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In a house on a ledge, Jessie pretends to sleep in her bed. The window opens, and in steps a figure dressed in red. Suddenly, a net scoops him up, and Jessie jumps out of bed. She and Meowth laugh, and Jessie looks at the figure in the net, saying that they know the trap will work. From inside the net, James whines to let him out. Meowth asks why Jessie wants to catch Santa so bad, and she tells them a story of something that happened ten years ago. She was waiting for Santa to appear, and accidentally broke her favorite doll. Just as she was about to retrieve it, she heard sleigh bells. She ducked under her covers just as something appeared in the chimney. She peeked out and saw that it was a Jynx. The Jynx looked around and saw the broken doll. She scooped it up, put it in her sack, and rose up the chimney. James and Meowth don't believe her, but she insists that Santa Claus is a Jynx.
The next day, Ash, Misty, and Brock run across a Jynx on a beach. They creep closer to her, and Dexter tells them about how they kiss their opponents and put them to sleep. Pikachu jumps up and shocks her, but she doesn't seem fazed. She reaches down, grabs Pikachu, and kisses him, putting him to sleep. Ash sends out Charmander, who burns the Jynx with Flamethrower. Ash throws a Pokéball at her, and she starts to glow. The boot she was holding floats up in front of her and deflects the ball. Misty suggests that the boot belongs to the Jynx's owner, and he wonders why she's here alone. She walks over and hands the boot to Misty. She shows them that inside is Santa Claus's picture. Brock deduces that Santa is Jynx's real owner, and she happily tries to kiss him. After this fails, she starts to glow again, and strands of hair reach out to the humans and Pokémon.
Images suddenly show inside everybody's heads. They see Jynx standing at the edge of a glacier polishing a boot. The chunk of ice she is standing on, breaks away, and she floats all the way to the beach where they now stand. Ash tells Jynx that they're going to help her get to the north pole, and she happily tries to kiss him.
Not far away, Team Rocket sit and watch Ash and his friends. James concludes that they are going to go to the north pole, and they decide to follow them to grab all the presents.
Moments later, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Jynx set off on a raft. Everybody sends out their water Pokémon, and they pull the raft north. Following close behind, of course, is Team Rocket. After a while, however, the Pokémon get tired and can't pull. After returning them all, Ash dives into the water and starts to pull. He too gets tired after a while, and he suddenly hears a voice. He doesn't think anymore of it, but a few seconds later he hears it again. A wave appears, the raft is swept away, and Ash is submerged in the water. He looks ahead of him, and a sparkling Pokémon appears before him. It's a Lapras! Ash realizes that she can talk in her mind, and she brings him up to the surface.
After seeing Lapras, Misty fishes Dexter out from Ash's coat pocket and it tells them that Lapras is intellectually advanced and prefers to carry human on its back. Lapras tells them that she has been following them for a while, and that Santa had sent her to find his missing Jynx. She says that she is impressed at how hard they've worked to get Jynx back to Santa, and offers to pull them the rest of the way to his workshop. Everybody cheers.
After a while, Lapras pulls the raft among icebergs floating in the water. Up ahead is a large mass of ice, and she tells all of them that that is where Santa lives. They are about to pull up, when the Gyarados sub appears. A tired Team Rocket emerges and does their motto, then demands they hand over Santa Claus (the Jynx). Ash and his friends laugh at them for thinking this, and Meowth fires a missile into the air. As Ash, Misty, and Brock look up at it, Jessie and James grab Jynx and take her aboard the sub. The missile explodes, and a net covers Lapras and the occupants of the raft. Jessie and James set off in the direction of Santa's lair.
Once they reach the workshop, they look in a window and see several other Jynx and a man in red. It dawns on Jessie that the Jynx that they have isn't the real Santa Claus. They go inside and hear him complain about how his toes will get cold if he can't find his boot. Jessie is about to hand the boot to him when Ash and his friends dash in in an attempt to warn him. It's too late, though, as James and Meowth have already tied him up. Meowth tells the Jynx to start loading up the sub, and they do so.
Santa pleads with Jessie to stop, and she tells him that she's only making good for what presents she never got. When Santa expresses puzzlement over this statement, she tells him about how the Jynx stole the doll from her. The Jynx comes up from behind and absorbs the memory from Jessie's head. She waddles off and comes back a second later with the doll in her hands. Jessie asks Santa why he's had it all these years, and he tells her that Jynx had taken the doll to fix it in the sleigh. They tried to go back to give it to her, but she didn't believe in him anymore. Jessie starts to sob as she holds her doll close and Santa asks her to untie them. Jessie just laughs and she and James and Meowth go back into their sub.
As they pull away, Lapras appears once again. She tells them that they can't steal Christmas, and freezes the sub. Ash sends Charmander out, and he burns the ropes off of Ash and his friends. Charmander then uses his Fire Spin on the sub, which catches on fire. Jessie sends out Weezing, who Sludges Charmander, making him useless in battle. The sub cools down and sinks into the water once more. They don't make it very far, as all the Jynx combine their Psywave attacks and raise the sub into the air. They float it over, flip it, and shake out all the bags of gifts. They then explode the sub, casting Team Rocket into the air.
Later that night, Santa asks Lapras to take Ash and his friends back to where they came from. He then sets off in his sleigh (pulled by a Rapidash). Ash realizes that he forgot to tell Santa what he wanted, but Jynx comes up to them and gives them all a present.
Back at the house from the beginning of the show, Team Rocket all lay awake in bed. Jessie tells them that they can at least hope for Santa to show up. They hear sleigh bells, and Jynx appears in the window. She blows them a kiss and they all fall asleep. Merry Christmas to all.

065: Holiday Hi-Jynx

065: Jynx and Christmas



Santa Claus

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