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The episode begins above a large forest where a terrible storm is brewing. The winds pick up and lightning strikes as a flock of Altaria and Swablu cower in a tree below. Suddenly, a lightning bolt hits the tree sending it bursting into flames. The scared Pokemon immediately fly the coop but a lone Swablu lags behind. A crash is heard behind it and the Swablu turns in horror as a flaming branch smashes into it…

The next morning, Ash and co begin to make their way through the forest. The ground is full of freshly made puddles and Brock stops to breath in the fresh air. He then informs the others that he must decide which way is best to get to Petalburg. Ash and the siblings are depressed by this and May slouches to the ground. She begins to complain at how much she wants to get home so she can get some much needed rest. Max then asks if he has decided yet and Brock informs them that he has no idea where to go. At this, the three begin to slouch in pale blue depression.

Brock then brightens their hopes by saying he's decided. They all wonder what way and Brock motions forward, saying it seems like the best idea. The others begin to worry again. In the end, the group decides to make camp and wait it out a bit. They all release their Pokemon and Brock asks Lombre to find some water for the stew. It begins to sniff, but Pikachu then picks up on something. Ash wonders what's up and it leaps from his shoulder. Torchic also senses it and the two journey into the bushes.

They soon come upon a large amount of broken branches and debris. They then stumble upon the Swablu injured on the ground. Ash and co approach as the Pokemon becomes frightened. May thinks it's cute and Brock notices its wing is injured. Ash tries to get it to come over, but it's too scared. May then decides to use her womanly charm to win it over. She gets on her knees and tries to clam it down, but it ends up singing Jigglypuff style. Ash warns her to back away, but they all soon fall asleep.

Swablu then takes this time to escape, but gets about two feet before the pain of its wing gets to it. It stumbles and falls on Torchic, waking it up. Torchic notices it and begins to have a conversation. In the end, Swablu seems happy. Torchic then hops over to May and begins to peck the heck out of her nose. She freaks out She then notices Swablu hasn't run away and she begins to win it over again. After it clams down, she pulls a super potion from her pack and tells Swablu it will help it feel better. She then tells Torchic to wake the others as she sprays the wing. Torchic gives them all a pecking causing everyone to scream out over the forest.

In another part of the forest, a Nuzleaf hears the screams and leaps down from a tree in front of its trainer. The man also wonders what it was and they decide to investigate. Ash and co hold their noses angry with Torchic, but it seems content with its actions. Brock then freaks out when he sees Swablu wrapped up like a mummy. May exclaims that she made it all better and the others say it looks more like she's preparing it for a tomb. May scolds them, explaining that they can't take any chances with an injured Pokemon.

Suddenly, the Nuzleaf and its trainer come out of the bushes. He thinks something bad is going on, and asks the group what they are doing here. Swablu becomes frightened and hides behind May. The man then notices they were helping an injured Pokemon and apologizes. He then introduces himself as Morita, the forest's ranger. Ash and co are relieved by this and he decides to show them to his cabin.

There, Brock takes off May's horrid bandages and properly applies one around Swablu's wing. Ash scans the Pokemon with the dex while this goes on. Brock then grabs a medicine bottle from his nearby Lombre (which is being used as a tray) and tells Swablu to take a sip. It does so and seems to enjoy it. May remarks on how well Brock is at this and Ash comments that he's a natural as a Pokemon Breeder. May then asks Swablu how it feels and it smiles happily at her.

The door then opens and Morita enters with refreshments. He then sits the group down and explains that he is in charge of this area and has to make sure the flock of Altaria and Swablu are safe. He explains that the Pokemon are very rare, and poachers love to come in and swipe them. Ash looks up Altaria in the Pokedex. Morita then explains that Swablu is very young and so it should be returned to its flock as soon as possible. May agrees as she pets it.

Brock then remarks that with an injured wing Swablu might not be able to keep up with the flock. Morita agrees and says that he plans to let it rest up and heal before releasing it. He then asks Ash if he's a Pokemon trainer and Ash says he is. Morita then offers to let Ash care for Swablu until it is healed. Ash seems enthralled by this, but May cuts in saying she wants to care for it. Ash says that would be fine and they all agree to care for it together.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sits on a branch outside the cabin spying in. James wonders what kind of Pokemon it is and Jessie says it's cute. She then immediately wants to add it to her team, but Meowth interjects. He explains that Swablu's wings are so soft and it sings so well that you can't help but fall asleep. He then says that because of this, Swablu would be the perfect gift for the boss. Jessie and James like this idea, and they all imagine the boss scolding Butch and Cassidy for not thinking of a great plan like theirs. Meowth then adds in that Swablu will sing the boss to sleep every night and he'll wake up fresh and ready to lead his team into battle. The group all loves this idea and they begin to cheer.

