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We last left off at Heracross about to be hit by a Hydro Pump. Fortunately, there was a nearby rock he managed to hide behind… however, the Hydro Pump was so powerful that it broke the rock, and hurt Heracross, making him faint! This round goes to Blastoise.

Now Ash has only 4 Pokemon left… Brock realized that the Hydro Pump was pretty strong, EVEN for a Blastoise! Anyways, Ash sends out Muk. Blastoise starts by using a Skull Bash, which barely affects him, like most physical attacks. So, it counters with a Sludge Bomb! However, before it gets to him, Blastoise uses a Rapid Spin, and manages to shake it off, as it heads towards Muk… However, when it reaches him, it gets caught in his slimy body! Muk starts to smother Blastoise in its body… until, from underneath, Blastoise lets out whatever it could of a Hydro Pump, and blows Muk away! Ash decides to withdraw Muk for some rest.

As Harrison is watching, Ash sends out Bayleef next. Although he does have a feeling Blastoise may win this, regardless of types… Anyways, Blastoise starts off with its usual Hydro Pump. However, Bayleef easily dodges it, as he lets out a Vine Whip and a Razor Leaf. However, he easily avoids it with Rapid Spin! However, before Bayleef can do anything, Blastoise stops… and it bites Bayleef’s leaf! Before Ash can say anything, Blastoise quickly swings Bayleef down, fainting it and gaining another victory!

Gary congratulates Blastoise, and Ash returns Bayleef, declaring that he’s not as easy as he seems. Gary then says “Yeah… Whatever”… Anyways, now that a trainer lost 3 Pokemon, there’s a 5 minute intermission… Then, Ash says hi to Misty and Brock, as they give him advice… they say he should use Pikachu, since his opponent is a water type. However, Ash doesn’t wanna force Pikachu to fight… plus, last time it faced a Blastoise it didn’t do so well, and anyways, it doesn’t want to… Then, Ash’s Mom and Oak talk about how him and Gary should have been friends… and how they could have been, etc.

A bit later, the intermission finishes, and back at the field, Ash takes out Snorlax. Gary, deciding to give Blastoise some rest, uses Arcanine. Although Misty is surprised at him returning Blastoise, Brock figures he’s saving it for the end. Anyways, Snorlax goes for a Tackle… but Arcanine avoids it by using a Fire Spin, which sends Snorlax trapped in a fire tornado! It has a little trouble getting through the wall of fire, so it uses… Hyper Beam, which breaks through the fire and hits Arcanine. Arcanine tries desperately to get up, but it fainted! Back in the audience, Delia claps, surprised to see that Snorlax has so much power (she’s used to seeing it sleep). Oak mentions that all Pokemon have to have SOME kind of power…

Back at the field, Gary takes out Nidqueen again. Ash warns Snorlax to be careful, because this fella also can use Hyper Beam. Ash happens to start off with Snorlax using that, but Gary, remembering what Bayleef did, has Nidoqueen use its tail to bounce up and avoid it! However, Snorlax keeps shooting it around… but Nidoqueen manages to stop it with a Double Kick! However, Snorlax avoids being damaged. Then he uses an Ice Punch, which freezes AND faints Nidoqueen! That’s another one down!

Gary, who’s a bit impressed, comments that Ash’s form training is rather interesting (in a negative way)… as Misty and Brock get a bit irritated. Anyways, Gary’s next Pokemon is a Scizor! Scizor starts out with a Quick Attack, dealing a bit of damage to Snorlax. However, he uses a Hyper Beam again. Scizor, with its excellent speed, dodges it quickly, and then uses a Metal Claw, which hits Snorlax in the face, knocking it out! Misty and Brock realize that Snorlax was overwhelmed by Scizor’s speed… Ash is gonna have to find a way to beat him!

Ash returns Snorlax, and takes out Muk. Scizor goes for a Body Slam, but as it reaches Muk, it gets caught in Muk’s slimy body! Although Gary is surprised at that effect, Muk counters with a Sludge attack. This damages Scizor again, who tries using its Metal Claw trick! It fails, so Scizor tries another trick… it carefully grabs Muk, lifts him up… and flings him into the air! While he’s in the air, Scizor uses a Swift attack, which hits him, and by the time he falls, he’s already fainted.

