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Ash and co have now come to a beautiful lake just outside the forest. May admires its calm beauty as Brock remarks that it would be a great place to rest. Ash agrees. Brock then checks the guidebook and explains that this lake is known for its crystal clear waters. May agrees with this and can't wait to get down there. Max then cuts in remarking that he'd rather push on. May is angered by this, but Ash interrupts them. He points out to the middle of the lake where an Illumise is admiring its reflection. It dips its feet into the water creating an elegant ripple. Ash wonders what kind of Pokemon it is when May notices a similar one. A Volbeat flies out and begins to talk with the Illumise.

The Volbeat is wearing a red bow tie whilst the Illumise bears a gold one. After a bit of time, the two begin to dance around. Brock recognizes them as Ash and May each scan one with their Pokedexes. May notices that they are dancing and Brock hypothesizes that they must be in love. Suddenly, a Nurse Joy calls out to them, welcoming them to the annual Love Dance Festival. Ash and co are confused but Brock is just heart-eyed. She approaches and point to a dock where Volbeat and Illumise have joined their trainers.

Nurse Joy says she saw the group admiring the Pokemon, and they belong to those two trainers, Romeo and Julie. Brock is instantly love struck by Julie, and he begins to inch toward her. Max pulls him back exclaiming that she wouldn't be interested. Ash and co then follow Nurse Joy to a small set of bleachers and take their seats. Julie waves to the crowd from the dock and exclaims that they are about to begin. Brock rocks back and forth, cheering and waving madly. Nurse Joy then explains to Ash and co that Romeo and Julie plan to put on a show for them today and they can't wait to see it.

Julie asks Illumise if it's ready and it nods. She then pulls out a large rod with a red light and begins to twirl it. Illumise releases a sweet sent. Julie then turns to Romeo and says it is time for the Volbeat to enter. Romeo nods and goes for his fanny sack, but it falls off and spills the Pokeballs all over the dock. Brock is angered by this and says Julie deserves a man who won't make her look unprofessional. May adds in that he seems to be a bit nervous. Ash yells exclaiming that he can do it, and Romeo thanks him.

He then picks the Pokeballs up and tosses them; releasing four Volbeat to join the bow tied one, nicknamed Beato. The group flies towards Illumise and begin to chase it heart-eyed. Julie is worried and tells Romeo to control his Pokemon. Romeo nods and pulls out another one of those red light rods. He starts to twirl it, but it slips from his hands and falls to the edge of the dock. It's about to go over, but Beato flies down to catch it. In the process, all the others follow him and end up crashing into Illumise. It spins out of control and all the bugs fall into the lake.

Ash and May look worried, but Brock is just more angry at Romeo. Julie leans over the dock calling for Illumise as the Volbeat struggle to stay afloat. Romeo comes to help, but Julie leans back and accidentally smashes into him. He falls back and topples into the lake as she dives in. Romeo, like his Volbeat, is having trouble swimming. May tells Ash to hurry up and help him. Ash calls out Corphish as Brock calls on Lotad and Mudkip. The two then dive in after their Pokemon.

Julie is now underwater desperately searching for Illumise. She surfaces next to Romeo, who grabs onto her and tries to stay afloat. Ash and co approach as Julie says she still can't find Illumise. Brock tells Mudkip to find it and has Lotad help the Volbeats. Ash then tells Corphish that he and it will help Lotad. It nods and they swim off. Mudkip dives deep under the lake and finds a light shinning from the bottom. As it nears the light, it finds Illumise unconscious on the lake bottom with its bow tie glowing.

Up above, Ash, Corphish, and Lotad bring the Volbeats to shore. Soon everyone is back on the dock. Romeo's Volbeats seem to be fine, and he is just coming too. Brock hands Julie a towel to dry herself off and she thanks him. She then looks warily at Nurse Joy who is leaning over Illumise. The Pokemon slowly wakes up and happily flies to its trainer. Nurse Joy says it should be fine, but they should head to the Pokemon Center to give it a check up in case. Julie agrees and the two walk off. Nurse Joy asks if Romeo's Pokemon will be ok, and he nods.

