Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum (Jp. Name: Satoshi)

Hometown: Pallet Town, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Pokémon! I Choose You!


Ash has always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master and as soon as he hit the age of 10 he rushed to Professor Oak's Laboratory to get his first Pokémon. Originally wanting to choose Squirtle, Ash ended up getting the Pokémon Pikachu and left on his journey. Starting off as a completely unskilled trainer, Ash managed to go through, with the assistance of his friends Misty & Brock and capture new Pokémon and defeat the gyms in Kanto, allowing him to enter in the Pokémon League. Since then he has continued to travel, make new friends and capture new Pokémon while still following his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master. Since this goal is so close to his heart, he sometimes acts a bit rash and rushes to the next battle he can as fast as possible.


During his travels Ash has managed to achieve many things. Below is a list of all the badges and leagues he has won so far. He has participated in seven major Pokémon Leagues and has won one, and has since become the World Champion

Badges League Position
Boulder Badge Cascade Badge Thunder Badge Marsh Badge Rainbow Badge Soul Badge Volcano Badge Earth Badge Top 16
Coral Eye Badge Sea Ruby Badge SpikeShell Badge Jade Star Badge Winner
Zephyr Badge Insect Badge Plain Badge Fog Badge Storm Badge Mineral Badge Glacier Badge Rising Badge Top 8
Stone Badge Knuckle Badge Dynamo Badge Heat Badge Balance Badge Feather Badge Mind Badge Rain Badge Top 8
Knowledge Symbol Guts Symbol Tactics Symbol Luck Symbol Spirit Symbol Ability Symbol Brave Symbol Offer of Becoming Frontier Brain - Declined
Coal Badge Forest Badge Cobble Badge Fen Badge Relic Badge Mine Badge Icicle Badge Beacon Badge Top 4
Trio Badge Basic Badge Beetle Badge Bolt Badge Quake Badge Jet Badge Freeze Badge Toxic Badge Top 8
Insect Badge Cliff Badge Rumble Badge Rumble Badge Voltage Badge Fairy Badge Psychic Badge Iceberg Badge Top 2
Normalium Z Electirium Z
Pikashunium Z
Grassium Z Rockium Z Solganium Z Lycanium  Z Steelium  Z Firium Z Champion

Ash's Pikachu Pikachu

Pikachu was Ash's Starter Pokémon. It started off disobedient to Ash but soon changed its ways after seeing Ash defend it against a flock of Spearows. Since then Pikachu alone has assisted and been the cause of many of Ash's wins in battle and over time has adopted Ash's mannerisms. Pikachu hates being in its Pokéball so always stays out. It is an incredibly strong Pokémon and has many moves at its disposal including its classic Thunderbolt, Iron Tail among others throughout the years including Volt Tackle, Electro Ball, Quick Attack and most notably the move Electroweb. In the Alola Region, with the help of Ash's Z-Ring, it can use Gigavolt Havoc and then the Pikashunium Z to unleash 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt. In the Galar Region, it is capable of Gigantamaxing

Started with in episode: Pokémon! I Choose You!

Pokémon at Oak's Lab or Kukui's Lab and in Rotation


After Pidgeot evolved, it went into battle against a flock of Spearow & Fearow that were terrorising Pidgey & Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest. After the battle was done, Ash decided to leave it in the forest to lead the flock, but left with the promise that he would someday return for it. After coming on his journey and becoming World Champion, Ash reunites with Pidgeot and asks for Pidgeot to join him on his journey again

Evolved from Pidgeotto in episode: Pallet Party Panic

Ash's Mr. Mime Mimey (Mr. Mime)

Ash encountered a wild Mr. Mime when on the way back to Pallet Town. After working with the nearby circus to stop Team Rocket, the Mr. Mime bonded with Ash's mother and decided to stay with her. This continued on throughout each of Ash's adventures with Mimey helping Deliah keep the house clean and various other household chores. It even went on holiday with Deliah and Ash to Alola and routinely visited Alola to see Ash. After Ash became Champion and decided to stay at the Sakuragi Laboratory, Deliah suggested it stay there to take care of Ash. However, in these times, Mimey helped Ash in some battles. It has the moves Focus Punch, Barrier, Reflect and Psychic at its disposal.

Obtained in episode: It's Mr. Mimie Time
Ash's Dragonite Dragonite

Ash encountered Dragonair on the Dragonite's paradise. It was friends with various Dragonite but unfortunately couldn't fly so Ash decided to help it learn to fly. However, once it learned to fly, it went to help Ash during a battle with Team Rocket. When doing so, it evolved. It then decided to join Ash, so Ash captured it. It's very affectionate. It has the moves Draco Meteor, Hurricane, Dragon Claw and Dragon Dance at its disposal

Captured in episode: The Dragonite Paradise and the Dragonair Trial!
Ash's Gengar Gengar

Ash first encountered Gengar when it was causing problems in Sakuragi's laboratory as it is very mischievous. After Koharu managed to calm it down with her Yamper, it disappeared but soon reappeared and caused the same issues. After learning that its previous trainer had left it at the Sakuragi Laboratories and never returned which caused it to be mischievous to act out and defending it from Team Rocket, Ash managed to befriend and it asks Ash capture it. It knows the move Shadow Ball, Ice Punch, Sludge Bomb, Dazzling Gleam and Night Shade. It then also learned Will-o-Wisp while in training with Ash's Infernape

It also ate Max Soup in Galar and has the ability to Gigantamax.

Captured in episode: A Chilling Curse!
Ash's Lucario Lucario

While looking for eggs, Ash got entrusted with one from Nurse Joy that has passed from trainer to trainer being unable to hatch. Ash had a connection to the egg after the egg reacted to his aura while battling and was drawn to it. It eventually hatched into a Riolu. Riolu soon became Ash's battle ace. Eventually, when in Galar, it evolved into Lucario while facing off against Chairman Rose's Copperajah & Ferrothorn, defending Ash. It has Aura Sphere & Force Palm at its disposal. It also learned Bullet Punch in battle against Paul's Gyarados. It is capable of Mega Evolution.

