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On the way to Fallarbor Town, Ash, May, and Brock decide to take a quick lunch break at a nearby rock. May meanwhile practices for the next Contest with the Frisbee VS Beautifly’s Whirlwind, as Torchic watches. Suddenly, she gets overexcited, that she doesn’t realize she’s throwing the Frisbee in the opposite direction of Beautifly, as it lands in some nearby bushes. May asks Torchic to go get it, but as it runs towards it, it starts running down a hill, which gets steeper and steeper, and crashes into a rock. But it easily gets up, and finds the Frisbee. However, as he’s about to pick it up, Torchic hears some meowing in a nearby bush, so he goes to investigate.

Ash and co realize that Torchic hasn’t returned for a while, so they decide to go and investigate. They find the Frisbee all right, but Torchic is nowhere to be seen. They call it’s name, and it answers from those bushes, and as they go to investigate, they find Torchic trying to comfort a sad Skitty! May immediately falls in love with Skitty’s cuteness, and Ash’s Pokedex does indeed say that Skitty is known for its cuteness. May tries to get Torchic to battle, but it doesn’t really seem to be interested in battling this Skitty right now. So May picks up Skitty and hugs it, and they decide to try and find out the problem. Brock offers it some food, but it sniffs it, and refuses. Brock then does he breeder pose, and says he knows the perfect place, but he doesn’t say. He just walks along, and they follow.

As they head toward this place, they pass some Grass Pokemon, like Oddish and Weepinbell, and then they get to a small building decorated with flowers. Brock says that this is the Pokemon Aromatherapy Center, the perfect place for Skitty. They start to head in, and they see a girl, and Brock immediately recognizes her as Alisa, and says he heard a lot about her, and does his usual act (Apparently this was the reason Brock was excited to come here). Max starts getting an angry look, and pulls Brock’s ear again!

As they go in, they see a lot of aromatic plants and herbs and mixes, from Pokemon such as Oddish and Weepinbell, and they all seem to smell good. Brock then starts sniffing Alisa (!) and comments on how she smells good, and gets another ear pulling from Max.

They bring Skitty to the sofa, and she examines it, and then realizes that this Skitty, having been out in the desert for so long, it lost its scent, and doesn’t seem to be as attractive to other Pokemon as most other Skitty’s… but of course, it still seemed as cute to May, since she’s a human. So, Alisa mixes up a few substances as Brock and Max to the usual drama, and then fills a huge sprayer with it, and sprays this gas throughout the entire room. Skitty seems to be a bit happier now, and starts to feel a lot cuter. Alisa says that this will take time for Skitty to regain its aroma and attractiveness, so she offers a tour of the place in the meantime. May decides to stay behind and guard Skitty, though. So they walk out, and Max starts to examine some Oddish in the yard, and May stays and pets Skitty, comforting it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are in the balloon, and they notice the Aromatherapy Center! James seems interested in maybe using some on Cacnea, Jessie wants to use some for Dustox, and Meowth thinks of stealing some of the perfumes to give as a present to the boss.

Ash and co get back, and ask how Skitty’s doing. Skitty seems to be a lot happier and more playful, according to May, and she is indeed right. Skitty puts on a cute smile, then notices her tail, and starts chasing it, and going to fast, and landing with the tail on her head. Ash and Brock laugh, and then they see Skitty notices the nearby billowing curtain, as it goes to jump at it. Then, Ash takes out a mop and holds it out in front of Skitty, and she sure has fun playing with the mop strings. Suddenly she starts running around again, and notices Pikachu, and then its tail! Excited, she starts chasing Pikachu, and then eventually gives up, and eats a meal prepared.

Now, May is ready to battle Skitty, INSIDE the center, as she sends out Torchic. Skitty Tackles Torchic, but Torchic strikes back with a Quick Attack. May is about to throw the Pokeball, but suddenly, Team Rocket bust in with royal-like costumes! Jessie then sends out Seviper, uses Haze, making the whole place full of smoke and drowining the aroma. With the whole place in smoke, Team Rocket stuff some bottles in the bags and run, while Meowth notices Skitty through his goggles, and falls in love with it…

As James runs, Brock tackles him, knocking the bag out of his hand, breaking the bottles, as the contents spill to the floor! Suddenly, the whole place gets shrouded in white mist, which Ash, May, Brock, Jessie, James, Alisa, and Max seem to think smells awful, but the Pokemon such as Pikachu, Meowth, Skitty, Seviper, and Wobbuffet seem to enjoy it more than anything… Pikachu starts dancing, Meowth starts feeling romantic already…

As the people hold their noses, Team Rocket and the rest of the TR Pokemon make an escape out the window with what’s left in the bag. When the smoke clears, Ash and co realize Skitty is gone!