Romeo then turns to Ash and thanks him for saving him and his Pokemon. Ash says it was nothing, and the group introduces themselves. Romeo then begins to mope at his mistakes during the show, and he tries to sit down. His rump sits directly on Corphish's horns, causing instant pain. He leaps around frantically and falls off the dock again. Corphish looks over confusedly as Ash and co remark that he isn't the most graceful person.

Team Rocket watches the drowning man from some thick reeds across the lake. Jessie remarks that the Volbeat trainer isn't what she would refer to as Romeo. Meowth replies that she isn't exactly Juliet herself. She becomes agitated and changes the subject by remarking that Volbeat and Illumise can put on great dance shows if trained right. James agrees but wonders why she cares. Jessie explains that like that Illumise, she wants to find her "knight in shining armor". She has a daydream of herself coming across a prince on a Rapidash. Meowth then cuts in exclaiming that if they steal the Volbeat squad and Illumise, they could entertain the boss with a dancing show. The two like this idea and they all cheer as Wobbuffet pops out.

At the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy hands Romeo his healed Volbeats back. He thanks her and Ash then cuts in. He says that while Julie and Illumise are away, he should practice with the Volbeats. May agrees and says it could be a great surprise to Julie if he works on his technique and shows her what he learned when she returns. Romeo agrees and the group heads back to the lake.

There, Romeo pulls out the Pokeballs and explains to the group that he only gets nervous when he has to perform with Julie and Illumise. He releases his five Volbeat and takes out the red light rod. He twirls it and Beato flies up. The other four follow it in a straight line then turn into a V shape. Romeo twirls he rod and the Volbeats do a spin. May and Ash are impressed by this act and Brock says he's doing much better then before.

Ash then asks why Romeo was so nervous this morning and he explains that he is always like that when performing with Julie. He says he wants to be as great as he truly is for her, but it's hard. Beato flies down and nods. Max sighs and says he shouldn't be that way. May then walks up to Romeo and asks how he feels around Julie when they aren't performing. Romeo explains that whenever he is around her he goes weak in the knees. Ash wonders why he is like this, and May goes starry eyed while explaining that it's a simple case of love.

She then turns back to Romeo and exclaims that he should tell her how he feels. Brock cuts in exclaiming that it's a great idea, but May pushes him aside. She says she was talking to Romeo, not helpless dreamers. Romeo is a little unsure and thinks Julie will reject him. May says that he won't know until her tries and Beato doesn't have a problem talking with Illumise. The Pokemon happily nods. Romeo lowers his head and says he might give it a shot. May takes this as a yes and cheers. Ash wonders when May became such an expert on love and Max says she never was. May then approaches and says she needs Ash's help.

That night, Romeo approaches what appears to be Julie on a cabin deck. He begins to come out and tell her how he feels, but can't get it out. May comes out the bushes and tells him to say it. He says he can't and the two begin to argue. Finally, Ash turns and takes off his Julie wig exclaiming that he isn't going to wait all day. May tells him to put it back on, but Ash refuses. He explains that he is tired of dressing like Julie and they should just go get the real one. Ash and May then begin to argue as Romeo sighs. Brock then cuts in and starts to give Romeo pointers. He listens intensively as Max comments that no man should take advice from Brock.

Brock then decides to act out what Romeo should do. He begins to woo Julie-Ash with roses and sweat comments as Ash stands angrily on the deck. Brock then starts to walk up and seemingly forgets that Ash isn't Julie. He goes heart-eyed and begins to chase Ash around the deck trying to "hug" him. Ash dodges and runs for his life. May, Max, and Romeo watch stunned. Romeo then sighs.

Somewhere nearby, Julie and Illumise sit in a cabin. Julie talks with Illumise, explaining how she wishes Romeo wasn't so nervous around her anymore. She has a flashback to when they were kids fishing on the lake and she kissed Romeo. The two just laughed about it, now he would be so embarrassed he'd probably faint. She then looks out the window to see a light shining. Thinking its Volbeat's, the two decide to investigate.