That evening, Ash and co enter May's room to ask if she wants to take a swim at the lake. When they enter, she's asleep next to Swablu. Max slowly shakes her to see if she wants to join them. She wakes up and Ash and Brock comment on how much she must care for Swablu. She begins to explain that she loves all Pokemon and can't bear to see it injured. Max interjects ready to comment on how she used to hate Pokemon, but May covers his mouth and says she wants to stay with it for a little while longer. Brock hands her some medicine and tells her to give some to Swablu in a little while.

That night, May stays up keeping Swablu warm under a lamp. It sleeps contently as she watches it. Morning comes and she feeds it the medicine. Even while Brock is serving breakfast she continues to care for Swablu. Throughout the day, May carries the Pokemon around. She watches Ash and Brock have a practice match, and even sleeps next to it when night comes. The next morning she even massages its injured wing. She then feeds it with the other Pokemon and it notices Taillow flying above. It watches him happily waiting for its turn to regain its ability to fly.

Team Rocket watches this scene from a random tree house. Wobbuffet then interrupts by popping out of the door. Inside the cabin, Brock removes the bandages and notices Swablu's wing looks healed. Morita remarks that May did a bang up job in caring for it and May thanks him. Swablu then tries to fly again, but doesn't get very high before it falls down. Everyone is shocked and Brock suggests that it may need some more time. Ash, on the other hand, just thinks they need to teach it how again.

Outside, Ash releases Taillow and tells Swablu to join it. Swablu just shakes its head. Taillow then lands by it and Swablu cowers to May in fear. Morita remarks that it must be really attached to May now and forgot how to get into the air. Max cuts in exclaiming that they should teach it how to take off before teaching it to fly. May agrees and pets Swablu.

Ash and Pikachu and now sporting fake wings. May tells Swablu to watch as Ash and Pikachu do a pretend take off. May then tells it to try and it rushes off. May thinks its doing well, but it tries to leave the ground and just falls back to earth. May is now a little worried, but they have one more idea. May has Beautifly take Swablu up into the air. It becomes frightened as they lift off and hides its head. Ash and co call for it to not be afraid and it soon lifts its head. It is then in awe at the sight and becomes happy as Beautifly flies on.

That night, Ash and co sit at the table exhausted from the day's exploits. Max then comments that he has a fool proof plan to get Swablu to fly. The next morning, Max demonstrates his plan by having Beautifly spray pollen onto Taillow. The Pokemon becomes relieved by this and immediately flies happily into the air. Max then suggests they do that to Swablu. May doesn't seem too happy with the idea, but Brock thinks it might work. After some reassurance from May, Swablu hops into the powder.

It then begins to beat its wings and in a matter of moments, it's flying up towards Taillow! Ash and Pikachu jump for joy exclaiming that they taught it to fly, but Max interjects saying it was his plan. Morita then exits the cabin and explains that he has located the Altaria flock. Without wasting time, the group speeds off in his car. Suddenly, a barrage of pin missiles come from the forest and pops the tires of the car. It skids to a stop missing a wheel and Morita goes to investigate. May tries to have Swablu fly the rest of the way, but the others don't think it’s a good idea. They tell her to have Beautifly help, and she sets Swablu down to call it out.

Suddenly, a hand exits the forest and grabs the poor Pokemon. It then retreats back into the bushes where Team Rockets balloon takes off. James thanks Cacnea as Jessie cuddles Swablu. They then say their motto and Ash and co demand the release of Swablu. Naturally, Team Rocket refuses. Pikachu prepares to shock them, but Team Rocket reminds the group that a shock would also hurt Swablu. May then tells Swablu to use sing. It does so and Team Rocket freaks out before succumbing to the music. Before Cacnea goes to sleep, it lets off a pin missile, striking everyone's rears and waking them back up.

Swablu cowers in a corner as James tells Cacnea to cut it out. He then notices it's asleep and can't stop! The pin missiles then strike the burner causing the balloon to go up in flames. Team Rocket throws a fit as Ash and co chase below. Swablu remembers the burning tree branch and becomes frightened as smoke fills the balloon and the fire engulfs the whole balloon. Ash and co rush below yelling for Swablu to leave the balloon. After much yelling and hurting of the ears, May's pleading gets through to the cotton swab and it takes flight just as the balloon explodes.

Everyone is scared that Swablu didn't make it out, but it soon emerges from the smoke flying happily. It flies into May's arms and she congratulates it on regaining the ability to fly. Team Rocket's basket lands in front of them burning. Brock then has Lombre and Mudkip put the fire out. Team Rocket emerges complaining, but its short-lived as another blast of water guns sends them blasting off. That evening, the group makes it to a vast lake, but find out that the flock is gone. May is saddened, but offers Swablu a chance to go with her. It accepts and she pulls out a Pokeball to catch it. Suddenly, the flock appears in the sky calling for their friend.

It immediately flies to them, but May calls for it. It turns back saddened, but May then tells it to go with the flock. Max wonders what the heck got into her, but she explains that it belongs with its family. With a tearful goodbye, May says they'll always be friends and it finally joins its family. The episode then ends with May waving to her departing friend.

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340: Sky of Swablu! Spirit Of May!

Between Verdanturf and Petalburg



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