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The episode begins at a Pokemon Center on a high cliff. Nurse Joy is in a small room busily typing away at her computer. A small wind begins to rustle some papers on her desk and she turns to see the window is open. Confused, she gets up to close it. Suddenly, a large creature smashes through and lands behind her. Nurse Joy turns to see a large brown Pokemon with gleaming red eyes. She screams in horror as the scene changes.

Meanwhile Ash and co have made it to the front door of the center. Ash wonders why they built the center so high on the mountains and Brock turns. He looks out over the forest where a very large tree towers above the others. He exclaims that it gives them a great view of the surrounding area. Max then cuts in, exclaiming that Ash should get his Pokemon checked on from Nurse Joy before they head off to the next gym. Brock hears Nurse Joy's name and gets all lovey-dovey. They all agree and walk inside.

Inside, Ash and co approach the front desk. The lobby is very elegant, with a chandelier above and stairs leading to an upper area of the center. Brock calls for Joy, but she doesn't respond. Ash wonders where she could be when Pikachu smells something. It begins to ascend the stairs as Ash and co give chase. Pikachu ducks into a room and everyone follows. Inside is the computer room Joy was in minutes before. However, there is no Joy, papers litter the floor, and the window is open. Ash then notices Pikachu is asleep on the ground. He rushes in and tries to wake it, but ends up falling asleep as well. May wonders what happened.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket relaxes in the branches of a tree. Jessie leans against the trunk, exclaiming how relaxing it is. James and Meowth agree. Suddenly, the large brown Pokemon flashes by with Nurse Joy slung over its shoulder. It a gust of wind, Team Rocket is thrown from the tree. They land hard in the bushes below. They hold their heads in pain and Meowth looks up. The large Pokemon can now be seen as a Shiftry. It lands on a branch where several Seedots have hung themselves up. It gives out a call then proceeds to leap away.

Jessie and James wonder what's up and Meowth gets an idea. He says that if they capture the Shiftry and send it to the boss; he'll have someone to fan him in the morning when he wakes up. He then adds in that the boss will be so happy that he'll give them all promotions! Jessie and James are enticed by this and they begin to cheer. After, Wobbuffet pops out and Jessie tells them to get moving.

Back at the center, Brock has finally gotten Ash and Pikachu to wake up. He examines Pikachu and finds some dust on its nose. He inspects it and exclaims that something left sleep powder in the room. May examines the computer to find a document Nurse Joy was working on. Brock goes heart eyed and hovers behind her. Max then notices a security camera and states that they can watch the video to see what happened.

In the security room, Max rewinds the tape to when Nurse Joy was at the computer. They watch the whole scene play out, and Max recognizes the Pokemon as a Shiftry. Ash scans it with the dex, and they watch some more as Shiftry blows sleep powder onto Joy. She falls asleep and it grabs her, and then leaps out the window. Brock is now in a rage. He exclaims that they have to find Joy as Ash, Max, and May wonder where it could've taken her. They look out the window to see the giant tree, and Ash says it must have something to do with Shiftry. Brock jumps up with fire in his eyes, exclaiming that they are going there.

Shiftry continues to leap through the forest with Joy slung over its shoulder. It crosses a lake and into the forest again. Some Nuzleaf then enter the scene behind it. Ash and co are heading down the trail through the forest. The tree appears ahead and the group begins to pick up the pace. Suddenly, a large amount of Oddishes enter the road. They begin to spray sleep powder. May is ready though and has Beautifly blow it away with gust. The Oddishes disappear and the group presses on.

Meanwhile, Shiftry has finally made it inside the big tree. Outside, Ash and co begin to see large red eyes glare at them from the bushes. May is frightened, but they just turn out to be a group of Seedot. They launch a barrage of bullet seeds at the group, who leap into the bushes. Ash and co wonder why the Pokemon are attacking them and Max exclaims that they must be protecting the tree. Brock agrees, and exclaims that they have to find a way inside.

Inside, Shiftry places Nurse Joy down on a platform and watches her. Outside, Ash and co continue to get pelted with bullet seeds. They take refuge behind some bushes as May freaks out. Ash orders Pikachu to shock them, but Max reminds him that they are grass types which aren't too hurt from electric attacks. May agrees and releases Torchic. She has it use ember, causing all the grass Pokemon to rush into the forest. May thanks her Pokemon as it happily jumps into her arms. The group then heads back toward the tree. Team Rocket emerges from the bushes. Jessie exclaims that they have to get there first and they rush off with Wobbuffet trailing behind.