Evolved in episode: Sword and Shield: Legends Awaken
Ash's Sirfetch'd Sirfetch'd

Ash caught a Galarian Farfetch'd during a trip to Galar. It has a more battle ready attitude and coaxed Ash to battle him, eventually relenting and accepting Ash's offer to join. It has always been focused on battle but hard to trust. Following training in Galar, it eventually evolved during a battle against another trainer after the opponent cut Farfetch'd's leek in half. and Ash suggested using the two halves separately. After it evolved, it could be more agile with its attacks. During Ash's trip to Kalos, it learned Meteor Assault.

Captured in episode: Beyond Chivalry… Aiming to be a Leek Master!
Ash's Dracovish Dracovish

When Ash went to Galar to investigate various fossils, with the help of Cara Liss he was able to put two fossils together to create Dracovish. Following its creation, Ash was thrilled despite it chasing him. He was eventually offered it from Cara Liss. It has Water Gun, Ice Fang and Fisheous Rend at its disposal. During his trip to Kalos, it learned Dragon Rush

Captured in episode: A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!

Ash encountered Rowlet after it was living with a load of Pikipek, Trumbeak and Toucannon, where it failed to bring food to the Toucannon. It eventually got attracted by Mallow's Bounsweet's Sweet Scent, thinking it was food. However, Ash helped it get food and it decided to join Ash in his journey after getting the blessing of the Toucannon. It likes staying inside Ash's backpack. It has the move Leafage and Seed Bomb at its disposal. It then learned Razor Leaf when on Ula'ula Island and learned Feather Dance which it uses as a Substitute when training to battle Hau's Decidueye. It swallowed an Everstone while training to learn Seed Bomb. Ash left it in Alola under the care of Kukui

Captured in episode: First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style!

After defeating the Grand Trial of Akala Island, Ash's Rockruff started showing signs of an increased temperament showing it was on the verge of evolution. One day, it left in the middle of the night and fought Tapu Lele, weakening it. However, Tapu Lele healed it and an evolution sprung, causing it to evolve into Lycanroc's Dusk Form. It has many powerful moves including Accelerock and Stone Edge at its disposal. It has a habit of disliking when it's not clean, but learned to control its temper with Tapu Bulu. After defeating Nanu, it gained the ability to use Splintered Stormshards through Lycanium Z. Ash left it in Alola under the care of Kukui

Evolved in episode: Rising from the Ruins!

After managing to defeat Professor Kukui's Incineroar in a massively heated match following the Alola Pokémon League, Torracat was strengthened by all the power it had used and absorbed and evolved into Incineroar. After it evolved, it fainted up and got returned to its Poké Ball. Its battle strengths since it evolved are not yet known. Ash left it in Alola under the care of Kukui

Evolved in episode: Conclusion! Incineroar VS Torracat!!

Having seen Rowlet face off and win against Decidueye in the Alola Pokémon League, Meltan got fired up and started to summon its Meltan friends from Melemele Island. Just before Ash's finals match against Gladion, the Meltan arrived at the league and helped Meltan to evolve into Melmetal. It was then used in the battle against Gladion, starting off the match against Silvally. Upon its evolution it learned the move Double Iron Bash and keeps the move Flash Cannon which both do massive damage. Despite it, it ended up losing in the league to Silvally. At the end of the Alola journey, Ash left Melmetal in Alola under the care of Kukui.

Evolved in episode: Final Rivals!

Ash first encountered Fletchling when it appeared and stole food from a wild Dedenne. Having caught it, it was used in a number of battles, evolving into Fletchinder and then evolved into the Pokémon Talonflame during a battle with the Legendary Pokémon, Moltres. It has powerful moves like Brave Bird at its disposal, which it used during the battle against Moltres. It also has the Flame Body ability

Obtained in episode: A Legendary Photo Op!

Ash first encountered Hawlucha when he saw it arrive to protect various Pokémon from a bully. Ash was impressed by Hawlucha's battle strengths and its ability to use moves that looked cool to make the battle seem cool. After training with it, Hawlucha decided to join Ash. It has various moves including High Jump Kick, Karate Chop and Flying Press at its disposal. Hawlucha has been a vital part of Ash's team throughout his Kalos campaign and has been responsible for many wins in the Gyms of Kalos

Obtained in episode: The Forest Champion!

Noibat hatched from an egg that Ash's Hawlucha found in a forest. Having been taught how to fly by Ash, it became a decent part of Ash's team. It then evolved to save Hawlucha who fell in battle against with the Legendary Pokémon, Zapdos. After evolution, it felt more confident and went to take on Zapdos itself. It has powerful moves such as Boomburst and Dragon Claw at its disposal

Evolved in episode: An Electrifying Rage!

After evolving from Charmeleon, Charizard didn't obey any orders that Ash gave and quite often used its Flamethrower attack on Ash. However, after getting frozen in battle, Charizard started to respect Ash as Ash nursed it back to health. Since then it has been a vital powerhouse in Ash's team and has been used in several Gym, League & Frontier battles and has even held its own in battles against Entei and Articuno. It spent a long time in the Charific Valleydoing its training, but recently returned to Ash in Unova.

Evolved from Charmeleon in episode: Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon


Oshawott was one of the Pokémon Professor Juniper was giving away. However, after Ash left, Oshawott started following Ash and even defended him against Team Rocket. Professor Juniper gave Ash the Pokéball for Oshawott which Ash used to obtain Oshawott. Oshawott is very affectionate towards Ash and even tries to knock Pikachu off of Ash's shoulder. It has many powerful attacks including Water Gun and Razor Shell allowing it to be a prominent member of Ash's team. Like Chikorita, Oshawott is jealous of Pikachu's bond with Ash and even sometimes pops out of its Pokéball to show its worth.

Obtained in episode: A Sandile Gusher of Change

Ash's Tepig evolved into Pignite during a battle against Tepig's original trainer, who discarded it due to thinking it wasn't strong enough. During battle against the trainer's Emboar & Heatmor, it evolved to prove its true strengths. After evolving, it keeps many powerful attacks including the powerful Fire Pledge, in addition to Flamethrower and Flame Charge, which allowed it to defeat its previous trainer with ease. After winning the Sumo Tournament on Harvest Island, it has started to wear a Focus Band

Evolved in episode: Evolution by Fire!


Ash found Snivy when he was in a forest heading towards Nacrene City. Snivy is a female Pokémon and knows the move Attract which it used to stop the opponent Pokémon in their tracks. Ash encountered it after it had taken some of Cilan's food. To stop it, Ash decided he needed to capture it It also has powerful grass attacks such as Vine Whip and Leaf Storm. In addition to that, it has been shown to be very agile and able to evade attacks expertly, will allow for Snivy to become a strong Pokémon in Ash's team

Obtained in episode: Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!

