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Looks like Ash and Misty were always destined to fight one way or another, and here's where that fate meets. This time, whoever wins will be in the semi-finalists, and niether will want to lose.

Block A: Round 12 Ash VS. Misty
This time the rules are changed, instead of one Pokemon, it's two on two. Misty first calls out Poliwhirl and Ash sends out Totodile. Ash starts it off by having Totodile use Water Gun, but Poliwhirl dives underwater to evade it. Poliwhirl makes some swift movements and Misty commands it to use Aurora Beam. Poliwhirl jumps out and fires the Aurora Beam, dazing Totodile for a while. Poliwhirl attmepts to come back with a Double-Slap but Totodile does the Matrix dodge and headbutts it back to a pillar. Poliwhirl isn't finished yet, he kicks off the pillar and then does a high speed dive towards Totodile and goes for a Double Slap again, knocking Totodile out. Ash recalls Totodile and sends out Kingler. Misty again commands Poliwhirl to unleash another Aurora Beam but Kingler dishes out a Crab Hammer attack. A energy sphere is sent across the arena causing the water to make Whirlpools. The enregy hits Poliwhirl sending it tossing with the whirlpools and Kingler uses another Crab Hammer attack, knocking Poliwhirl out. With this easy win, Ash feels sure enough luck is on his side. Misty then tries to call out Corsola but instead, Psyduck comes out. Ash just shrugs and tells Kingler to go up for a Vice Grip attack. Kingler swims its way towards Psyduck and then clamps it on the head. Looks like Psyduck can't do anything for a while... except it starts to glow. Both sides remember about that now and Ash gets worried. Using this to her advantage, Misty tells Psyduck to use Confusion. Pysduck makes a explosion of psychic energy which sends Kingler bashing right into Ash. Misty ends up winning the match!
During that fight, Team Rocket is still figuring out how to get Maya's staff... but the problem is, security keeps increasing. They might as well figure something else out.
Later that evening, Oak calls the PokeCenter for Ash. Looks like he had a rough time with Bayleef, who the knocks him away telling Ash she wants to be with him. Ash quickly trades off Kingler for Bayleef and Bayleef is happy once again. Another trainer comes in which looks like Misty knows her. The traienr is Trinity, one of the better water Pokemon trainers and her next opponent for the finals. Misty still respects her and all because Trinity is pretty good, but Misty worries is she really going to beat her?

Block A: Semi-Finals Misty Vs. Kitami
Same rules as the other round. Misty once agains starts off with Poliwhirl, Kitami using Gyarados. Even Misty gets scared at this point but she doesn't give up. Misty tells Poliwhirl to use Aurora Beam but Trinity tells Gyarados to use Hyper Beam. Gyarados quickly charages up and fires the Hyper Beam, knocking the Aurora Beam away and blasting Poliwhirl for a one hit KO. Looks like the situation is grim... very. Calling back Poliwhirl, Misty sends out Corsola. Trinity commands Gyarados to use Hydro Pump. Gyarados fires a powerful stream of water but Misty tells Corsola to counter it with Mirror Coat. The Hydro Pump is sent back but Gyarados fires Hyper Beam, blowing the water away and still going straight for Corsola. Corsola dives down and the beam blows up behind her. Waiting a while, Misty finishes Gyarados off with Spike Cannon. It may look like a brush of luck but Corsola is burned out from the fight. Trinity then sends out Chinchou. Trinity tells Chinchou to use Spark, which it does but instead, sends the electricty to sky. The electricty is then fired down on Corsola but Corsola uses another Mirro Coat, but she didn't hold out for long, not to mention Chinchou didn't even flinch. Trinity says to use Confuse Ray, Chinchou fires a wave but Corsola dives underwater to avoid it. Chinchou uses it again but underwater, this time Corsola gets confused. With Corsola out, Chinchou finishes her off with a Water Gun, Trinity winning.
Team Rocket then can't figure out any other way to get close enough to Maya, way too much security. Fed up, the only way is by air.
That evening, Trinity meets with the gang at the Center. Misty congratulates her and tells her good luck for the next round.

Finals - The battle is set, the winner for Block A vs the winner for Block B. Trinity sets out using Golduck, her opponent using a Feraligatr. Just before the battle begins however, Team Rocket shows up in their balloon. Jesse uses a fishing rod to snag the staff

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

219: The Perfect Match!

219: Ash Vs. Misty! Whirlpool Cup Final Battle
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon



Professor Oak
Officer Jenny

Pikachu Kingler Bayleef Totodile
Psyduck Poliwhirl Togepi Corsola
Golduck Gyarados Chinchou
Special/Other Trainers:

Ash and Misty battle
Ash Loses to Misty

Misty loses in the Quarter-Final