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Ash and co are now heading back through Granite Cave so that Ash may have his long desired rematch against Brawly. All their Pokemon follow while the group makes jokes to each other. Corphish then hears something from a nearby tunnel and scuttles into it.

There it finds the same sleeping Loudred seen many times before. Corphish prods it, causing its ear to wiggle in annoyance. Corphish notices this and becomes extremely happy. It clamps down on its ear, instantly waking the Loudred. It screams in pain and rushes from the tunnel where our heroes hear it. They turn around to see it bashing against a wall. Corphish falls off and the Loudred begins to run at the group.

It screams out its loud howls, causing Ash and co to fall and hold their ears. After a few seconds, Brock releases Forretress and has it use rapid spin to smash a hole in the cave wall. Brock runs to it and tells everyone to follow him out. Loudred is now on a huge rampage and it ends up smashing into a nearby rock, causing Ash and co to fall. Silcoon falls from May's hands and begins to role away. All the Pokemon see this and chase after it, but Lotad lags a little behind. The Loudred is finally calmed and it angrily digs under ground. Ash and co sigh, knowing the danger is over. Brock suddenly realizes that the Pokemon are not present and May notices Silcoon is gone too!

Silcoon stops at the edge of a small hill over a river. Pikachu tries to grab it, but it can't reach. Corphish now wants to try and stretches over Pikachu to reach it. Corphish's claw snags Silcoon, but it slips and rolls into the water. This action startles Corphish, who also slips, sending Pikachu, and Torchic into the river. Treecko and Mudkip look at each other, nod, then dive in. Lotad waddles up seconds later and dives in after them.

Pikachu hangs onto Silcoon as they are brought downstream. Torchic rides Mudkip whilst Corphish, Treecko, and Lotad swim. The group soon comes to a waterfall and slide over it. Pikachu and Silcoon land with a thud. Pikachu looks around to see all the Pokemon startled, but ok. Corphish, however, is stuck in the ground. It tries to wiggle free but can't, and begins to freak out.

Pikachu rushes to it and tries to pull it out, but with no luck. Treecko then uses slam, causing Corphish to fly high into the sky and twinkle as it disappears. Moments later Corphish comes back down and lands on its feet. It becomes angry and starts to taunt Treecko. Treecko gets angry and prepares to fight, which also makes Corphish do the same. Pikachu and Mudkip get in between to try and stop them as the Pokemon try to reach for each other. Torchic stands next to Lotad. It becomes saddened when it realizes they are lost, but Pikachu tries to reassure it. Mudkip then finally helps Corphish and Treecko calm down and they shake. The Pokemon then grab Silcoon and head off.

Meanwhile, Ash and co are still inside the cave. Ash wonders where the Pokemon are and May comments that she hopes the loud Pokemon didn't get them. Ash then wonders what Pokemon it was and Max tells him to look it up in the dex. Ash does so, and the 4 ponder of what to do next. May tells them that they have to find the Pokemon before Loudred does, and Ash agrees.

In another part of the cave, Team Rocket seems to be lost. James sighs, saying it's hopeless. Jessie says it is all James fault, but he disagrees. He then says that Meowth must've made a wrong turn, but Meowth claims that it was Jessie's fault. Jessie gets angry and says if it was anyone's fault, it was Meowth's. At this point, Wobbuffet pops out, angering Jessie. She tells it to get back in its ball before they start to blame it, but she suddenly realizes that it's standing on something. She looks down to see the Loudred wake up. It becomes extremely angry and uses hyper voice, sending the Rockets blasting off.

The Pokemon group marches on when Corphish notices some mushrooms. It picks one and begins to put it to its mouth, but Pikachu tackles it away. Corphish gets angry and Pikachu explains that the mushrooms are poisonous and it eaten, they could be fatal. Corphish turns to take another one, but Mudkip finds something better; a berry tree! Corphish rushes too it and begins to pick bushel after bushel. Mudkip sighs as Corphish scarves them all down, but it suddenly begins to choke! All the Pokemon are sighing now, and Treecko uses slam. Corphish goes flying and the berry comes out. It happily gets up and jumps up and down.

The Pokemon then march on and start to do a marching song. Up above, a Nuzleaf sits on a branch. It gives off a smirk, then grabs a leaf. As the Pokemon press on, they begin to hear some faint music. The Nuzleaf is using grass whistle, which makes the Pokemon drowsy. They all begin to march in circles around a rock below, making the Nuzleaf laugh. After some time, Treecko snaps out of it and stops. Soon all the Pokemon are aware of what happened, and Treecko begins to look for the cause. Pikachu looks up and sees the Nuzleaf laughing hysterically. Treecko gets mad and tosses its twig at it, but Nuzleaf leaps down.

On the grass, Corphish steps up. Nuzleaf taunts it and Corphish rushes in. Nuzleaf is very fast however, and it dodges. It begins to laugh again, but it soon realizes Corphish took a small chunk out of its leaf. This angers it, and it lets out a very loud call which echoes through the forest. It then smirks and jumps into the trees, leaving the Pokemon confused. Meanwhile, Ash and co are searching for the Pokemon. Taillow searches by air while they search the ground. May stops looking, and tells Ash that she is scared and hopes her Pokemon are all right. Ash says they are fine, and if they get into trouble, the other Pokemon will be there to help. May cheers up and continues to look.