During his gym battle with Skyla's Swanna, Tranquill got heavily damaged to the point of near collapsing. At this point, it evolved into Unfezant and managed to turn the battle around with its powerful moves Gust, Air Cutter, Aerial Ace and Quick Attack. It has heightened speed and endurance compared to when it was a Tranquill. It defeated Skyla's Swanna and won the gym match for Ash

Evolved in episode: Mistralton Gym! Decisive Aerial Battle VS Skyla!!

After receiving an egg from the Day Care in Route 3, the egg eventually hatched into Scraggy. However, Scraggy is a bit of a violent Pokémon, attacking Ash, Iris & Cilan's other Pokémon at will. Scraggy is a very angry Pokémon, but unfortunately its attacks, such as Headbutt, are not strong. However, despite this, it is continually trying to improve its Headbutt attack. It has since proven itself in battle with powerful moves such as Focus Blast

Hatched in episode: Scraggy-Hatched to Be Wild

Evolving in battle against some Durant, Leavanny soon showed to be capable of creating leaves like all Leavanny, creating headpieces for all of the gang's Pokémon. In addition to this, it seems to be a decent battler knowing moves such as Razor Leaf. It has been used in various battles including his battle against Roxie and his Unova League matches

Evolved in episode: Battling the Leaf Thieves!

While trying to find some plants to heal the Pokémon, Ash got attacked by a Palpitoad which headed up a gang of Tympole. This Palpitoad is a strong Pokémon with many powerful attacks including Hydro Pump and Supersonic it can hold its own in battle, but fell to Oshawott's Aqua Jet. Ash caught it soon afterwards. It has been used in various battles including his battle against Roxie and his Unova League matches

Captured in episode: Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open!

Ash's Roggenrola evolved during a long battle against Clay's Excadrill. After holding its own in the battle, it managed to turn the tide and eventually defeat Clay's Excadrill. As with when it was a Roggenrola, it has powerful attacks including Rock Smash and Flash Cannon which help it defeat many of its foes including Clay's Excadrill

Evolved in episode: Battling the King of the Mines!

Ash's Krokorok evolved in battle against Iris's Dragonite after being hit by a barrage of moves. As it evolved, like when it evolved from Sandile, it managed to get larger sunglasses which it always keeps on. It keeps its powerful moves including Dig, Stone Edge, Crunch and the new move Dragon Claw which it used to defeat Iris's Dragonite. It was later used in the Unova League against Stephan's Sawk where it demonstrated the move Aerial Ace, which it used to defeat it.

Evolved in episode: Ash, Iris & Trip's Final Battle!

Torterra is the Grass type Pokémon of Ash's Team. After being used in a gym battle against Volkner, which got postponed, Ash's Grotle evolved during a battle with Team Rocket. With its new size and strengths, it now knows more powerful moves such as Leaf Storm in addition to the moves Energy Ball, Rock Climb & Synthesis. With these attacks at its disposal, it is sure to be a massive tank in Ash's team

Evolved from Grotle in episode: The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!


After being knocked to the brink of fainting in a battle against Barry's Empoleon, Monferno went berserk with its Blaze Ability and unleashed its full power against Team Rocket. While protecting the Pokémon, it evolved into Infernape. Infernape has many powerful attacks at its disposal such as Flame Wheel so it's set to be the powerhouse behind Ash's team. It was later used in a battle against Flint's Infernape, but lost due to its lack of experience.

Evolved from Monferno in episode: Fighting Ire With Fire

Ash's Staraptor evolved from Staravia during a PokéRinger contest against Paul's Honchkrow. As it has evolved, it is likely to become one of the powerhouses of Ash's team and will still likely be used for long-distance searching. With it's bigger size and strength, as soon as it evolved, it learned the move Close Combat, which will be helpful for many close flying battles.

Evolved from Staravia in episode: Pursuing A Lofty Goal

Originally captured by Dawn, Buizel has always been an incredibly strong Pokémon with an aptitude for Pokémon Battles. After Zoey saw how Ash & Dawn had Pokémon that preferred the other's vocations, a trade followed. Now, Buizel is one of Ash's powerhouses with powerful moves such as Aqua Jet at is disposal, it will likely be called upon often for battles.

Traded to by Dawn in episode: Throwing A Track Switch


During its Gligar stage, Gliscor was a fairly weak Pokémon, not knowing many attacks and thus not being very strong, all due to its age. However, evolving by grabbing a Razor Fang while it was falling, it has gained a lot of strength and confidence. Even after evolving though, it still wishes to battle more and still vies for Ash's approval. With powerful attacks such as Steel Wing and X-Scissor, it is sure to become a vital member of Ash's team. During a battle with the Air Battle Master, it learned Giga Impact but decided to stay for training

Evolved from Gligar in episode: Fighting Fear With Fear


Ash first encountered his Gible when he met Old Lady Tatsu, a woman who teaches Dragon Pokémon the special move Draco Meteor. Ash assisted Gible in the learning of the move and Gible decided to follow Ash. It also has the habit of biting on to heads. Later on, Ash noticed Gible followed him and eventually captured it. It has many powerful attacks such as Draco Meteor, Dig and Dragon Pulse and is sure to be a powerhouse of Ash's team

Captures in episode: Gotta Get a Gible!


While training for the Sinnoh League, Ash brought his Cyndaquil with many of his other Pokémon. However, Team Rocket tried to cause problems and Cyndaquil evolved in order to stop them. Quilava has numerous powerful attacks such as Flame Wheel at its disposal, showing that it has completely overcome its previous hinderences in its base form and is sure to be a powerful Pokémon within Ash's team.