Inside, Shiftry continues to watch Nurse Joy. She begins to stir and opens her eyes to see the Pokemon right in her face. She backs away frightened, but notices that Shifty doesn't move. Ash and co are now at the lake Shiftry passed by. Pikachu leaps onto a rock and signals that Shiftry passed by here. Brock becomes more enraged when suddenly rocks begin to smash everywhere. Ash and co watch as several Nuzleaf emerge. They launch bullet seeds at them as Ash and co run.

Meanwhile, Nurse Joy begins to back away from Shiftry. She breaks into a run, but soon stops. She looks down to see she is very high up in the tree. Ash and co continue to run as the Nuzleaf give chase. Max suggests that Ash use Taillow as grass are weak against flying. Ash releases it and it wing attacks the group. They rush off into the forest and Ash recalls his Pokemon. Max and May wonder why the Pokemon are going to such lengths to protect the tree, and Brock thinks there is more to this puzzle then what seems. Ash suggests they make it to the tree and find out.

Team Rocket emerges from the rocks. Jessie exclaims that the twerps are doing everything for them. James agrees and says they don't have to break a sweat. Meowth comments that they just let the twerps take care of every Pokemon and follow them to the Shiftry. They all cheer once more. Inside the tree, Joy gets nervous as Shiftry takes a step toward her. She finally builds up the courage and asks what it wants when all the grass Pokemon rush inside. She wonders what they are doing here and the wind begins to pick up.

The Pokemon begin to separate creating a trail. A Seedot approaches Joy and motions to follow it. She does so and at the top is a very sick Nuzleaf. Joy rushes to inspect it as Shiftry approaches. She realizes why it kidnapped her and says she'll do whatever she can, but they have to trust her. Shiftry nods. Suddenly, a Nuzleaf enters and motions that intruders are approaching. Shiftry becomes enraged and the winds pick up as it leaps out of the tree.

Ash and co rush along the trail when Shiftry appears in front of them in a gust of wind. Ash tells it to hand Joy over, but it refuses. He then calls out Treecko. It starts out with a quick attack, but misses Shiftry by a long shot. It looks up to see Shiftry above. Shiftry releases a bullet seed and Treecko back flips away. Ash orders a slam and Treecko leaps into the air. Both Pokemon are now sky high and Treecko comes down to smash Shiftry, but it blows away. The Pokemon land facing each other.

Ash tells his friends to head to the tree. They agree and Pikachu follows. Some Nuzleaf try to bullet seed them, but Pikachu shocks them. Treecko and Shiftry continue to fight, each one missing. Shiftry then gets off a hit, but Treecko gets one of its own. Both Pokemon lunge and smash into each other. They fall back breathing heavily. Suddenly, Team Rocket appears laughing. They begin to say the motto, but Meowth and Wobbuffet cut in saying their names instead of the usual. Jessie and James get mad and bat them away and a fight for the motto ensues.

After the scene, the team demands that Ash hand over Shiftry. He refuses and they stare each other down. Brock and the others continue to head for the tree. They begin to climb it as they reach the bottom. Inside, Nurse Joy places a wet towel on Nuzleaf's forehead. Suddenly, Brock and co rush in. The other Pokemon crowd angrily around and Joy asks who they are. Brock introduces himself, exclaiming that he has come to rescue her. Joy interrupts, saying she doesn't need rescuing. Brock is confused and the group then notices the sick Nuzleaf.

The approach and realize why the Shiftry kidnapped her. May then explains that one of their friends is battling it right now and Joy becomes worried. She exclaims that it needs to get back here as Nuzleaf is very ill and needs water. Meanwhile, Shiftry angrily glares at Team Rocket. They begin to worry and are rewarded with a razor wind dead on. As they blast off, Wobbuffet holds the rose in its mouth and applauds.

Shiftry then releases another razor wind on Treecko, but it leaps up. Shiftry join it and uses bullet seed, smashing it hard into the ground. Ash runs up as Joy tells Shiftry to stop. Brock explains to Ash what happened. Nurse Joy then informs Shiftry that Max and May are taking care of Nuzleaf right now, but they need some water for its leaf. Brock agrees to accompany it and he leaps on its back. It begins to leap away as Brock screams struggling to hold on.

Nurse Joy wipes Nuzleaf leaf with water and they all wait in anticipation. Come morning, Nuzleaf is healed! Everyone cheers and Nuzleaf smiles. Shiftry nods in thanks then heads off. At the Pokemon Center, Ash and co wave goodbye to Joy and the grass Pokemon. As they head off, Nurse Joy looks out at the large tree to see Shiftry watching from the tops. She smiles and the episode ends.

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