to Tirtouga. Tirtouga takes a bite of the fruit, but doesn't like the taste of it. Fujio says that even though it's hungry, if it doesn't like the smell or taste of something, it can't eat it. Fujio hands Tirtouga a different fruit to try, as Tirtouga takes a bite and likes the fruit so it eats more of it. Cilan says that the fruit he offered is normally liked by Water Type Pokémon. Iris takes a bite of the fruit and likes it, as Fujio tells them that the fruit didn't exist in ancient times. He says that the fruit Tirtouga likes doesn't exist in the present time, but the smell and taste are similar to the one he handed to it. Fujio takes a bite of the same fruit, but doesn't like the taste of it. Tirtouga looks up at Fujio, and seems to recognize him somehow with the disgusted face he was making. Tirtouga yawns and is very tired, as a device that Team Rocket sent records it with a small camera.

As Team Rocket sees where Tirtouga is while looking at the computer screen, Dr. Zager tells the trio to capture it right away. While Tirtouga sleeps, Ash says that it must have been exhausted. Cilan says that it must be due to it being reawakened without warning in an unknown world. Iris says that when Tirtouga is sleeping, that its face looks very cute and that she wants to touch it. Axew steps in front of Tirtouga to stop Iris from disturbing it. Fujio looks at the pendant from his childhood, as Stella wonders where he got it. Fujio says that they have to get going before Team Rocket shows up. Yamask appears out of nowhere and attacks them with Night Shade. Team Rocket flies in with jet packs, a net gun, a laptop, and an eye device, as they are flying in front of Ash and his friends.

Fujio says that he will not hand Tirtouga over to them, as Tirtouga looks very scared. Jessie says that resistance is useless, as she brings out Woobat to attack them. Woobat uses Gust to hit Ash and his friends, while Yamask throws several Shadow Balls at them. Meowth uses the device he is holding to launch a net to capture Tirtouga. Tirtouga begins to glow and evolve, while everyone is very shocked. Tirtouga evolves into Carracosta and roars, as Ash scans Carracosta with his Pokédex. James tells Meowth to not let it escape, as Meowth tries to launch another net. Carracosta uses Hydro Pump at Team Rocket, while they dodge the attack. Carracosta's body turns red, and looks worried about something. Carracosta heads towards Twist Mountain, as Ash and his friends try to go after it. Team Rocket tries to stop them, as James tells Yamask to use Haze.

Yamask uses Haze at everyone, as Jessie informs Dr. Zager that Tirtouga has evolved into Carracosta. Dr. Zager wonders if the forced revival with the Resurrection Device, and the super-electric energy may have accelerated the evolution process. Dr. Zager looks at the graph of Twist Mountain, and says that the space-time distortion is expanding even more now. He says that it won't be long until the Gate of Time opens to its maximum. He tells the trio that they need to capture Carracosta as soon as they can. Team Rocket continues to chase after Carracosta, as the Haze finally clears away from Ash and his friends. Ash wonders what was going on with Carracosta all of a sudden. Once Carracosta arrives at Twist Mountain, it uses AncientPower to create a hole in the wall and enters the caves. Team Rocket continues to chase after Carracosta. James is surprised Carracosta went right into Twist Mountain where the Gate of Time is with its own will, as Meowth says that they do not have to take it there themselves. Team Rockets enters Twist Mountain to chase after Carracosta.

Fujio says that Carracosta is likely heading to where its friends are at, and that it heard the voices of its friends coming from the Gate of Time. Stella asks him if he has experienced that before, that he heard the voices of the Twist Mountain Detective Group when he was in the past world. A flashback of him with Tirtouga in the past world hearing voices from outside of it and then running towards the voices was shown. Ash says that they will protect Carracosta no matter what, as they run towards Twist Mountain. Inside of Twist Mountain, Carracosta is searching for the Gate of Time, as it again hears the voices while turning red and runs towards those voices. Team Rocket continues chasing Carracosta, as Dr. Zager says that it is heading towards the Gate of Time. Jessie says that it is becoming more convenient, as James says that they are getting closer to succeeding in their mission.

Ash and his friends come to an area where there are several different pathways, as they try and decide which tunnel to take. Stella figures out where to go, as she leads them down one of the tunnels. She says that for them to enter the past world, they need to go through the Gate of Time. She says that the pathway they are in is a shortcut to where the Twist Mountain Detective Group was exploring, and where Fujio had collapsed. Fujio says to Stella that she sure knows a lot. She says that they must protect Carracosta and its friends of the past world, as she says that it is their mission for today. Carracosta enters a large open area, as it sees where the Gate of Time is located on the wall. Carracosta uses Hydro Pump to open the Gate of Time, as it begins to shine and open wider to show the past world. Carracosta runs towards the Gate of Time, as several grabbing claws grab its arms and legs.

Team Rocket has fully caught up to Carracosta, as Meowth says that they won't let it get away this time. Jessie informs Dr. Zager that they have captured Carracosta, and have confirmed the location of the Gate of Time. Jessie notices that the Gate of Time is getting bigger, as Dr. Zager says that the space-time distortion has reached its maximum. The graph of Twist Mountain on the computer screen is showing that its at its maximum. Dr. Zager tells them to fixate the Gate of Time, and amplify Carracosta's life energy. Carracosta continues to struggle, as James says that they are going to expose it to the super-electric energy now that preparations are completed. He sends electricity through the device holding Carracosta, and shocks it with electricity. James amplifies Carracosta's life energy, as Carracosta continues to cry out in pain. Carracosta is a shiny blue color, as a pink aura surrounds it and fully opens the Gate of Time. Carracosta collapses afterwards, as Meowth says that it is definitely the ancient world that they see and it is seen clearly. Jessie says that the Gate of Time has fully opened, as James says that everything is going according to their plans.

