Evolution by Fire!


Ash and his friends walk under a sunset, as they decide to stay the night at the Pokémon Battle Club in Astilbe Town. Ash says that they should head to Icirrus City tomorrow, as they hear commotion near them. They go to a battlefield where they see a Double Battle between Suwama and Kenso. Ash and his friends are very excited to see the double battle. Ash scans Heatmor with his Pokédex. Kenso is using Mienshao and Watchog, while Suwama is using Emboar and Heatmor. Mienshao hits Heatmor with Drain Punch, while Watchog uses Slam to throw Emboar to the ground. Suwama grins, as Emboar and Heatmor get back up. Suwama says that they should show that they are the Fire Warriors, as Emboar dusts itself off. Emboar uses Hammer Arm to knock Mienshao and Watchog to the ground. Heatmor uses Flame Burst to knock out Mienshao and Watchog, as Suwama wins the Double Battle.

After the battle, Ash and his friends liked how strong Suwama's Pokémon were. They walk down the hallway, as they see Suwama intimidating the opponent that he battled. He demands that Kenso gives him one of his Pokémon and to show him all of his Pokémon. Iris runs over to Suwama and yells at him for demanding that Kenso hand over his Pokémon after losing the battle. Suwama says that it is none of their business and that they should stay out of it. Don George walks up to them and says that their battle was very good. Suwama thanks Don George, and walks away very angry. Iris asks Kenso why he battled Suwama in the first place. Kenso says that he didn't want to battle, but Suwama forced him to. He says that Suwama will do anything to gain a strong Pokémon. Ash says that it's not what Pokémon battles are about.

In the lobby area, Ash and his friends are resting as Krokorok, Tepig, Snivy, Emolga, Axew, Oshawott, Scraggy, Pansage, and Pikachu are eating Pokémon food. Tepig looks behind him and recognizes Suwama as the Trainer who left him tied to a post at the Pokémon Battle Club in Accumula Town. Tepig becomes excited, as he runs over to Suwama who is eating. Ash apologizes to Suwama and tries to get Tepig to go back to him, but Tepig leans on Suwama out of affection. Iris remembers that Tepig was an abandoned Pokémon, as Ash recalls the day that he found Tepig and released it from the rope that was around its mouth. Iris angrily says that it has to be the same person, as she runs up to Suwama.

Ash asks Suwama if he was the one who abandoned the Tepig that Ash was able to help and capture. Iris yells at Suwama for abandoning Tepig, as Suwama says that since he can do what he wants then he was allowed to abandon Tepig. This makes Iris even more upset, as she tells Suwama that he must apologize to Tepig. Suwama says that Tepig has no talent, as he picks Tepig up and throws him at Ash with Ash catching Tepig. Cilan says that it's Judgement Time, and that he is a Trial Connoisseur. He puts on his judge outfit, as spotlights shine down on the courtroom with everyone inside. Ash is the prosecutor of the abandonment case, Suwama is the defendant, and Iris and the Pokémon are on the sides of the courtroom.

While being very nervous, Ash explains that Suwama tied Tepig up with a rope and abandoned him. He says that it was a terrible experience for Tepig, as Tepig looks down with a sad face. Iris yells that Suwama is guilty for sure, as Cilan tells Iris that she has to be quiet. Cilan says that if Iris doesn't listen, that he will throw her out of the room while Iris looks very upset about that. Suwama says that it was a misunderstanding, and that it was for Tepig's own good. He says that abandoning a talentless Tepig is better than forcing a talentless Tepig to battle, while Tepig looks very sad about that. Ash yells at Suwama, while Cilan tells the Suwama to continue. Suwama says that releasing it since it has no skill and letting it live freely, makes Tepig a lot happier. Cilan begins to think that Suwama's statement sounds reasonable.