Evolved from Cyndaquil in episode: An Old Family Blend


After evolving from Grovyle to defend it's love interest, it lost all ability to use attacks. Eventually regaining the ability to use the attacks, Sceptile became a vital powerhouse in Ash's team which can hold its own against legendaries including Deoxys and Regirock. Despite being Ash's massive powerhouse, Ash decided to leave Sceptile at Oak's Lab while he traveled to Sinnoh

Evolved from Grovyle in episode: Odd Pokémon Out

After rejoining Ash's team as a Phanpy, it evolved to help free Pikachu from Team Rocket. However even after the evolution it kept its playful personality from being a Phanpy which sometimes can cause mayhem with other younger Pokémon. Since evolving it has become a powerhouse in Ash's team winning several Frontier Battles. It now resides back in Oak's Lab during Ash's journey to Sinnoh

Evolved from Phanpy in episode: Reversing The Charges


After evolving during a PokéRinger Contest, Swellow has partaken in many of Ash's battles in Gyms and Leagues and has got a good amount of wins under its wing. Swellow was left at Oak's Lab when Ash left for his journey to Sinnoh.

Evolved from Taillow in episode: That's Just Swellow


Corphish was captured while terrorising Dewford Island and its inhabitants. However once caught Corphish managed to tame it's terrorising attitude and become a vitally used member of Ash's team. However whenever one of Ash's Pokémon evolves or gets a bit more attention, Corphish does get the tendency to get a bit jealous. After its tenure with Ash through Hoenn and the Battle Frontier, Corphish was left at Oak's Lab.

Captured in episode: Gone Corphishin'

Glalie was newly evolved when Ash entered the Hoenn League. Convinced of its power Ash used it in a number of battles where it managed to hold its own successfully. After the league was over he decided to give it a break at Oak's Laboratory.

Evolved from Snorunt in episode: Rhapsody In Drew


Torkoal was found under attack by a bunch of Steel Pokémon in the valley. When Ash arrived to rescue it, it ran off but eventually followed Ash's instructions and defeated the Steel Pokémon. It is an emotional Pokémon which has been known to burst into tears when happy. Torkoal hasn't been in many gym battles but is used in standard battles on many occassions and proves it's strength in those battles. After the Hoenn League, Ash decided to give it some time off at Oak's Laboratory.

Captured in episode: All Torkoal, No Play!


Bulbasaur was the third Pokémon Ash caught. It had been protecting a village of Pokémon that were recovering from illnesses. Since then it became a vital part of Ash's team and won many gym and league battles for Ash. Bulbasaur has been given the choice to evolve but decided to stay at its base form. Long into his journey with Ash, Bulbasaur was called upon to stop fueds between the Pokémon in Oak's Lab and has continued to do so. It also appears to have a budding romance with May's Bulbasaur.

Caught in episode: Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village


After evolving from Chikorita, Bayleef kept it's longing feelings for Ash which did end up getting it in trouble on several occassions. However after getting used to its size, it managed to become a vital part of Ash's team and helped win many Gym & League battles. Ash left it at Oak's when he decided to make a fresh start when he left for Hoenn

Evolved from Chikorita in episode: Current Events


Totodile was captured by Ash using his Lure Ball. Since Misty also wanted it, they decided to battle in order to determine who's it was. Ash won. Totodile has a quirky personality and really likes to dance. It has even been known to use this dancing tactic to help win battles. Ash left it at Oak's when he decided to make a fresh start when he left for Hoenn

Caught in episode: The Totodile Duel


Noctowl is an incredibly rare Pokémon of Ash. It is a 'Shiny' Pokémon which glitters as it comes out of its Pokéball into battle. Due to its psychic abilities, it has been used many times to find & battle Ghost Pokémon aswell as the usual flying requirements that Ash utilises. Ash left it at Oak's when he decided to make a fresh start when he left for Hoenn

Caught in episode: Fowl Play


Heracross was the first Pokémon that Ash captured in Johto. It loves tree sap and has been known to suck the pollen out of Bulbasaur's bulb on several occassions. It is a powerful Pokémon of Ash's and has been used in several Gym, League & Frontier battles.

Caught in episode: A Sappy Ending


Captured in the Orange Island swhen stealing all the fruit from a small Island range, Snorlax has become a major powerhouse of Ash's, when it is awake that is. Due to its massive feeding requirements, Ash felt it better to stay at Professor Oak's, however it is still used for a number of Gym, League & Frontier battles.

Caught in episode: Snack Attack


Evolving in its first ever battle in the Indigo League, Kingler is a good strong Pokémon that Ash has fallen back on in both the Indigo and Johto leagues. However it has not seen much experience outside of those leagues.

Evolved from Krabby in episode: Round One, Begin!


Captured after taking over a Power Plant, Muk was immediately sent to Professor Oak's Laboratory. While being there it grew incredibly affectionate and is known to hug Professor Oak on many occassions. However, past this affectionate yet slimey exterior, Muk has been used in several League battles and manages to hold its ground.

Caught in episode: Sparks Fly For Magnemite

Tauros (30)

When he was in the Safari Zone, Ash managed to capture 30 Tauros, all of which reside at Oak's Laboratory. However Ash has used one of the Tauros on several occassions in Leagues and Frontier battles

Caught in episode: The Legend Of Dratini

Pokémon That Can Be Called Upon


Ash's Sliggoo evolved after it, Pikachu, Ash and Serena got caught in a large fire. It used Rain Dance to put the fire out and evolved in the process. It then used its strength to dispell Team Rocket before battling Tierno. It has powerful moves such as Bide and Dragon Breath still at its disposal which are even more powerful considering its newfound strength. It helped Ash win against Clemont with its powerful moves. However, after returning to its home and helping protect it against Team Rocket, Ash decided that it would be best to leave it there to look after the wetlands, but returned to help Ash in the Kalos League

Evolved in episode: Good Friends, Great Training!

When Squirtle was captured, it was part of the Squirtle Squad, a terrorising group of Squirtles that were causing havoc around Vermillion City. However after gaining respect for Ash, it joined his team and has since become an incredibly compotent battler. It has won many Gym & League matches but has since returned to the Squirtle Squad to lead after the team started falling apart

Caught in episode: Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

Pokémon That He Used To Have

Ash's Farfetch'd Galarian Farfetch'd

Ash caught a Galarian Farfetch'd during a trip to Galar, finding it after learning a nearby trainer struggled with it. It has a more battle ready attitude and coaxed Ash to battle him. After a battle with Riolu, Ash took it to the Pokémon Center where it got healed. Ash then suggested he come with him and so captured it. It has the moves Brutal Swing and Night Slash at its disposal. After training in Kalos, it eventually evolved in a tough battle

Captured in episode: Toughing it Out!
Ash's Riolu Riolu

While looking for eggs, Ash got entrusted with one from Nurse Joy that has passed from trainer to trainer being unable to hatch. Ash had a connection to the egg after the egg reacted to his aura while battling and was drawn to it. It eventually hatched into a Riolu. It ran away after hatching, unable to see Ash's aura and going to fight many Pokémon, but eventually properly bonded with Ash and joined his team. It has the moves Vacuum Wave at its disposal. It eventually evolved ahead of a battle with Eternatus

Hatched in episode: Caring for a Mystery!

