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Ash and co are now relaxing on the beach after a fine capture. Ash and his Pokemon sit in a circle while he polishes his Pokeballs. Brock, May, and Max are at a nearby table cleaning dishes. May says Ash must really like to keep his Pokeballs clean and Brock explains that part of being a trainer is making sure your Pokemon are happy, and polishing their Pokeballs makes them very happy. Max comments that he has never seen May polish her Torchic's Pokeball, which embarrasses her. She tells him that she plans to but she hasn't got around to it yet. Ash stops his polishing and stares at the shiny Pokeball. He then looks around at his Pokemon and asks if they are hungry. At this, Corphish turns and scuttles up to a nearby patch of seaweed. It begins to devour it, causing Ash and co to look on awkwardly. The seaweed soon disappears, but at the end of it is a long rope. May puts her finger to her chin, wondering why a rope would be at the end of a bushel of seaweed. Max replies that maybe someone is fishing for it. At this, Ash rushes to Corphish and tells it to stop. Corphish notices it is eating the rope and tugs hard, causing it to tear and smack Ash in the face. He flies into a tree wincing in pain. Brock, May, and Max look on nervously as Corphish happily scuttles by. Soon the food is done and everyone releases their Pokemon. Ash introduces the group to Corphish, who gives them all a happy greeting by happily smacking the heck out of them. May picks up Wurmple and Torchic and yells at Ash, saying that her Pokemon aren't going to play with a bully. Ash tells her that Corphish doesn't mean it, and that is just how it says hello. May looks down to see it happily looking up at her and sighs. Everyone sits down to eat as Max and Ash compliment Brock on his fine cooking. Max then notices May isn't eating and asks her what's wrong. May sighs and looks down at Wurmple, who hasn't touched its food and is just lying there. She tells them that she's worried as Wurmple usually loves to eat. She then kneels down by it and asks it if it would like some food, but it just shakes its head. Torchic pushes its bowl towards Wurmple, but it still shakes its head. Suddenly, Corphish enters and starts devouring both bowls at the same time. May scolds it and Ash tells it that the food is for May's Pokemon.

It doesn't seem to care and just happily looks up at Ash. While this goes on, a claw comes down and wraps around Pikachu. Ash and co look to see Pikachu being pulled up into none other then Team Rocket's balloon. They say their motto in a slow motion manner, then Meowth places Pikachu in a cage. Ash demands them to release it, but of course they refuse. Pikachu tries to shock its way out, but the cage is shock proof. Jessie leans over the side and says goodbye as the balloon begins to lift. May looks down at Wurmple and tells it to help get Pikachu back. It lazily nods and May has it use string shot, snatching the balloon. James and Jessie are annoyed and tell Meowth to put the gas on. He does so and the balloon begins to pull them. Ash and co grab onto the string and pull back. The tug o war lasts for a few seconds when Ash orders Corphish to help out. It grins happily and snips the string with its pincer, sending Ash and co falling back and the balloon falling. May gets up and angrily yells at Corphish. Brock reminds her to take it easy as they'll find Pikachu. Max agrees and comments that no matter how many times Team Rocket gets away, they always find them again. Ash gets up and laughs embarrassedly, then rushes off to find Pikachu. Everyone follows. In a small clearing, Team Rocket moans in their fallen balloon. James says he is sick of always falling, but they all brighten up when they notice Pikachu is still with them. Suddenly, Ash and co rush up causing Team Rocket to sigh. Ash tells Corphish to free Pikachu with bubble, and it fires the little stars at the balloon. The balloon explodes sending Team Rocket flying and Pikachu with them.

James calls out Cacnea to retrieve Pikachu, but it just hugs him. Jessie calls out Seviper who snags Pikachu with its tail before it is able to reach Ash. May calls out Wurmple and has it hook Pikachu with string shot. May and Brock pull the string which causes Seviper to let go. Pikachu falls into Ash's arm and he hugs it happily. May looks down at Wurmple and thanks it, but it just lazily nods. Jessie begins to laugh and comments that her Wurmple is a lot cuter then May's pathetic one. She releases it and begins to model it, but May says she isn't impressed. May adds in that her Wurmple is a lot stronger, which puts Jessie in a rage. She begins to yell and scream at the top of her lungs, saying that her Wurmple's cuteness overweighs May's Wurmple's strength. Suddenly, Jessie's Wurmple begins to glow. Jessie becomes shocked along with everyone else. May then looks down at her Wurmple and it also begins to glow. Max and Brock comment that both Pokemon must be evolving! Jessie and May look down as the Pokemon finish their evolution. May's is a lighter and happier looking Silcoon whilst Jessie's is the purple Cascoon. Ash excitedly tells May her Pokemon evolved and he scans it with the dex. May and Jessie happily pick up their Pokemon, each exclaiming that they are one step closer to the beautiful Beautifly they both desire. James and Meowth look at Jessie's Cascoon, which has mean eyes, then to May's Silcoon which has happy eyes. They shrug and Meowth tells him it is time to reclaim Pikachu. James tells Cacnea to attack, but Ash quickly has Corphish counter with crabhammer. Pikachu then blasts the rockets off with a thunderbolt.