Ash wonders why Suwama tied Tepig up with a rope, as Iris and the other Pokémon agree. Oshawott is bored of the trial and is sleeping, while Iris and the other Pokémon look down after speaking out again. Suwama says that Tepig tried to follow him after being released, and that he has no use for a talentless Pokémon even if it follows him around. Tepig looks sad, as Ash says that it shows that Tepig really wanted to follow Suwama. Iris yells that deciding that a Pokémon has no talent and then abandoning it, is the worst thing someone can do. Cilan says that it is reasonable as well, as the others have no idea what Cilan is referring to. Don George suggests that they find out the answer by battling each other, as Suwama says that he'll accept the challenge if it is a Double Battle. Suwama says that Ash should battle him if he thinks that Tepig stands a chance against his Fire Warriors, as Ash says that he will win no matter what. Ash says that if he wins, then Suwama has to apologize to Tepig.

Snivy wants to battle with Tepig, as Cilan recalls that Snivy had parted ways with a Trainer once as well. He says that it is the reason Snivy is worried, as Ash tells Snivy that they will work together to win. Ash tells Suwama that he will be using Tepig and Snivy in the battle, as Suwama says that he will be battling with Emboar and Heatmor. Don George tells everyone that the battle will begin tomorrow morning. Ash says that he will make sure Suwama realizes that he was wrong, as Suwama says that Ash will just prove him right instead. Sparks fly between them, as Tepig looks worried.

That night Tepig walks underneath a tree to sit and look at the moon in the sky. Tepig remembers what happened between him and Suwama. A full flashback is shown of the day that Tepig was abandoned. Suwama lets Tepig out of his Poké Ball, as he says that Tepig is not suited for battles. He says that he is going to release Tepig so that he can live freely, as he walks away. Tepig runs to him and holds onto his leg, so Suwama ties Tepig to a post. Suwama says that he can't take Tepig with him and says goodbye, as he walks away. Tepig tries to go after Suwama with tears in his eyes while the rope holds him back, as Suwama walks further out into the distance.

Tepig begins to cry in the present day, as Ash and his friends arrive. Tepig shakes off the tears, as Ash says that they should train for tomorrow's battle. Tepig looks down very sadly, as Cilan thinks that Tepig is not able to forget about what happened with Suwama. He says that Tepig may be hesitant about battling Suwama. Iris is shocked about that, as she says that Tepig is too good of a Pokémon to feel that way. Snivy uses Vine Whip to hit Tepig's cheek, as she tries to give Tepig a pep talk. Tepig shakes off the sadness, and looks serious and ready to go. Ash says that it is time to train, and that they should do what they can to defeat Suwama.

The next day at the Pokémon Battle Club, Don George announces the start of the Double Battle. Ash brings out Snivy and Tepig, as Tepig looks over to Suwama. Snivy looks ready to go, but Tepig is very worried about facing Suwama which Ash notices. Suwama brings out his Emboar and Heatmor with them ready to go, as Iris yells that Snivy and Tepig can't lose to Suwama after everything that he did. Snivy uses Leaf Storm, while Emboar uses its arm to block the attack. Tepig prepares to launch Flamethrower, but he doesn't want to attack his former trainer and sadly looks down. Emboar uses Hammer Arm to send Tepig hard to the ground. Cilan says that Tepig appears to not want to fight. Ash wonders if Tepig is still unable to forget about Suwama, as Tepig again looks down sadly.

Suwama says that they make him laugh which makes Ash upset, as Suwama says that when he abandons a Pokémon that he will pretend to suffer from it as well. He says that he does that because Pokémon would be tagging along forever, and that a Pokémon will give up if he pretends that the farewell hurts him as well. The flashback of Suwama is shown again, this time with Suwama walking away with a smile on his face. He is relieved to finally be rid of Tepig since he doesn't need a weak Tepig, and decides that he needs a new Tepig that has more talent as he walks away laughing.