Rotom is another Pokémon in Ash's care that hasn't been captured by Ash. Instead, it was summoned by Professor Kukui and inhabits Ash's Pokédex in the Alola Region. Rotom Pokédex is very happy to help Ash and is eager to chronicle his adventures on camera. Rotom Pokédex is known to like Detective stories on television. As it is in the Pokédex, it is unable to battle in any way. After the end of Ash's journey, Rotom stayed to work at the Aether Foundation

Started with in episode: Loading the Dex!

After Ash defeated the Alola Pokémon League and became champion, three Guzzlord came through the Ultra Wormhole and attacked. However after the fina Ultra Wormhole closed, another Ultra Wormhole burst through and a Naganadel appeared. Ash's Poipole had evolved into Naganadel and came to join the fight, rejoining Ash for the fight against Guzzlord. While helping to dispatch of Guzzlord, it used Thunderbolt which was then turned into Gigavolt Havoc. It was then used in the battle against Kukui facing off against Lucario and Tapu Koko with moves including Dragon Pulse, X-Scissor and Sludge Bomb. It eventually returned home after the battle

Evolved prior to episode: Guzzlord Attacks! The Decisive Z-Move Battle!!

During a rematch against the Masked Royal's Incineroar, Ash's Litten evolved into Torracat. It has the moves Fire Fang, Flame Charge and Fire Blast at its disposal and manages to hold its own in battle. As a Torracat, it continues its desire to get stronger and has a rivalry with Kukui's Incineroar. It evolved following the battle against Professor Kukui's Incineroar in the Alola Pokémon League

Captured in episode: Pushing the Fiery Envelope!

When Meltan came to Alola, one of the Meltan developed an affection for Ash's Rowlet. Sticking around after its group had left, Meltan eventually lost its nut and was taken care of by Rowlet. Following this, it decided to stay with Rowlet saying goodbye to its Meltan friends. Ash offers Meltan a chance to come on his journey and Meltan accepts, with Ash capturing it. It has the moves Headbutt, Harden, Thunder Shock & Flash Cannon at its disposal. After winning in a League match against Faba's Hypno and watching its friend Rowlet face off against Decidueye it called its friends and evolved into Melmetal just before Ash's Alola League Final match

Captured in episode: Got Meltan?
Evolved in episode: The Finals! The Ultimate Rival Showdown!!

Coming in an Ultra Wormhole after the Nihilego incident, Poipole started explorin Alola. Having been attracted to Pikachu's electricity, Ash finally encountered Poipole. On Lusamine's advisement until they can find its wormhole, Ash tries to capture Poipole in a Beast Ball. Poipole was initially reluctant but eventually joined Ash and entered his Beast Ball. It eventually stayed behind in its world after Ash & Co. saved Necrozma and Naganadel. It later evolved into a Naganadel

Captured in episode: Love at First Twirl

Litten was first encountered roaming around Hau'oli City, being fed by the locals. Ash soon befriended it after it got injured by a Persian and learned that it was looking after an elderly Stoutland in an abandoned house. It gives the impression of being an uncaring Pokémon, but it really cares about and is protective over its friends. Litten kept re-appearing, often helping Ash out but seemed dismissive when Ash asked about Stoutland. Later, Ash encountered it when it needed help due to Stoutland being ill. After Stoutland passed, Ash offered Litten to join him and Litten eventually accepted. Ash then battled Litten and captured it. It knows the moves Ember and was taught Fire Fang by Stoutland and is shown to be a competent battler. It later evolved during a Battle Royal against the Masked Royal's Incineroar

Captured in episode: One Journey Ends, Another Begins...
Evolved in episode: Pushing the Fiery Envelope!

Rockruff was originally wild but under the care of Professor Kukui and had previously bonded with Ash and Pikachu. After it started disappearing at night, returning home injured and they found out it was training in a Pokémon fight club, Ash decided to help it train. After seeing how Ash trained and bonded with Rockruff, Professor Kukui decided that it should go with Ash in his travels through the Alola Region. It has a powerful Tackle & Bite, as well as learning the move Rock Throw before it joined Ash. After Ash's Grand Trial, it started to feel its compulsion to evolve...

Captured in episode: Rocking Clawmark Hill!
Evolved in episode: Rockruff and the Guardian Diety of the Ruins of Life

When he met the Gym Leader, Olympia, she told Ash of a premonition of the special bond between him and his Frogadier that will show itself when it evolves into Greninja. Soon afterward, while defending the Ninja Village from attackers, Frogadier finally evolved into Greninja and shortly after that, its bond with Ash reached maximum potential and it gained the ability to turn into Ash-Greninja. Upon evolution, it became a lot more powerful with moves such as Water Shuriken. Ash left Greninja in the Kalos Region to protect it from future attacks.

Obtained in episode: A Festival of Decisions!
Left in episode: Facing the Needs of the Many

Noibat hatched from an egg that Ash's Hawlucha found in a forest. Upon hatching the egg, Ash and Noibat quickly bonded, with Noibat thinking Ash was its father. However, at first, Noibat couldn't fly so Ash helped it train and learn to fly. Its battle strengths are currently unknown but it has the ability for echolocation as well as a powerful Supersonic as well as learning Acrobatics in order to help protect a wild Floette at a later point. It later evolved in battle against Zapdos

Obtained in episode: A Not-So-Flying-Start!
Evolved in episode: An Electrifying Rage!

After being part of Ash's team as a Froakie, it finally evolved into a Frogadier while in battle against a masked ninja's Barbarcle who was trying to stop Sanpei from fulfilling a mission, but actually testing Sanpei. Using its increased powers from evolution, it was able to hold off the Barbarcle with its powerful moves of Cut and Aerial Ace. It eventually evolved during a battle to defend the ninja village

Obtained in episode: A Stealthy Challenge!
Evolved in episode: A Festival of Decisions!