Everyone cheers, but the moment is soon ruined when Corphish collapses! Brock feels its head and exclaims that it is burning up and needs to get to the Pokemon Center immediately. Ash searches his belt for Corphish's Pokeball, but then realizes he left them all at their camp. He picks up Corphish piggy back style and tells the others that he'll carry Corphish to the nearest Pokemon Center. They all try to tell him to go to camp first, but Ash exclaims that there is no time. He asks Treecko and Taillow to go back to camp with the others, and Pikachu follows him. Ash ascends a hill with his Pokemon at his side. Corphish suddenly begins to steam and Ash realizes it is getting worse and he needs to get Corphish some water. They come to a nearby stream where Ash fills a leaf full of water. He pours it into Corphish's mouth and its temperature dies down. Ash then realizes that Team Rocket's interruption gave him no time to eat. Pikachu notices a berry tree and they each take a berry. Ash comments on how good the food is when he hears a faint growling. He looks down to see that he has stepped on and angered a Shroomish! Ash freaks out and runs as the Pokemon releases a vile stun spore. At camp, May wonders if Ash is doing all right. Brock says that Ash will never give up when it comes to helping his Pokemon, and that should be enough hope for them. Ash makes it to a large river and spies the Pokemon Center just a ways across. He begins to wade through the river when suddenly a large school of Carvanha leaps from the water.

Ash falls back to show and places Corphish down. He freaks out and scans them with the dex as they angrily leap from the water. When Ash hears their vile description, he tries to look for another way across. He looks around until he spies a small boat behind some bushes. He begins to sail out when the school leaps from the water. Ash tells Pikachu to shock them, and they all descend back underwater. After a few seconds, the whole school leaps up again, and this time, they reach the boat. They all begin to chomp down, breaking apart the boat. Ash leaps out and rushes to shore just as the boat sinks. He sighs and tells Pikachu they'll follow the river till they find a bridge. Ash carries Corphish along the bank when he spies a bridge up ahead. But as they approach, it becomes apparent that the bridge is broken. Ash comes up with a plan and places Corphish and Pikachu on a board. He begins to wade across the river again while holding the two Pokemon above him. As they near the other side, the Carvanha school approaches. Ash tells Pikachu to leap to shore and it does so. It begins to shock the Carvanha so that they don't reach Ash. The plan seems to work when another school approaches from the opposite side.

Ash tells Pikachu to shock them, but a few make it to Ash and begin to bash him. Corphish looks down at Ash who informs it that no matter what he has to get across. He tells it to hold in and they'll be across soon. A lone Carvanha leaps from the water and smacks into Pikachu, causing it to fall back. With Pikachu gone, the whole school leaps at Ash, but Corphish thinks fast and releases a barrage of bubbles, blowing them back. Ash leaps to shore and places Corphish down. He then collapses and pants heavily. He thanks Corphish who smiles then slumps. At the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy informs Ash that he got it there just in time. Ash thanks her for her help and she tells him it was no problem. She then sighs, saying she can't save her net. Ash looks to see a broken net which is actually part of the one Corphish broke! Ash embarrassedly laughs and explains what happened. That night, Brock and co sit by the fire reading books. Ash's Pokemon lie next to a tree. May suddenly asks if they hear something, and Brock says it sounds like an Aron. They then decide to investigate. They all walk along the beach for a while, when they suddenly notice the noise was actually a tape player playing Aron noises! Suddenly, cages spring from the sand and trap everyone, but Taillow flies up just in time.

Everyone hears the laughter of Team Rocket as they emerge. They walk up to the group exclaiming that they finally have Pikachu, but Meowth notices that Ash and Pikachu are missing. They all pout, knowing there plan is another failure. James then wonders where the third cage is and he kicks the ground, causing the cage to spring up around them! Team Rocket becomes depressed and screams to be let out. Treecko tries to tackle the cage, but it doesn't seem to be working. Team Rocket tells it to keep trying, but May informs them that they may not get out before the tide comes in. Water begins to reach Brock's foot. At the Pokemon Center, Ash lies at the bedside of Corphish. He tells it to hang in there and it happily smacks his head with its pincer, but Ash just chuckles. Meanwhile, the water is now getting closer and everyone begins to worry. Brock then notices the tape recorder and Taillow and has a plan. The next day, Ash thanks Joy and kneels down to his fully healed Corphish. Suddenly, Taillow flies in with the tape recorder around its neck. Ash plays it to hear Brock telling him their predicament.

Ash thanks Joy again and rushes to their aid. The water is now up to everyone's necks, and they scream out for rescue. May and Max suddenly notice Corphish speeding toward them and they become excited. Nurse Joy steers a boat with Pikachu and Ash who wave to them. Ash then orders Corphish to break the cages, and it breaks them all with a crabhammer. On the docks, Team Rocket bows to Ash and co, exclaiming that they aren't worthy and thanking Ash. They then get up with nets and say that won't stop them from taking Pikachu. Ash just sighs and has Pikachu send them flying with thunder and a bubble from Corphish. Everyone cheers and Brock begins to flirt with Joy. May and Max kneel down and thank Corphish and May apologizes for yelling at it earlier. It then happily smacks each of them with its pincers. Everyone winces in pain, but they all begin to laugh as the scene rises.

Thanks To GoldenNoctowl For Writing this for us

300: A Corphish Out of Water!

300: Run Ash! Cross the Carvahna River!

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Wurmple evolves into Silcoon

Wurmple evolves into Cascoon
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