Dr. Zager tells them to enter the ancient world, and to get all of the Ancient Pokémon from there as he holds out his arms while saying that. Jessie says that once they enter the Gate of Time, they'll leave a grand footprint in the history of Team Rocket. They run towards the Gate of Time, as Ash and his friends show up to stop them from entering it. Ash says that they won't let them go to the past world, as Fujio says that he has definitely seen the light of the Gate of Time before. A flashback of him seeing the Gate of Time as child is shown. Jessie says that they don't know when to give up, and that Team Rocket won't let them get in the way. James says that they will defeat them, as Jessie brings out her Woobat and James brings out his Yamask.

Cilan brings out his Pansage and commands him to use Bullet Seed, while Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Pansage uses Bullet Seed and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt. Jessie tells Woobat to dodge and use Air Slash on Pikachu, while James tells Yamask to use Will-O-Wisp on Pansage. Woobat dodges Bullet Seed and uses Air Slash, while Yamask dodges Thunderbolt and uses Will-O-Wisp. Pansage and Pikachu dodge both of the attacks. Axew uses Scratch to cut the wires that are attached to Carracosta, as Carracosta is barely able to get up and has to be held up by Fujio. Carracosta tries to move forward, but Fujio tries to hold it back. Carracosta looks up at Fujio and recognizes him as the friend it met when he was a child. Woobat uses Gust, while Yamask uses Shadow Ball to hit Pansage and Pikachu which sends them backwards to the ground. Meowth tells them that they cannot defeat Team Rocket, as James says that they will succeed with the mission no matter what.

Woobat prepares to use Gust, while Yamask prepares to use Shadow Ball, as Fujio tells Carracosta that Team Rocket wants to invade its world and destroy an era where Ancient Pokémon had lived an enjoyable life. Fujio says that he cannot forgive their actions, as Carracosta roars very loudly. Several Carracosta's voices could be heard, which shocks everyone. Three Carracosta in the past world try to enter Twist Mountain through the Gate of Time, as Fujio says that they entered the Gate of Time and transcended time in order to come to Twist Mountain. Meowth suggests that they capture the three Carracosta from the past world first, as James launches a device that forms a see-through and colorful box around all three of the Carracosta. The Carracosta try to break the cage, as Meowth says that it's impossible to use their power to break through the cage. Jessie says that they should just give up, and that they will be sent to Team Rocket's headquarters. James says that the other Ancient Pokémon will be sent with them as well.

Ash says that they won't let them do this, and that they will protect Carracosta and the other Pokémon of the past world. Woobat uses Air Slash and Yamask uses Shadow Ball, while Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Pansage uses Solarbeam to counterattack. All four attacks collide to create an explosion. Meowth and the other Pokémon get ready to attack again, as the Carracosta use AncientPower to break the cage around them with their friend also breaking it with AncientPower, as it shocks Team Rocket and sets the Carracosta free. Iris says that it was the work of AncientPower and Friendship Power that helped them break through. Pikachu uses Electro Ball to hit Team Rocket and their Pokémon to create an explosion of black smoke, while Team Rocket disappears. Everyone is surprised that Team Rocket disappeared, as Iris says that they have escaped again. Everyone is glad that the Carracosta are safe, as they pass through the Gate of Time to enter the past world.

Everyone sees Archeops flying into the air, as Fujio tells Carracosta that he was finally able to fulfill his promise that he made as a child. A flashback is shown where as a child, he said that they should play again and that he will return soon, before he ran off. Fujio gives Carracosta the pendant back, as everyone notices that the Gate of Time is closing. Stella says that it is time to leave the past world, as everyone waves goodbye to the Carracosta. Ash says that he is glad to have met them, Iris apologizes for the chaos that they caused, and Cilan tells them to make sure to get along with each other. Ash and his friends pass back through the Gate of Time to get back to their own world. Before exiting, Fujio turns back and says to Carracosta that they have always been friends, and will always stay friends. Carracosta roars, as blue and white streams with pictures of Carracosta's memories with Fujio are shown while Fujio is running away. Fujio passes through the Gate of Time to return to his own word. As Fujio reenters his own world, the Gate of Time closes behind him.

Dr. Zager looks at the graph on the computer screen, as he realizes that the space-time distortion was destroyed and that the Gate of Time has closed completely. He informs the trio that it probably will never open again, as Jessie says that today's mission has to be discontinued. James says that they have no reason to remain at the mountain, as Meowth says that they should leave right away. The Team Rocket Trio and the helicopter with Dr. Zager fly off to their next destination.

Back inside of Twist Mountain, Stella says that the past world was a lovely place. She says that the fossil is gone, so he will not be able to prove that he went to the past world as a child. Fujio says that he met Tirtouga as a child, and was able to reunite with it as an adult so it's enough for him. A picture of the pendant that he gave to Carracosta was shown with a colorful background. As the sun sets, Ash and his friends say goodbye to Fujio and Stella, as they continue their journey to Icirrus City.

Thanks to G50 for writing this for us



Professor Zager


Ash's Pikachu Ash's Oshawott

Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage Cilan's Crustle

Jessie's Woobat

James's Yamask

Rocket's Meowth

Ferris's Drilbur

Wild's Whirlipede Wild's Tirtouga Wild's Carracosta Wild's Archen Wild's Archeops