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Ash and co are now traveling through a very snowy region of Hoenn. May wonders how much farther they have to go and Brock mentions that a Pokemon Center should be getting close. Max can’t wait to get someplace warm and Ash just wants to prepare for his next gym match. Brock then points up ahead and the group looks to find the Pokemon Center just down the hill. Ash becomes excited and rushes towards it as the others follow. A very giggly Snorunt watches them from behind a tree. Inside the Center, Ash and co greet Nurse Joy and ask if it’s possible for them to stay overnight at the center. Joy agrees and is suddenly interrupted by Brock’s flirting. Suddenly, an icy wind attack freezes Brock and the group turns to see Snorunt smiling on the floor nearby. It walks forward and Ash scans it with the Pokedex. May thinks it’s cute and it begins to giggle.

Joy then adds in that this particular Snorunt is quite the prankster. Max wonders if she knows it and she says that she does. She adds in that it likes to steal things from travelers just for fun. As she explains this to them, Snorunt buries through Ash’s pack and pulls out his badge case. Ash isn’t too happy with this and Joy explains to them that it must want to joke around. Snorunt then takes off and Ash becomes enraged. Joy laughs nervously, saying that Snorunt will return the badges when it grows bored, but Ash isn’t willing to wait. He calls out Corphish to aid him and Pikachu and the three rush after Snorunt. Brock tells the others that they should follow and they follow. Joy turns and follows seconds later.

Snorunt happily runs down the hall opening the case and admiring the badges as it does. It then reaches a dead end and turns nervously to see Pikachu and Corphish right behind it. Ash and co approach seconds later and Ash demands that the Pokemon return his badges. Melodramatic music begins to play as Snorunt pulls the Stone Badge from the case and holds it forward. May smiles and says how cute it is. Max comments on how Joy was right.

Ash leans down and holds out his hand thanking Snorunt. The Pokemon giggles and tosses the badge up, freezing it with icy wind in midair. As Ash fumbles with the frozen trinket, Snorunt shuts the badge case and tucks it away. It then uses double team causing May and Max to wonder which one is real. Ash tells his two Pokemon to attack, but Snorunt and its copies disappear and Pikachu and Corphish smash head on into each other. Snorunt then takes this time to book it into another room. Ash addresses his injured Pokemon and then Joy mentions that Snorunt takes playing around too far a lot. Ash looks at his Stone Badge and then declares that he’ll get the others back in due time.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket trudges through the tundra complaining of hunger. Jessie collapses to her knees and throws a fit. James pays her no mind and then notices the Pokemon Center up ahead. He points it out to Jessie, who leaps up declaring that a Pokemon Center has to have food. The three cheer and press on towards their appetite salvation.

Ash and co rush down the hall wondering where Snorunt went off to. They stop for a second and Pikachu notices Ash’s Knuckle Badge lying on the floor nearby. Ash kneels down and retrieves it as Brock concludes that Snorunt must be returning the badges one by one. May wonders where the others could be when Corphish gets ****** and rushes off. Joy remarks that it might know where Snorunt is hiding, so the group follows it down the hall.

Corphish leads them into the kitchen and Max exclaims that it seems empty. May wonders if Corphish was just hungry but Joy mentions that Snorunt likes to hide in the kitchen sometimes. Ash grows impatient and yells throughout the room that he knows it is in there and it should come out with the badge case. Suddenly, Team Rocket appears from behind some boxes carrying and eating some food. They wonder how the twerps knew their position, but deny their involvement in the theft of Ash’s badges. They then add in that they weren’t doing anything wrong and were only sneaking into the Center to steal some food.

The three then request to be left alone, but May and Brock mention that stealing the Center’s food is a crime. Suddenly, Snorunt peaks out from behind a box. Ash notices it and he and his Pokemon start to chase it around the room. Team Rocket doesn’t seem to like the thought of being upstaged and begins to yell for attention. Snorunt turns around and launches an icy wind towards Ash, but he ducks and it ends up freezing the Rockets.

Ash and his Pokemon resume the chase as Team Rocket breaks free of the ice. They demand attention once more but Meowth suggests that they get away with the food instead. Jessie and James agrees, but Joy suddenly interjects telling them to return the stolen food. Snorunt seems to agree with Joy, as it rushes past Ash and tackles the Rockets. Everyone stares confusedly until May tells Ash to get rid of Team Rocket. He nods and has Corphish use crab hammer. The Rockets go flying and Snorunt opens a window to allow them to sail through and disappear into the sky.

Joy thanks Ash and Snorunt and then Max mentions that Snorunt must really love the Pokemon Center. It nods and then pulls out Ash’s Badge case and holds it up. Ash is surprised it is willing to return it and he thanks the Pokemon. May thinks it’s sweet and Ash holds out his hand for the badge case. Suddenly, Snorunt releases another icy wind freezing Ash. It giggles a bit and then leaps out a window as Brock mentions that it must not be bored yet. Ash breaks out of the ice and leaps out the window after the Pokemon. His friends yell and prepare to leap after him, but Joy stops them. She points to the dark sky, exclaiming that a snow storm is forming and it would be too dangerous to go outside. Ash’s friends are shocked and rush away from the window as Joy follows.

Snorunt happily hops up a hill and stops at the top. It begins to taunt Ash by hopping about until a piece of the snow breaks off sending the Pokemon sliding down the hill. Ash becomes frightened and leaps towards the Pokemon. He grabs it and slides down the hill on his butt cradling the Pokemon in his hands. He tells the shocked Pokemon that he won’t let it get hurt. He then notices a large rock formation up ahead and spins his body so that his back is facing it. He strikes it hard; protecting the Pokemon and getting the full impact on his back. He flips up and lands hard on the snow as Snorunt plops down nearby.

