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Ash back in Pallet Town asks Professor Oak for advice because they didn't train as much as they should have. Professor Oak gets really angry and says if you aren't ready now you might as well pack it in and quit! Ash runs out as fast as he can. Brock, Misty and Ash say good-bye to Mrs. Ketchum and thank-you for letting them stay at her house. She says it was a pleasure and the gang finally leave Pallet and are off to the Indigo Plateau. As they are walking down a grassy path a man falls down from nowhere and challenges Ash to a battle. he says the winner gets to keep the loser's badges. Misty says to Ash don't do it and Ash is about to walk by when the man says go no further if you think you will lose to me you will not stand a chance at the Pokemon League. Ash gets really mad and accepts the challenge. The man sends out Marowak and Ash sends out Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur is beaten so Ash uses Pikachu. Pikachu uses lots of agility attacks to dodge Marowaks bone, and then uses thundershock beating Marowak. The man is shocked that he lost and Ash asks about the badges, but the man says he has none. Ash is now even more mad and says you acted like you had some! The man tells him the his name is Otoshi and that on the way a talking Mewoth stole his badges. Ash knows right away who it is and says it was Team Rocket. We then see that Otoshi and Marowak were on their way to the pokemon League and they were very hungry. In the middle of the road there was a plate of food and they ran to eat it. the place caved in and they fell into one of Team Rocket's holes and then they stole his badges. Ash says we'll help you find them and Misty and Brock tell him he'll be late for the Pokemon League. Ash says I'd feel really bad too if someone stole may badges and then it shows clips form all 8 battles and Ash says stealing them from one trainer is like stealing them from all of them. Meanwhile James and Meowth are by their balloon and James says lets look at those badges one more time. Meowth agrees and looks for them, but can't find them. Meowth says I can't find where Jesse and I hid them. they look for Jesse and James asks what did she say she had to do again? Meowth replies shopping. James says she took a green package wrapped with ribbon with her. Meowth is all mad and says she stole the badges we stole! Ash sends out Pidgeotto to look for Team Rocket and Pidgeotto spots James and Mewoth in the balloon looking for jesse also. Ash makes them come down. James says that Jesse ran away with them, but Misty says lets see if thats true. they look through all his belongings and Brock says it's just a pile of junk here! James whines it has centimental value when Meowth interupts them. marowak is hopping up and down and Meowth translates what he's saying for them. Marowak wishes right now he wasn't a pokemon and he put in all that effort and wasted time for nothing. Otoshi tries to comfort it, but he slaps away his hand leaving Otoshi yelping in pain and walks off. Otoshi is really sad and Ash says the only way to get him back is to find your badges. James and Meowth fly off in their balloon saying we have to find Jesse before they do. We now see Jesse dressed in a pink dress like thing, stuff they might wear in Asia with a cloth covering her face from the nose down. Those fools (James and Meowth) will never recognize me now! She runs into another pokemon trainer going to the Pokemon League and they look at eachother's badges. She says look over there and is about to steal the badges when a Team Rocket smoke bomb lands by them and explodeds revealing James saying the motto. Jesse joins in part way and the other trainr runs away shouting help!, Team Rocket! James says that Jesse has been become shamed and Jesse is all upset. James and Meowth make her promise to not do it again that we can be meaner together. Jesse says that's fine as long as she's the meanest, (James and Meowth fall down in the background). We then see Marowak walking through the forest he sees a Chansey playing catch with her trainer and a Hitmonlee practicing his kicks with it's trainer. he then thinks of Otoshi and all the training they did together, sitting under waterfalls, jumping through hoops of fire and gets all sad and satrts running to go back to him. Meanwhile Ash and the gang have found Team Rocket and Otoshi challenges Jesse to a match. Jesse uses Arbok of course and Otoshi uses Doduo. Ash again uses his Pokedex on it wondering what it is even though I thought he found out in an earlier episode. Doduo fights well, but the heads start fighting eachother and Arbok is winning. Jesse is going to try to use a pokeball on it and catch it for herself when Marowak's bone hit's it out of the way. he beats Arbok and then James sends out Weezing. Ash sends Pikachu and Pikachu beats Weezing. Team Rocket flys of in their balloon with Otoshi's badges, but Marowak throws his bone at them blasting them off again. Misty catches the badges as they fall from the balloon. Ash, Brock, and Misty see Indigo Plateau and Misty is gald that Ash helped Otoshi and Brock said that they might be late for the opening games and then the episode ends showing Indigo Plateau and Ash running off after it saying that the Pokemon League is Tomorrow and will he be a winner there? He is already a winner at life.

075: Bad to the Bone

075: Marowak's Friendship



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum

Pikachu Bulbasaur Pidgeotto Mr. Mime
Marowak Doduo
Lt. Surge:
Kingler Rhydon
Special/Other Trainers:
Hitmonlee Nidoran♂ Chansey Scyther Flareon

Ash helps a trainer who has had his Badges stolen