Now Ash has just one Pokemon left… as he crosses his fingers, he throws the Pokeball, and… out comes Charizard! Apparently, that’s exactly what Gary predicted he was gonna use, so he has Scizor use Steel Wing! However, Charizard counters with a Flamethrower… which Scizor avoids by flying up. Charizard notices this, and flies up too! Although Gary is surprised, Charizard plans his aim carefully… finally, he shoots a Flamethrower, which knocks Scizor down, fainting!

Now, Gary has 2 Pokemon left. He decides he’ll save Blastoise for last, so he sends out… Golem! Misty and Brock realize that either one would have been a smart move, because their both immune to fire… Golem starts off by jumping really high, and creating a crack in the ground (Magnitude)! Charizard has trouble moving on the shaking ground… However, Charizard flies up, and grabs Golem, going for a Seismic Toss… but then Ash realizes why it’s having trouble holding Golem. Gary points out that Golem is the second heaviest Pokemon after Snorlax. Suddenly, Charizard can’t take it anymore, as he lets go of Golem, messing up the Seismic Toss! Back on the ground, Golem uses a Rollout. But Charizard avoids it, and uses Dragon Rage! It may be fire, but it has Dragon element in it, which hurts Golem, fainting it! Meanwhile, Oak explains to Delia how this worked, and why Dragon attacks would affect Golem. Gary seems to be glad though, that this battle is turning out how he expected. Crossing his fingers, Gary sends out Blastoise. Ash comments on how Blastoise may have an advantage, but Charizard is more experienced. Then… they battle!

Charizard starts off with a Flamethrower, but Blastoise easily avoids it with a Rapid Spin. Then, Blastoise uses its Hydro Pump, but Charizard flies up and avoids it. However, Blastoise goes for a Skull Bash this time… but Charizard easily avoids it again. Desperately, Blastoise continuously uses Hydro Pump, as Charizard flies really fast and avoids it. Ash then laughs, as Gary realizes he was too overconfident. Misty points out that Water attacks aren’t always affective against Fire types…

Back on the field, Ash quickly thinks of a strategy as he sees Blastoise and Charizard batting away with Hydro Pump and Flamethrower. Suddenly, Ash has an idea. Instead of going for Blastoise, he tells Charizard to aim for the rocks in the field! Gary, Mistry, and Brock get confused, and wonder what Ash is up to, as Charizard keeps frying the rocks. Suddenly, the rocks start to melt, and the field starts to get HOT! Finally, after all the rocks around Blastoise burn to magma, Blastoise has nowhere to move. Desperately, Gary tries to think of a strategy… and then he remembers Blastoise’s advantage, so he has Blastoise use Hydro Pump, which cools the field! Suddenly, the whole field is covered in a cloud of steam, so they wait a while, until it finally clears up.

Now, Charizard and Blastoise are both weak, so they have to try their best… Charizard starts with a Dragon Rage, but Blastoise Withdraws into his shell and avoids it. Then, Charizard uses its usual technique— Seismic Toss. As Charizard lifts up Blastoise, Blastoise tries to Bite Charizard… but he easily avoids it. They start to rise, glaring at each other… Then, Charizard drops Blastoise, and he desperately tries to get up. When he realizes he can’t, he faints, making Charizard the winner! Ash has won the first round of the finals, against his greatest rival! However, to Ash’s surprise, Gary calmly leaves the field, and Misty, Brock, and Pikachu go up to congratulate Ash.

Meanwhile, Delibird has come to collect Team Rocket’s debts… all the money they stole. However, they pretend to not have it, when Delibird shows Meowth the account book, which says they owe a lot… they think for a while of an idea to make money… then they sing their TR theme song!

Later that night, Gary hangs out by the nearby pond, and Ash comes along. Ash asks how he’s doing, and to his surprise, Gary gives him the half of the split Pokeball from before! Then, he congratulates Ash on his great battling, and how he’s not that ashamed of his loss. He said that it was in fact his first 6 on 6 loss, and that it feels normal to lose now. Ash thanks him, and they shake hands, and promise each other that they will be friends, regardless of who is the better trainer.

The next day, Ash is ready to face his next opponent in the Grass field—Harrison! Ash is chosen to go first, so he uses Pikachu. Harrison, to Ash’s surprise, takes out Kecleon…

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us


272: Can't Beat the Heat!



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Ash wins in his match against Gary
Ash and Gary finally end a long fued
Ash begins his match with Harrison