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The day begins with everyone waiting for the Whirl Cup Coliseum as the water drains out somewhat. Soon all the trainers and audience watch Maya, the "Lance" (as you will) of the Whirl Cup. She congratualtes them as well as wishing them a little luck. She then puts her staff that has a saphire at the end towards the sun which makes the area glow bluish for a while. The prize given to the winning trainer is a pendant that helps the water Pokemon who wears it. Team Rocket, acting like vendors, gazes upon the staff more than the pendant. They find a scheme to try to snatch it.

The way the Whirl Cup tournement goes is a two "block" division, Ash is in block "A" and Misty in block "B". Ash notices he only has one Water Pokemon, so he calls Prof. Oak to swap a Pokemon for Kingler. He puts in Bayleef and he gets Kingler. Back at Oak's lab, Oak releases Bayleef, but Bayleef gets a little scared of Oak and runs around eventually ramming into Oak. The first day all contestants in block A fight off. Ash and Misty sort of get into a fight before the first match begins but Brock helps settle things out.

Block A: Round 2. Ash vs. Christopher
Ash uses Totodile for this round and Christopher calls out Kingdra. Ash takes a quick scan on it and Brock in the bleachers comments to Misty that Ash might not have a good time with this one. Being a dragon AND water type, Totodile's water attacks are practically useless. Ash takes the lead and commands Totodile to dive under the water but Kingdra counters with a Whirlpool. Totodiles snaps out of it and lands on one of the platforms. After that Kingdra shoots a Hydro Pump at Totodile but Totodile simply walks along the water and gets close enough to do Bite, but Kingdra dives, Totodiles doing the same. Kingdra releases a Smoke Screen that covers up the water. With no other option, Ash tells Totodile to jump out of the water. The battle comes to a standstill because it was expected that Ash would have Totodile risk it and jump back in. Fed up the trainer tells Kingdra to jump up and try another Hydro Pump. Ash however tells Totodile to use Bite on Kingdra, aiming for the snout. Totodile is successful and plugs up Kingdra's snout causing all the water to hold back. After a while Totodile releases and Kingdra goes flying across and eventually getting knocked out. Ash wins the match!

Later that night Misty stares at the coliseum from the PokeCenter window thinking. Ash notices and they have the talk about what'll happen if they end up battling each other.

Block B: Round 1. Misty Vs. Harrison
Harrison is one of the older trainers, so he has a snobbish attitude when he steps up to the arena. The match is on, Corsola against a Quilfish. Quilfish begins the match by shooting a Water Gun but Corsola reflects it back with a Mirror Coat. Seeing that this tatic won't work Harrison tells it to start sallowing water. As the announcer says that this is used for preparing a volley of spikes, Misty thinks fast. Quilfish soon releases Spike Cannon and so does Corsola. The two attacks explode in mid air knocking Corsola back but Quilfish took refuge in the waters. Taking advantage of this Quilfish makes a Tackle attack to Corsola. Worried that Corsola is going to burn out anytime, Misty tells it to use Recover, however Quilfish has already started up another Tackle. By the time Corsola recovered, Quilfish already zeroed in. Corsola and Quilfish dive down and Quilfish reappears, but so does Corsola, below Quilfish. Quilfish is stuck on Corsola's head and can't do much about this so it just swims around. Misty finally gets an idea and tells Corsola to use Spike Cannon. Corsola fires the Spike Cannon sending Quilfish sky-high, Misty winning the match!
Back at the Pokemon Center, Ash and Misty wait for the results of the tournement, which invetibly turns out that Ash is up against Misty for the finals!

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

218: Dueling Heroes

218: Whirlpool Cup! Great Battle in the Water Colosseum!
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon



Professor Oak
Officer Jenny
Nurse Joy

Pikachu Kingler Bayleef Totodile
Togepi Corsola
Special/Other Trainers:
Squirtle Wartortle Psyduck Golduck Poliwag Poliwhirl Tentacruel Slowpoke Seaking Staryu Magikarp Gyarados Lapras Dragonair Marill Azumarill Quagsire Remoraid

Ash and Misty both get past the main tournemount but end up needing to battle Eachother in the Quarter Final