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Walking along toward a large city, the guys spot a tall tower and head for it. This town appears to be old fashioned in design. They walk into town and find a strange man who can breathe fire. He pulls out some strange device which appears to find money. At the town fountain, Team Rocket is sitting along it while Wobbuffet takes a swim. As normal, they are having money trouble. Brock leads Ash and Misty to the tower. Ash notices the Arcanine statue at the entrance. Meanwhile, James walks off to get food, but runs into the strange man and buys his device. Jesse and Meowth are upset and slap him, but James beleives it can work. He uses it and it ends up finding a bottle cap underground, which he loves. Back at the tower, Ash and group enter the tower, Brock noticing the design work. Suddenly a shadow passes behind them and the building catches fire. They try to run for it, but end up downstairs. Fire surrounds them, and Ash and Misty send Tododile and Staryu to put it out. Their water guns don't work, but Tododile notices it's not hot. Ash sends out Noctowl to stop the illusion, only to reveal the room is filled with Gastly, a couple of Haunter, and one Gengar. As Ash prepares to fight them, their trainer, Morty appears at the top of the stairs. He comes down and explains about the building to the group. Ash then notices a picture with a carving of the ancient bird he saw at Pallet on the wall and remembers the first time he saw it for real. The trainer begins to explain about the bird and the towers. It used to be worshipped there until a band of theives burned down the one tower, which caused it to leave. They built a new tower to try and get it to return, but it hasn't worked. Togepi, while the others are talking, heads for a crack in the wall below the picture and falls in. The others run downstairs to try and find Togepi. The trainer calls his ghost types to search while Pikachu follows Togepi through the crack. Back in town, James is still playing around with the device and follows it to a shrine which has a bag of money in a pot. While Meowth looks it over, Togepi pops up from under the shrine, followed by Pikachu. Pikachu begins to charge up, but Team Rocket has Togepi and Pikachu backs down. Meanwhile, the Gengar finds them and uses it's tongue to stop them, then pops up in front of them to scare them. The rest of the group shows up, and Meowth starts off by scratching Ash. Team Rocket taunts them by waving Pikachu and Togepi in front of them, then take off. The trainer sends Gengar after them, and Team Rocket send Arbok and Weezing to slow it down. Gengar teleports past them and stops Jesse and James, Then uses a psychic blast to get Pikachu and Togepi lose. The Gastly catch them and return them in midair. Arbok and Weezing try to stop them, but miss. Gengar then starts up again, with Arbok trying to bind it. Gengar ports out of the bind, then uses a psychic blast to blow Team Rocket out of the area. Back at the tower, Ash and the others say their goodbyes to Morty and Gengar, for now.

183: A Ghost Of a Chance

183: Burnt Tower! Morty Appears


Not Yet


Pikachu Totodile Noctowl
Staryu Togepi
Arbok Wobbuffet
Gastly Haunter

Ash Meets Up With Morty