Ash first encountered Fletchling when it appeared and stole food from a wild Dedenne. Having caught it, it was used in a number of battles until it evolved during a Sky Battle against a Talonflame. It has powerful moves like Steel Wing, Razor Wind, Flame Charge and Peck at its disposal. It has served Ash well and has defeated many Pokémon in battle, including Gym Leaders Pokémon. It was learned to have Flame Body as its ability to help Ash hatch Noibat's Egg. It later evolved during a battle against the Legendary Pokémon, Moltres.

Obtained in episode: Battles in the Sky
Evolved in episode: A Legendary Photo Op!

Ash's Goomy evolved during a battle against Team Rocket and a wild Grumpig. During the battle, it used a new move Dragon Breath that it learned that managed to blow Grumpig away and rescue to native Spoink and fend off against Team Rocket. Its true battle strengths were never fully shown before it evolved to help stop a fire that threatened Ash and Serena

Evolved in episode: An Oasis of Hope!
Evolved in episode: Good Friends, Great Training!

Ash first encountered Goomy when it randomly fell on his head while on the way to Coumarine City. It's a very timid Pokémon and is often scared, jumping to Ash when scared. It joined Ash after teaming & bonding with Pikachu when they were abducted by Team Rocket. Its battle strengths are unknown at this time, but it can use the move Rain Dance as well as Bide which can do massive damage. It later evolved when defending a group of Spoink against Grumpig

Obtained in episode: A Slippery Encounter!
Evolved in episode: An Oasis of Hope!

Ash first encountered Froakie when it saved him from an onslaught of Team Rocket. Through his time in Lumiose City, Froakie bonded with Ash and helped him calm a Garchomp that had been angered by a device placed upon it. At the end, Froakie requested to come with Ash. It has become one of Ash's core members of the team in Kalos with powerful moves such as Water Pulse, Bubble and Pound. Ash also tried to teach it Quick Attack with the help of Sanpei, but it instead learned Double Team which has become a vital part of its battle movepool. It eventually evolved during a battle against a Barbarcle

Obtained in episode: Lumiose City Pursuit!
Evolved in episode: A Stealthy Challenge!

Ash first encountered Fletchling when it appeared and stole food from a wild Dedenne. Froakie was angered and challenged it to a battle. The battle lasted a while but Ash eventually captured it. It has moves such as Air Cutter and Gust at its disposal. It evolved during a Sky Battle

Obtained in episode: A Battle of Aerial Mobility!
Evolved in episode: Battles in the Sky

Ash first met Krokorok when it was a Sandile as he entered as Unova where it was leading a group of Sandile who were trying to warn people at a spa resort of a geyser. As Ash managed to help the Sandile and the wild Pokémon from danger, Sandile started following Ash. It later appeared to challenge Pikachu, who it sees as its rival on multiple occassions. It evolved during a battle with Pikachu where it lost. It returned much later where it appeared to challenge Pikachu again, but ended up aiding in a double battle with Pikachu against Seismitoad and Scolipede which it won. It accepted Ash's offer to join him after it lost in battle against Pikachu. It has some powerful attacks at its disposal including Dig, Bite and Stone Edge. Krokorok is also very fond of its sunglasses to the point of it stopping battling if its sunglasses get knocked off. It evolved in battle against Iris' Dragonite

Captured in episode: Battling the Bully!
Evolve in episode: Ash, Iris & Trip's Final Battle!

Ash found Tepig when he was at the Battle Club in Karakusa Town when he saw it escape from the Battle Club's warehouse. When he found it, he saw its mouth had been tied by its past trainer who left it at the Battle Club after it lost to a Deerling, making it unable to eat and so Ash helped free it and created a bond with it. It has powerful fire attacks such as Ember, Flamethrower and Flame Charge and is bound to be a prime member of Ash's Unova team. After numerous wins, it eventually evolved during a battle against its past trainer and his Emboar & Heatmor

Obtained in episode: The Battle Club & Tepig's Choice
Evolved in episode: Evolution by Fire!

Having evolved in battle against Burgh's Whirlipede, Swadloon became a prime member of Ash's team. It has many powerful moves including Razor Leaf and its incredibly agile String Shot and the brand new move Energy Ball which helped it take out Burgh's Whirlipede in the battle. However, it quickly lost to Burgh's Leavanny. It was seldom used but eventuall evolved in battle against some Durant

Evolved in episode: Battling For The Love of Bug-Types! Evolved in episode: Battling the Leaf Thieves!!

During the removal of the Venipede in Castelia City, Pidove evolved after seeing the strength of Trip's Tranquill. It has powerful Gust, Quick Attack and Air Cutter attacks which will make it a massive powerhouse of Ash's team. It wasn't used much in battle while a Tranquill but eventually evolved during the Mistralton City Gym battle.

Evolved in episode: A Venipede Stampede!
Evolve in episode: Mistralton Gym! Decisive Aerial Battle VS Skyla!!

Ash met Roggenrola when it immediately came and landed on Ash & Co.s table after leaving a cave being distrupted by Team Rocket. It came, asking for assistance. During this, it developed a bond with Ash and it challenged Ash to a battle afterwards. It has several powerful attacks including Sandstorm, stone Edge and Flash Cannon. It eventually evolved during Ash's gym battle with Clay

Captured in episode: Gotta Catch A Roggenrola
Evolve in episode: Battling the King of the Mines!

Ash first saw Sewaddle when it randomly came and attacked in Pinwheel Forest. Challenging it, Ash was eager to capture. However, he soon learned that Sewaddle could bond with everyone else but instead has a slight dislike of him but that dislike disappeared after Ash helped defend it from Woobat. It has several powerful attacks including Razor Leaf and Tackle as well as a decent String Shot attack. It evolved in battle against Burgh's Dwebble

Captured in episode: Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest
Evolved in episode: Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!

Pidove is the first Pokémon that Ash captured within the Unova region. Having battled it with Pikachu, it knows the moves Gust and Quick Attack. However, it ended up falling in battle against Jessie's Woobat. It has rarely been used in battle but has shown great strength against Pokémon such as Snivy and Trip's Frillish. It evolved while trying to remove all the Venipede in Castelia City

Captured in episode: Enter Iris & Axew
Evolved in episode: A Venipede Stampede!