It rushes to Ash and tries to wake him, but he doesn’t move. Meanwhile, Ash’s friends rush back inside the Center after searching for him. The wind is beginning to pick up and the snow is falling hard. Joy asks if they had any luck but they shake their heads. Joy is worried about what Ash will do and Max sadly looks down at Pikachu and Corphish.

Ash awakens in a small cave and finds Snorunt looking over him. He looks out to see the blizzard and asks the Pokemon if it brought him to safety. It nods and he thanks it. The Pokemon smiles and pulls an apple out. It offers it to Ash, but he seems reluctant to take it because he believes it’s another trick. Snorunt shakes its head drastically and Ash finally accepts. He takes a bite and then offers some to Snorunt. Ash then looks out into the storm and mentions that his friends must be worried sick about him. Snorunt hands him two more apples and then snatches his hat. Before Ash can react, Snorunt rushes off into the blizzard leaving Ash confused.

Snorunt braves the blizzard and makes it back to the Pokemon Center. It hands May Ash’s hat and Max asks it if it knows where Ash is. It nods and Brock looks out the window to see that the blizzard has stopped. Joy asks the Pokemon to take them to Ash and it nods. The group speeds off on snowmobiles and soon find Ash in the cave just ahead of them. They wave and he waves back as he crawls out.

The group gets off their snowmobiles and May hands Ash his hat back. They then give him a jacket like the ones they are wearing. Ash puts it back on and explains that Snorunt brought him to the small cave to wait out the storm. Max then asks if it returned his badges and Ash says it didn’t. Joy scolds Snorunt and says that this game has gone on long enough. It looks a little saddened and Joy remarks that it doesn’t seem to want to.

Suddenly, two large hands come out of nowhere and snatch Pikachu and Snorunt up. Team Rocket laughs and places the two in small purple cages like the one used in “Wayward Wobbuffet.” Joy wonders why they are at it again which causes the Rockets to go into their motto. They do it with a skiing/Christmas twist with Wobbuffet and Chimecho joining in. When they finish, Ash and co demand the Pokemons’ return, but Team Rocket refuses. Pikachu tries to shock the cage open but Meowth says that they made them electricity proof. Snorunt then uses icy wind as Jessie remarks that they also made them ice proof. Her sentence is cut off though when she realizes that they didn’t made the cages ice proof!

Snorunt breaks free and Jessie wonders why it got out. James and Meowth nervously explain that they forgot to add the ice proof feature. Joy has Snorunt use icy wind, but Jessie has Wobbuffet deflect it with mirror coat. As the group is hit with the icy wind, Team Rocket retreats to their balloon and takes off with Pikachu. Team Rocket gloats on their capture and get away but it is interrupted by Ash and co speeding below on the snowmobiles.

The Rockets get mad and tell them to go away but May tells them off causing the Rockets to pout. Pikachu calls to Ash and he replies that he’s coming for it. Jessie tells Meowth to increase the burner and the balloon picks up speed. Joy says she knows a shortcut and turns the snowmobile. Brock turns his and follows her down a rocky path. A bump causes Snorunt to fall from the snowmobile but Ash catches it just in time. He asks if it’s ok and it nods happily.

The snowmobile comes to cliff’s edge where the balloon is escaping. Joy drives her snowmobile straight up a snow encampment on the cliff and sends it airborne. Ash flings Snorunt up to the balloon . It lands inside and uses icy wind to free the entire balloon (and Team Rocket). The balloon begins to descend and Snorunt grabs Pikachu’s cage. It then leaps out and Ash jumps from the snowmobile to catch it. The balloon crashes and Joy and Ash’s friends rush to help him.

Ash releases Pikachu from the cage as Team Rocket pops out of the snow. Jessie calls out Seviper while James calls out the hugging Cacnea. They go in for a bite/needle arm combo but are frozen solid by Snorunt’s icy wind. Pikachu then uses thunderbolt to knock them back into the Rockets and send them blasting off again. With the Rockets gone, Joy asks Snorunt if it’ll return the badge case now. It nods and then grabs onto Ash. Everyone wonders what is wrong and Joy explains that it knows that if it gives back the badge case, Ash will leave and it won’t be able to play with him anymore.

Max remarks that it could come along with them and Ash offers this as well. Snorunt nods and then leaps away with a battle-ready pose. Ash wonders what is up and Brock says it wants to have a match to see how strong Ash is first. Ash seems enticed and tells Pikachu to use iron tail. It charges up the attack as Snorunt uses double team. Pikachu can’t find the real one and succumbs to a tackle. Ash wonders what to do as Pikachu dodges the real Snorunt’s tackles and tries to find it again within the copies. He then tells Pikachu to iron tail the ground which causes snow to fly everywhere and gets rid of the copies. Pikachu then finished Snorunt off with a quick attack followed by a thunderbolt.

Snorunt lands in the snow and the badge case flies out of it. Ash then chucks a Pokeball and after watching it shake for awhile, he manages to capture the prankster Pokemon. Ash then does his usual “I caught a Pokemon” pose and retrieves his badge case. That evening, Joy heals Snorunt at the Pokemon Center and returns it to Ash. He releases it in front of all the other Pokemon in their group. The Pokemon stare at each other until Ash introduces Snorunt. They all then greet each other happily. Corphish approaches and is frozen by a playful icy wind. May then has Combusken de-thaw Corphish who sits their smoking. Ash asks if it’s ok and it collapses. Snorunt jumps around as Joy mentions that she has another Pokemon to heal. Ash’s friends all laugh nervously and the episode ends with Ash teaching Snorunt about manners.

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385: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt

385: Catch Snorunt!

Between Mossdeep and Sootopolis


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