Team Rocket is above the lake with Meowth hanging from a rope. He is dressed as a Volbeat and even his rear is glowing. James tells him to act like a Volbeat and he begins to shake while singing. Julie tells Illumise to go see what's up. It flies toward the light in the distance glowing itself. When it makes it, Meowth turns around and grins. James then tosses a net and snags the Pokemon. Julie watches confusedly as Illumise's light goes out. With Illumise captured, Team Rocket begins to pull Meowth up. Julie sees the light rising and thinks something is weird. She begins to call for Illumise, but it doesn't respond.

Meanwhile, Romeo tries once again to woo the Julie-Ash. He still can't seem to say it, and May starts to pep talk him again. The real Julie approaches and blushes when she hears the conversation. She hides behind a tree, but no tree can stop Brock. He gets up exclaiming that Julie is here as he goes all lovey-dovey. He then realizes that it isn't a good thing and warns the others. Romeo looks embarrassed as Julie approaches. She pretends like she didn't hear anything and asks Romeo if Volbeat was at the lake a few minutes ago. Romeo tells her it wasn't and she begins to worry.

She explains to the group that Illumise followed a light that it thought was Volbeat, but now it's missing. Ash and co are shocked and Ash takes off his wig. Brock approaches and tells her not to fear as he will find it. May and Ash want to know how, but he doesn't know. Romeo then gets a plan to have the Volbeat sniff her out; as they can sense where Illumise are by the scent they give off. Julie thinks it's a great idea and lovingly thanks him. The Volbeat begin to search the lake as Ash and co watch. They soon pick up the scent and take off into the forest. Romeo tells the group to follow them.

They emerge from the forest after a while and fly up a cliff. Romeo tells Julie to stay here as it's too dangerous. Brock volunteers to stay with her. Ash and Romeo then begin to climb the cliff. Julie seems touched by his Romeo's determination, and she rushes off. Ash and co make it to the top to find the greatest horror in the history of Pokemon- Jessie and James dressed in Volbeat and Illumise costumes! The horror! Anyways, the two say their motto and reveal themselves as Ash and Romeo stare frightened.

Team Rocket then take to their rising balloon which now has Illumise in a cage under it. Above that is a giant vacuum. Meowth activates it and it begins to suck. Ash and Romeo hold out, and the Volbeats all cling to Beato. Soon, the Volbeats are sucked inside as Beato watches in horror. Jessie tells Meowth to turn up the juice and he strengthens it. The vacuum sucks up Ash and Pikachu, but they get stuck in the nozzle. Julie and the others arrive as Ash tells Romeo to use this time to have Beato rescue Illumise.

Romeo nods and has Beato quick attack the cage, freeing Illumise. Team Rocket gets mad and Meowth strengthens the vacuum again sucking Ash and Pikachu inside. They then turn the nozzle towards Beato and Illumise. Inside the vacuum, Ash and the Volbeats are being spun around. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt and it overloads the vacuum from inside. Beato then uses quick attack to shatter it. They then get up dazed from all the spinning.

Jessie refuses to give in and releases Seviper. It heads straight for the dazed Volbeats, but Illumise uses sweet scent to attract them away. James and Meowth are also affected by the sweet scent as they begin to talk about how beautiful Illumise is. Jessie gets mad and has Seviper attack, but all the Volbeats use signal beam, blasting Team Rocket off. Everyone cheers and Illumise kisses Beato.

Romeo then approaches Julie and comes right out and says he loves her. She blushes and says she thought so. Brock then cuts in offering her flowers, but she says her heart belongs to someone else. Brock is devastated and begins to mope in a corner. Julie approaches Romeo and says she feels the same way. Romeo is instantly excited by this and Ash and co congratulate him. May thinks it's sweet as Brock cries in the corner. Ash sighs and says they'll be others.

That night, Romeo and Julie perform at the lake again. They use their red light rods to have the Volbeats and Illumise combine to form one giant light. The group then floats into the air and separates as everyone stares in awe. Ash says Romeo isn't nervous anymore and May thinks it's the perfect ending to this love story. Ash remarks that she's too obsessed with love, and she replies that most girls are. The Volbeats and Illumise begin to form a heart with their lights, then a Pikachu. Romeo and Julie happily conduct together as the scene rises.

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318: Love At First Flight

318: Volbeat & Illumise! Dance Of Love!

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