Ash was searching for a Cyndaquil for a while and ended up catching it in competition with another trainer. However at the start, Cyndaquil had trouble honeing and controlling its Fire abilities due to its shyness. Through training, Ash managed to help Cyndaquil overcome this problem and since it has been a vital Pokémon in several of Ash's gym battles. Ash left it at Oak's when he decided to make a fresh start when he left for Hoenn. Cyndaquil returned when Ash was deciding his Pokémon for the Sinnoh League, and evolved into Quilava during battle with Team Rocket

Caught in episode: Good 'Quil Hunting
Evolved from Cyndaquil in episode: An Old Family Blend


Grotle is the Grass type Pokémon of Ash's Team. Evolving from Turtwig during a battle with Paul's Honchkrow, Grotle's strengths have been enhanced. With powerful attacks including Energy Ball, it is sure to continue being a powerhouse of Ash's team. However, due to its evolution, its agility has been reduced considerably causing it to fumble in battle. However, it eventually learned to use its new abilities to its advantage and learned super quick moves such as Rock Climb to help it overcome its foes. It eventually evolved during a battle against Team Rocket

Evolved from Turtwig in episode: Aiding the Enemy! Evolved into Torterra in episode: The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!


After some time of true training as part of Ash's team with many victories under its belt, Ash used Chimchar in battle against its former master and evolved during the battle. Since it evolved, it has more fighting attacks at its disposal including Mach Punch. In addition to its fire moves such as Flamethrower, Monferno is a vital part of Ash's team. It later evolved into Infernape when defending Ash & Co. from Team Rocket and preventing one of their mechas from falling onto Paul's Electabuzz

Evolved from Chimchar in episode: Evolving Strategies
Evolved into Infernape in episode: Fighting Ire With Fire

Chimchar is a Pokémon who was originally on Paul's team. After Paul's harsh training scheme, Chimchar failed to fit Paul's idea of its potential and so Paul released it. However, Ash, kindly offered to Chimchar to join his team which Chimchar eventually accepts. Despite not living up to Paul's idea of power, Chimchar has a lot of strength behind it and can hold its own in battle with powerful attacks such as Flamethrower and Fire Spin. While beginning to fit into Ash's team, Chimchar is shocked at how calm and peaceful the group is, and as such needs time to recover from Paul's harsh training. After becoming a massive part of Ash's team, it evolved in battle against its former master

Obtained in episode: Smells Like Team Spirit
Evolved into Monferno in episode: Evolving Strategies

After evolving from Starly during a battle with Team Rocket, Staravia has started to shine more, showing its Flying Prowess more often with more brute strength. Having gained this power, Staravia has become a vital member of Ash's Team and relied upon to help search when searches are required. It eventually evolved into Staraptor during a PokéRinger contest

Evolved from Starly in episode: A Staravia Is Born Evolved into Staraptor in episode: Pursuing A Lofty Goal

Turtwig is a powerful Pokémon that Ash met. While out in the wild, it helped many Pokémon that had disputes and calmed them down, sometimes with force, and then helped them solve their issues. After meeting Ash and protecting Pikachu from Team Rocket, Turtwig gained a friendship with Ash and allowed Ash to battle it in order for it to join Ash's team. It has some powerful attacks including Razor Leaf and is likely to be a vital part of Ash's team. It ended up evolving into Grotle in battle against Paul's Honchkrow

Captured in episode: Gettin' Twiggy With It!
Evolved into Grotle in episode: Aiding the Enemy!

Gligar was part of a flock of Gligar lead by a Gliscor that was causing some issues in a town. This Gligar however is fairly slow in eating and ends up last compared to the other Gligar. It's an eccentric Pokémon that is known to Wink alot. After Paul captured its leader and the flock disbanded, the Gligar decided to join Ash and Ash subsequently captured it

Captured in episode: Riding The Winds Of Change!
Evolved into Gliscor in episode: Fighting Fear With Fear


Originally meeting Ash in a mountain where it worshipped a Giant Slaking, Aipom stole Ash's hat. However after Ash found Aipom, they quickly befriended. Ash originally was going to give the hat to Aipom but it gave it back. For a short time Aipom followed Ash and turned up at the Grand Festival, again stealing Ash's hat. Near to the finals of the Grand Festival, Ash decided to battle Aipom and finally caught it. Apart from it's battling strengths, Aipom has shown a great aptitude for Contests and as such, was eventually traded to Dawn for her Contests

Captured in episode: Channeling the Battle Zone Traded to Dawn in episode: Throwing A Track Switch

While searching for Pikachu, Aipom accidentally injures a wild Starly. Angry from this, Starly attacked Aipom. Making quick work of it, Ash decided to capture Starly. After this, Starly was instrumental in helping find Pikachu. However, Starly does not have much battling expertise and lost its first battle, against another Starly. It evolved into Staravia during a battle with Team Rocket

Captured in episode: Two Degrees of Seperation!
Evolved into Staravia in episode: A Staravia Is Born

After evolving from Treecko, Grovyle became a little bit stubborn and really enjoyed challenges in battling. Grovyle liked to sit alone but still managed to hold its own in battle. During its tenure on Ash's team, it won many Gym & League matches. It ended up evolving into Sceptile to defend a Meganium that it had romantic feelings for

Evolved from Treecko in episode: Exploud and Clear!
Evolved into Sceptile in episode: Odd Pokémon Out


Phanpy hatched from an Egg that Ash won in a Pokémon Riding contest. Since it was newly hatched it had all the characteristics of a child; being playful and joyful. However beyond this happy go-lucky personality, Phanpy managed to pack quite a punch and held its own in the Johto League. It was left at Oak's when Ash decided to go to Hoenn but re-joined Ash's team when Ash returned and subsequently evolved into Donphan soon after.

Hatched from Egg in episode: Hatching A Plan
Evolved into Donphan in episode: Reversing The Charges


Snorunt originally met Ash through running off and stealing his Badge Case and Hat. After it's antics caused Ash to be in a life-threatening situation, it changed its ways and Ash managed to capture it. Snorunt wasn't used in battles much but Ash continually trained it on how to use Ice Beam, and once that was done, Snorunt evolved into Glalie

Captured in episode: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!
Evolved into Glalie in episode: Rhapsody In Drew


Taillow first met Ash when it stole some chocolate of Ash & Co. in Petalburg Woods. Ash decided to try and get it back but the Taillow wound up bieng the leader of a flock which then attacked Ash. However after the intervention of Team Rocket, Taillow agreed to battle Ash and Ash managed to capture it. It was used in several gym battles and contests including the Pokéringer Contest where it evolved into Swellow

Captured in episode: You Can Never Taillow!
Evolved into Swellow in episode: That's Just Swellow


Treecko was a member of a group of Treecko that lived on a Giant Tree. Team Rocket wanted to utilise that tree and attacked. Ash defended the tree so Treecko agreed to battle and got captured. Treecko acted like a bit of a rebel, always having a twig in its mouth and had a number of Gym Battle wins under its belts. It eventually evolved in the middle of a tough battle against a Loudred

Captured in episode: Tree's A Crowd!
Evolved into Grovyle in episode: Exploud and Clear!


