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On their way down a trail, Ash spots some fruit trees. They run toward them and get ready to eat. Pikachu runs ahead and notices apples disappearing, then cores being dropped in front of him. the others catch up and think Pikachu ate them all. He denies it, but another falls in his hands. A net then gets thrown over him as a girl comes up thinking he's the colprate who has been eating the fuit. Ash checks his teeth marks against the apple, but they aren't small enough to have been Pikachu. They offer to help get the friut. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is sneaking fruit off the trees for a meal. Meowth is holding an apple, but it gets taken away and eaten from his hand. They spot a pokemon run past and hit the wires the girl set as an alarm. They try to ctach up, but can't. Pikachu take off after them and finds a group of Pichu with some apples. He scolds them, but then they hear a cry from some others trapped by a Fearow. Ash and the others spot the Fearow and head toward it, finding a larger group of Pichu. The Fearow dives for them, but the Pichu shock it. Fearow shakes it off and continues, but the Pichu are tired. Pikachu pops up and thundershocks the Fearow away. The Pichu notice and then help pick some of the apples. All the Pichu are hungry, so the girl lets them each have an apple. They don't come at first, but they get the idea and chow down. Team Rocket are now overhead the orchard and planning their raid on the apples. a group of Pidgey dive toward them, but the Pichu shock them away. the Pichu protect the orchard from the Pidgey, getting tired out in the process. The girl learns the Pichu can help her out, and Ash encourages the Pichu to work hard for her. Pikachu shows them how to do the work, and they pick a lot of apples for her. She notices their hard work and appreciates it. She brings out a snack for the Pichu and they look very happy. Suddenly, Team Rocket loom overhead in the balloon and lower a hose to vacuum Pikachu. Pikachu uses thundershock, but it only charges the machine. Team Rocket then plug in a lot of appliances to use up the power. (Refrigerator, TV, ice cream maker, etc.) They lower more hoses and nab the apples with the vacuum. The Pichu go to the treetops and do a group shock, shaking the balloon, but they aren't strong enough. Meowth reverses vacuum and blows them to the ground. They all start getting up and go right back to the top to try again. They pile up on each other in a line and get to Pikachu, trying to free him. They use thundershock and charge up Pikachu, who then uses thunderbolt with them to overload the battery in one long shock. the balloon starts to blow and the apples drop to the ground with Pikachu and the Pichu. The girl and others run up and she thanks the Pichu. She decides to let them stay and help her out, and they agree. As Ash and comany leave, they all wave goodbye.

181: The Apple Corp

181: Pichu and Pikachu


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Pidgey Fearow

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