Meanwhile, Tepig is shocked after hearing that, as he is completely crushed and falls to the ground. Ash yells at Suwama for doing that, as Suwama says that a Pokémon Trainer must seek talented Pokémon. Ash says that it is unforgivable, and that he won't forgive Suwama no matter what. Tepig is crying his eyes out, as Iris says that Ash can be motivated to win but with Tepig like that they will be in trouble. Pikachu looks sad about the whole thing as well, as Snivy tries to get Tepig to get it together and battle. Ash asks Snivy if she can battle for Tepig, as Snivy says yes.

Snivy uses Attract to infatuate Emboar, and then uses Vine Whip to hit Emboar. Suwama commands Heatran to hit Emboar with Fury Swipes, while it surprises Ash. Heatmor uses Fury Swipes on Emboar, as Emboar is freed from being infatuated and smacks its face. Everyone is shocked that Heatmor attacked Emboar to free him of infatuation. Heatmor uses Fire Spin and Emboar uses Flamethrower, while Snivy is able to dodge Flamethrower but Tepig is still hit with Fire Spin. Heatmor hits Snivy with Fury Swipes, and then Emboar uses Heat Crash to land right on top of Snivy which shocks everyone. Snivy is barely able to get up afterwards, as she gives Tepig a pep talk to Tepig's surprise. Cilan says that Snivy and Tepig will be able to pull through, as Don George declares that Snivy is still able to fight.

Ash tells Tepig to do its best, and asks if Tepig understands Snivy's feelings. Snivy looks over to Tepig with a serious face, as Tepig snaps out of it and puts on a serious face as well. Tepig uses Flame Charge, as the attack hits both Heatmor and Emboar at the same time. Ash says that Tepig is strong, and Suwama loses for saying that he is talentless. Suwama says that Ash raised Tepig well, but it's not enough to raise Tepig to the top. He says that enduring attacks and then hitting them with even more power is the way Pokémon standing at the top fight. Heatmor and Emboar get back up, as Emboar dusts himself off.

Emboar uses Flare Blitz and Heatmor uses Fire Spin, as the Fire Spin wraps around the Flare Blitz. Cilan says that combining the attacks, it gains more power and he calls it Super Flare Blitz. Suwama says that dealing the finishing blow while taking damage themselves, is the deadly full course of the Fire Warriors. Emboar approaches with the attack, as Tepig is too scared to move. Snivy pushes Tepig out of the way and takes the hit, as she is knocked out. Ash praises Snivy and tells her to rest inside of her Poké Ball, but realizes that Snivy wants to watch the rest of the battle. Ash tells Tepig to do his best, with everyone rooting for him. Tepig looks serious, lets out flames, roars, and then begins to glow. Tepig evolves into Pignite, as he lets out a roar. Ash scans Pignite with his Pokédex, and notices that Pignite now has a new move.

Suwama says that even though Tepig evolved, he still doesn't stand a chance against his Pokémon. Pignite uses Fire Pledge, as he lets out flames, punches the ground with pillars of fire coming out, as the pillars surround and hit Heatmor and Emboar. The attack causes major damage to everyone's surprise. Pignite uses Flame Charge to knock out Heatmor and Emboar, as Ash wins the Double Battle. Everyone celebrates their victory, as Cilan says that a verdict doesn't need to be said since it's obvious who was right all along. Ash praises Pignite, while Suwama returns Heatmor and Emboar to their Poké Balls.

Suwama walks over to Pignite with Pignite turning around with a serious look on its face, as Ash asks if he has anything more to complain about. Suwama says that he acknowledges that he lost, as he apologizes to Pignite. He says that he made a mistake when he said that Pignite had no talent back then. Suwama says to Pignite that if he can't forget about him, then he will let Pignite return to him. Suwama says that Pignite should team up with him instead of being with the lackluster trainer Ash, as he says that they should aim for the top as new warriors. Pignite uses an angry Flamethrower to Suwama's face, and then happily walks back to Ash. Ash says that Pignite is his precious friend, and that he's not going anywhere. Suwama says remember me, as he runs away from them. Ash says to Pignite that they will always be together. Pignite agrees and smiles, as Cilan and Iris happily running towards them.

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