While not Ash's persay, Larvitar was in an egg that Ash was given to take to Professor Elm, however in transit of the Egg it hatched into Larvitar. Like any Pokémon just hatched it had the personality of a child, but a tortured child through memories of what happened to its mother. It froze up whenever anyone other than Ash spoke to it or held it, which it eventually managed to get over. Not long after meeting, Ash managed to return it to its mother and stopped the Poachers from ever disturbing them again

Hatched from Egg and given by Elm in episode: Hatch Me If You Can!
Given back to Larvitar's Mother in episode: Mother Of All Battles!


Chikorita was originally battled by Ash and severely injured by accident. After taking it to the Pokémon Center it was kidnapped by Team Rocket but then found by Ash who managed to befriend it. Ash ended up capturing it and it started getting deep feelings for Ash and even got jealous of Pikachu who was always out of it's Pokéball with Ash. It eventually evolved into Bayleef to get out of a trap set by Team Rocket

Caught in episode: The Chikorita Rescue
Evolved into Bayleef in episode: Current Events


Ash captured Beedrill while in the Bug Catching Contest just a bit shy from Goldenrod City in Johto. His capture of Beedrill made him win the contest. After the contest he decided to give the Beedrill to Casey as she loves Pokémon with Yellow and Black Stripes

Caught in episode: The Bug Stops Here
Given to Casey in episode: The Bug Stops Here


Lapras was the first Pokémon that Ash captured in the Orange Islands. Originally it was found washed up on a beach but Ash & Co. managed to help nurse it back to health until it was kidnapped by Team Rocket. Ash managed to free it and captured it until they could find Lapras' family. Lapras was primarily used as the gang's transport throughout the Orange Islands but it was also used in several of the Gym battles and the final League match. Ash eventually let it go to be with it's family, but saw it again when in Johto and helped it defend a lab and the other Lapras from Team Rocket

'Adopted' in episode: The Lost Lapras
Returned to its family in episode: Viva Las Lapras


Pidgeotto was Ash's second ever Pokémon captured. It was always used to search for missing Pokémon or people and was used a fair bit in Gym & League battles throughout Kanto. It ended up evolving in order to defend a flock of Pidgey & Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest

Caught in episode: Ash Catches a Pokémon!
Evolves into Pidgeot in episode: Pallet Party Panic


After Charmeleon evolved, it started to be a little less obedient to Ash than normal and essentially did what it wanted and went too far in battle. However when Ash fell into a pit of Fossil Pokémon, Charmeleon ended up evolving into Charizard to battle Aerodactyl

Evolved from Charmander in episode: March of the Exeggutor Squad
Evolved into Charizard in episode: Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon


Charmander was a neglected Pokémon owned by another trainer who just left it out to fend for itself in the rain. Ash however managed to save it and nursed it back to health. It eventually left it's old trainer and joined Ash on his quest. It had a few gym battles under its belt but eventually evolved after battling a few dozen Exeggutors simultaneously

'Adopted' in episode: Charmander! The Stray Pokémon
Evolves Into Charmeleon in episode: March of the Exeggutor Squad


Krabby was caught on the beach after Ash was teased about not actually capturing the Pokémon that he has on him. Right after he captured it, it went straight to Professor Oak's Laboratory Caught in episode: Mystery of the Lighthouse
Evolves into Kingler in episode: Round One! Begin


Ash first met Primeape after it, as a Mankey, stole his hat. Determined to get his hat back, Ash chased Primeape and battled with it ending with a capture. Primeape was a Pokémon that went beserk easily and originally didnt follow Ash's commands. However after Ash saved it from a fall in a fighting contest, it gained respect for Ash. After the contest, Ash decided to leave it with a trainer for more training so it could become a P1 Champion

Caught in episode: Primeape Goes Bananas
Given away in episode: The Punchy Pokémon


Ash met Haunter in the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. It, with several other ghost Pokémon played with Ash after he had been trapped under a chandelier. However after Ash returned to his body, Haunter agreed to join Ash's team to battle Sabrina's Psychic Pokémon. Once it got to Saffron City, it disappeared but eventually returned to battle. However it was much more interested in joking about and imobolised Sabrina's Kadabra and thus Ash decided to leave Haunter with Sabrina

'Caught' in episode: The Tower of Terror
Given to in episode: Haunter Vs. Kadabra


After evolving from Metapod, Butterfree managed to defend Ash from a swarm of Beedrill. From this it managed to gain some power and became a vital part of Ash's team during it's tenure. It eventually left to start a family with a female Pink Butterfree

Evolved from Metapod in episode: Challenge of the Samauri
Released to Breed in episode: Bye Bye Butterfree


Raticate was only with Ash briefly. At a convention aboard the St. Anne, Ash decided to trade his Butterfree for a Raticate. However not long after he made this decision he regretted it and asked the trainer if he would trade it back, to which he agreed

Obtained in Trade with Gentlemen in episode: Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Traded Back in episode: Battle Aboard the St. Anne


Metapod was only with Ash for a short amount of time after its evolution from Caterpie. It was used in a battle where it was eventually injured, but not long after that it evolved into Butterfree

Evolved from Caterpie in episode: Ash Catches a Pokémon
Evolves into Butterfree in episode: Challenge of the Samauri


Caterpie was Ash's first capture. Caterpie was a happy Pokémon who liked Misty, who in turn didn't like him because he was a bug, and had a long held desire to become a Butterfree, a desire that he wasn't convinced he could do. After Team Rocket attacked, it managed to defeat their Pokémon and evolved into a Metapod, the first step on it's journey to his dream state.

Caught in episode: Ash Catches a Pokémon
Evolves into Metapod in episode: Ash Catches a Pokémon