The Pokemon press on when Corphish notices some berries hanging from a string. It clamps onto them and is pulled into the tree above. Lotad then notices a quiet pond and leaps in, but is soon netted and pulled up. After a few steps, Treecko turns to see the two Pokemon missing. A rope comes down and snags its tail. Treecko struggles, but it is pulled up. Pikachu and Mudkip pass a small flower, but Torchic becomes obsessed with its fragrance and soon realizes there is a whole bunch of them. It runs into the flower patch, but is netted as well.

Torchic calls out, causing Mudkip and Pikachu to look back. Whilst they do, a Nuzleaf grabs Silcoon from above and hoists it up. Pikachu looks up to see two Nuzleaf in the tree laughing. Pikachu demands it back, but the Nuzleaf just rush off. Pikachu and Mudkip chase after. Taillow flies by and notices this, causing it to hurry back to Ash and co.

Deep in the woods, all the Pokemon are being held in a cage surrounded by Nuzleaf. The one explains to the others how Corphish cut its leaf, and they all agree it should be punished. Torchic starts to cry but Lotad just looks confused. The Nuzleaf begin to start a fire while the trapped Pokemon try to escape. Treecko tackles the cage, but it has no effect. Corphish then tries to crab hammer it, but still nothing. The Nuzleaf all begin to laugh.

In the bushes, Team Rocket watches the little scene. Jessie wonders what kind of Pokemon they are, and Meowth explains that they are Nuzleaf. James wonders what they are doing, and Meowth begins to explain. He tells the two that Nuzleaf always travel in groups, and when one is hurt ,it affects the whole family. He then adds in that they are masters at trickery and thieving. Jessie is intrigued, and exclaims that a whole family of them would be great to have on their side to do the stealing. Meowth then notices Pikachu and Mudkip approaching. James suggests that they steal Pikachu, and get a whole family of Nuzleaf at the same time!

Pikachu demands they release its friends, but the Nuzleaf refuse. Pikachu then goes into aggressive negotiations and begins to spark, but Mudkip wants to try. It walks up to them and begins to talk with the group. The Nuzleaf are not convinced and still refuse. After some time, a net falls down and snags the whole Nuzleaf family! Mudkip then turns to see Pikachu snatched up by a robotic hand!

Team Rocket is above in their balloon. They gloat at their capture and say their motto. Pikachu tries to shock the hand, but to no surprise, it's shock proof. Nuzleaf tries to use leaf blade, but the net is unaffected. Meowth laughs, saying he came prepared and made the net out of steel and the hand shock proof. Jessie is confused, and asks if Mudkip can hurt them. Meowth just laughs, saying Mudkip can't possibly do a thing. James gets excited, thinking they may actually get away!

Mudkip runs to the cage and uses water gun, but nothing happens. Ash and co then arrive and have Forretress use rapid spin with help from Taillow to smash the cage. May is so happy to have her Pokemon back. She calls to them and they both rush to her. Ash welcomes his Pokemon back and asks where Pikachu is. They motion up and Ash notices Team Rocket above. Ash tells Corphish to send him up there with crab hammer.

The Nuzleaf family and Pikachu look down to see Ash flying right at them. He latches onto the net, surprising the Rockets. He tells the Nuzleaf group that he'll free them, but to hold on. He begins to pry at the net, but it won't budge. Team Rocket laughs, exclaiming that there is no way a little twerp can tear it. Ash begins to bite at it, and it finally snaps! The Nuzleaf group falls to the ground happy to be free. Team Rocket looks down in shock. Ash now turns his sights to Pikachu and tries to pry the arm open. James releases Cacnea and tells it to stop Ash. It uses pin missile, but Ash ducks, causing the pins to hit the arm. It breaks and Pikachu is freed!

Team Rocket is shocked, but Ash is worried. He looks down and notices that they are too high to jump. Brock notices the Nuzleaf and has a plan. Team Rocket begins to snicker, exclaiming that they still have Pikachu. Brock calls up to Ash and he looks down to see the group all holding the net for him to jump into. Ash leaps from the balloon and lands perfectly into it, shocking the Rockets. Treecko then slams Corphish into the sky so its bubble can reach the balloon. It uses bubble, popping it and sending the Rockets blasting off.

Corphish cheers, then suddenly realizes it's falling and freaks out. It is about to crash to Earth when Treecko uses its tail as a cushion and snags it. Corphish is shocked and leaps off angrily. The two stare each other down, then give a high five. Brock comments that they make a great team. Ash then thanks the Nuzleaf family, who smile and nod. That evening, the family and the Pokemon shake hands and play while Ash scans the group with his dex. He then comments that Pikachu makes the best friends, and the scene rises to the setting sun.

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302: Turning Over A Nuzleaf

302: Attack of the Nuzleaf Family!

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