Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 2)


The episode begins with a recap of the Gym match so far, as it leaves off with Scolipede using Toxic on Leavanny to Poison him. Leavanny uses Energy Ball, while Scolipede dodges the attack. Scolipede uses Rock Tomb to hit Leavanny, and trap him in between a pile of rocks. Scolipede uses Sludge Bomb to knock out Leavanny. Ash says that he is going to believe in his Pokémon so that he will win his eighth badge. Ash returns Leavanny to his Poké Ball, and brings out Pignite to battle next. Pignite uses Flame Charge, while Scolipede uses Screech to stop the attack. Scolipede uses Sludge Bomb, while Pignite stops the attack by using Flamethrower and both attacks collide and send smoke over Scolipede.

Pignite hits Scolipede with Flame Charge to knock it down. Pignite uses Flamethrower, while Scolipede dodges the attack and hits Pignite with Toxic to Poison him. Pignite uses Fire Pledge to send flames around Scolipede and knock it out. Roxie returns Scolipede to its Poké Ball. Roxie tosses a Pecha Berry to Pignite for him to eat it, as it cures his Poisoning. Roxie and the band continues to play loud music, as Iris and Axew head off somewhere. Roxie brings out Garbodor to battle next, as Ash scans it with his Pokédex. Pignite uses Flame Charge, while Garbodor uses its arms to dodge the attack. Garbodor lands on top of Pignite, and then hits him with DoubleSlap. Pignite uses Flamethrower, while Garbodor uses its arms to dodge the attack.

Pignite uses Tackle on Garbodor's arm to make it fall to the ground. Pignite uses Fire Pledge, while Garbodor uses its arm to block the attack. Garbodor sends Pignite flying, as he hits the ground hard. Garbodor uses DoubleSlap to hit Pignite, as Iris returns with a drum to cheer Ash and Pignite on. Pignite is finally able to dodge one of the DoubleSlap attacks, and uses Fire Pledge. Garbodor uses Hyper Beam to break through Fire Pledge and knock Pignite out. Ash returns Pignite to his Poké Ball, as Roxie doesn't want to use Poison Type moves anymore but Ash convinces her to give her best still. Ash brings out Palpitoad to battle next.

Palpitoad uses Mud Shot, while Garbodor uses its arms to dodge the attack. Garbodor uses Hyper Beam and Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump, as both attacks collide. Palpitoad uses Mud Shot, while Garbodor uses Gunk Shot to break through the attack and send garbage at Palpitoad to Poison it. Garbodor uses Venoshock to hit Palpitoad, as Cilan says that when a Pokémon is poisoned, Venoshock deals twice the damage. Ash tells Palpitoad to use Mud Shot, but he cannot move. Garbodor uses Venoshock to hit Palpitoad and knock him out. Ash returns Palpitoad to his Poké Ball, as he chooses Pikachu as his last Pokémon for the battle.

Garbodor uses DoubleSlap, while Pikachu dodges the attack. Garbodor uses DoubleSlap multiple times, while Pikachu keeps dodging the attack until Garbodor's arms get tied into a knot. Pikachu hits Garbodor with Quick Attack. Garbodor continues to use DoubleSlap, while Pikachu continues to dodge the attack. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to hit Garbodor and knock it down to the ground. Pikachu comes in with Iron Tail, while Garbodor uses its arms to knock Pikachu down to the ground and then untangles its arms. Garbodor uses Gunk Shot, while Pikachu dodges the attack. Garbodor keeps using Gunk Shot, as Pikachu dodges them and becomes surrounded by smoke. Garbodor picks Pikachu up and continually uses DoubleSlap on him.

Garbodor's arm starts showing sparks, as it gets ready to use Gunk Shot. Iris grabs Cilan and does something to his face and body off to the side. Garbodor hits Pikachu with Gunk Shot to Poison him. Ash wonders if they can still win, with Pikachu barely able to stand. Iris and Cilan yell out to Ash, as Iris is in yellow while banging a drum and Cilan is in orange and banging another drum. Roxie tells Garbodor to use Venoshock, but Static takes effect and Garbodor becomes Paralyzed. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to hit Garbodor. Garbodor uses Venoshock, while Pikachu uses Electro Ball to break through the attack and knock out Garbodor. Ash wins the Gym match, as Roxie returns Garbodor to its Poké Ball. Pikachu collapses, as Ash picks Pikachu up. Roxie walks up to Ash and hands him a Pecha Berry to give Pikachu so that he can recover from his poisoning.

Ash asks Iris and Cilan why their faces are covered in paint, as Iris and Cilan look at each other and laugh at each other. The crowd cheers Ash's name after the battle. Meloetta was watching the whole battle, as it leaves the Gym. Roxie gives Ash the Toxic Badge, as Ash celebrates the win with Pikachu. The episode ends with Ash displaying his Toxic Badge with Pikachu, and the other seven badges surrounding them.

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Ash's Pikachu Ash's Pignite Ash's Unfezant Ash's Boldore Ash's Leavanny Ash's Palpitoad

Iris's Axew

Roxie's Koffing Roxie's Scolipede Roxie's Garbodor

Wild's Meloetta