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We start the episode seeing Ash, Misty and Brock in a town looking towards a bridge to Sunnytown. The bridge is not finished yet and is only for cars anyway. They also see a bike bridge that is finished but they can't go over it because they don't have bikes. Misty says that if Ash hadn't ruined her bike they would be at Sunnytown now. Buying a bike is just out of the question. They all go to the Pokémon Center deep in thought. When they arrive they Nurse Joy asks if they could run an errand for her. Brock jumps on top of Ash and says they will help her in any way possible. Nurse Joy says that a sick Pokémon in Sunnytown needs some medicine. She says they can use some of the center's bikes to take the medicine over. Ash and friends take the bikes and start to ride to Sunnytown via the bike bridge. Ash is sharing his bike with Pikachu, Misty and Brock are on a tandem bike (namely, one for two people). Next we see Jessie, James and Meowth in a raft on the river. Meowth asks if they have a chance at grabbing the Pikachu because they have the home town advantage.
Ash and friends are at a rest stop and suddenly a bicycle gang comes up the road and surrounds them. Ash, Misty and Brock try to get away but the gang won't let them. The leader (Chopper) says they have to have an introduction. Ash and friends all say hello. A girl from the gang (Tara) says that they have to have a Pokémon battle which Ash accepts. Chopper sends out a Golem and Ash sends out Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip but Golem curls up and is not affected. Golem then uses Tackle which knocks out Bulbasaur. Ash sends out Charmander who uses Ember which also does not effect Golem. Charmander then uses Flamethrower and Fire Spin which sets Golem on fire. Golem is told to use Tackle but Golem spins towards the gang in a fireball. Ash and friends laugh. Chopper calls it back and the Pokéball burns his hand. Tara sends out Cloyster. Misty says to Ash to let her handle it since it is a water Pokémon. She tries to send out Starmie but Psyduck comes out instead. She says she may as well give it a try. Psyduck waddles over to Cloyster making the gang laugh. It then tries to use Tail Whip causing even more laughter. Then it pokes itself on one of the Cloyster spines. Everyone is now laughing including Ash. Misty thinks to herself "just wait until you see Psyduck's real power." She tries to get it to use disable but it doesn't know how to. It is the same with confusion. Brock says that Psyduck's headache isn't bad enough yet to use Psychic attacks. Misty starts yelling at Cloyster saying that it should clamp onto Psyduck's head. By this time the gang is laughing hysterically. Cloyster clamps onto Psyduck's tail instead of its head like Misty intended. Misty says that she will just have to hit Psyduck on the head with a bicycle to give it a headache.
Suddenly they hear sirens. It is Team Rocket. The girl calls out that Big Jess (Jessie) is back and Chopper says that Little Jim (James) is there too. Tara says that Big Jess used to be called Chainer Jess because she used to ride her bike while swing a chain around over her head. Chopper says that James was called Little Jim because he was the only gang member who used to use trainer wheels. Jessie announces to the gang that she and James are part of the prestigious Team Rocket. Jessie turns to Ash and friends and says that now they know about their secret past. Ash says that he wished it was still a secret. They then ask if the gang could help them deal with Ash and friends because they are always ruining their plans. Chopper says that they will help. Another siren is heard and this time it is Officer Jenny an the police force. Officer Jenny offers to escort Ash and friends across the bridge to the Sunnytown Pokémon Center but she gets called away to an accident. The storm clouds start to roll in and rain starts to pelt down onto our heroes. Pikachu is blown out of Ash's grasp and grabs onto Ash's shirt. Meanwhile Jessie, James and Meowth are watching them from inside a building. Chopper and Tara come up to them and say that they should be out there riding so they can show the whole gang how to really ride. They are hesitant but don't want to look bad so they accept. James says "I wish I had my training wheels with me!"
At the Sunnytown Pokémon Center Nurse Joy tells the other Joy that the medicine hasn't arrived yet and she looks over at the sick Shellder that is awaiting the medicine. Ash and friends are still riding down the bridge. There is a boat coming up to the bridge and the drawbridge starts to rise. Brock says that they should wait for the boat to go by but Ash says that he is not waiting. At the same time Team Rocket is riding up to the drawbridge. Chopper says to show the gang how to ride. Jessie, James and Meowth come up to the bridge and get ready to jump. On the other side Ash, Misty and Brock are doing the same. They both jump from their respective ends and Ash, Misty and Brock use Team Rocket as stepping stones and bounce off them to make the jump to the other end. They make it to the awe of Chopper and the bikers. Team Rocket lands far below the bridge in the water. Chopper says he will have to battle Ash. Ash declines saying that he has to get some medicine to the Pokémon Center. Tara asks if that is the reason they are riding in the storm. Chopper says that Ash and friends are real bikers and they will take them to the Pokémon Center in style.
Ash and friends arrive at the Pokémon Center with an escort from the bike gang. They give the medicine to Nurse Joy and she pours it into the tank that the Shellder is in. It is instantly better. Chopper says that they will call Ash Awesome Ash and Misty will be called Mighty Misty. Brock says to Tara that she can call him Honey and she slaps him. In the ending scene we see some people fishing on the river bank. Suddenly Team Rocket rides out of the water on their unicycles. It sounds like it has been a bad day for Team Rocket.

036: The Bridge Bike Gang

036: Storm on Cycling Road



Nurse Joy

Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander

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