TR are about to make the getaway in the balloon, but Brock catches the bag. Jessie then sends out Seviper again, but Ash knocks it out with a Bubblebeam from Corphish. James then has Cacnea use Pin Missile, which Corphish once again wards off with Harden. Suddenly, a couple Weepinbell pop out of the bushes, and James, surprised, gets a memory of his Victreebel, and gets distracted by thinking about maybe capturing one. Jessie, impatient, says they’re leaving without him, and Ash, still focused on the battle, uses Corphish’s Crabhammer to knock James up into the balloon. Then, Ash uses Taillow’s Wing Attack, blasting them off. Well, now they’re safe, they got SOME of the perfumes back, but there’s still one problem—They’ve got Skitty!

Team Rocket decide to examine their new perfumes. Jessie takes a couple bottles out, and Meowth takes one that he seems to like the smell of. Then, Skitty climbs out of the bag, and Meowth’s hormones spring into action. Skitty also seems to love Meowth a lot, as it enjoys playing with his tail. Jessie then takes out a twig and waves it in front of Skitty, attracting her attention. Jessie then falls in love with Skitty’s cuteness, and decides to try and maybe catch it! Meowth then gets worried and thinks for a second. If Skitty were a member of Team Rocket, it would have to withstand getting hurt a lot, like from Pikachu’s Thunderbolt, Corphish’s Crabhammer, Treecko’s Bullet Seed, etc… so Meowth comes up with an idea in his head. He suggests that rather than being a member of TR, they just take it and give it to the boss as a pet present. Everyone, even James, seems to like that idea, except Jessie doesn’t. She wants it for herself to train. Meowth tries arguing against it, but as usual, doesn’t win. While Team Rocket have they’re own time, Meowth walks with Skitty down to the lake, and tells her everything about Jessie being a dangerous trainer, and how she won’t last very long in her hands, and that she shouldn’t trust Jessie. Suddenly, as he hears Team Rocket coming, he throws a rock for Skitty to fetch in the bushes so Team Rocket won’t see. Jessie then asks Meowth where’s Skitty, and when he can’t thing of an excuse, Jessie loses her temper again…

Meanwhile, as Ash and co look for Skitty, Taillow seems to have found something. As they follow it, they find TR’s wrecked balloon. Alisa then sends out an Oddish, who uses Sweet Scent to try and lure Team Rocket over. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, deprived of Skitty, can feel the Sweet Scent, and follow it to the twerps. Just as Jessie asks if they know where Skitty is, Skitty approaches! May and Jessie, both assuming it’s theirs, start fighting over it, and then decide to have a battle to determine it. Jessie uses Dustox, May uses Beautifly. Beautifly starts with a Gust, blowing Dustox back a little bit. Now, Dustox tries a few Tackles, all of which Beautifly easily dodges. Dustox then fires a Psybeam, which Beautifly dodges again. With a strong Tackle, followed by a Gust, Beautifly wins. An additional Thunderbolt from Ash’s Pikachu sends them blasting off.

May proudly hugs her Skitty, and asks her to get in the Pokeball. She gets excited at the sight of the Pokeball, and jumps at it, knocking it out of May’s hands, but then chases after it. After playing with it for a little, it opens, and she climbs in. Everyone congratulates May on her newest catch!

As they leave, they say their goodbyes to Alisa, and she wishes May luck on the Fallarbor Town Pokemon Contest. As they walk off, suddenly May’s Skitty escapes from the Pokeball in her backpack, and starts playfully chasing its tail till it gets dizzy, and then makes a few cute poses… well, looks like it’ll be acting like a certain other character we all knew… except May still loves her Skitty.

Thanks To Spinazak For Writing this for us

323: I Feel Skitty!

323: Skitty & Aromatherapy!

Route 111



Pikachu Treecko Taillow
Torchic Beautifly Skitty
Wobbuffet Dustox Seviper
Oddish Weepinbell

Captures a Skitty
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