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The episode begins with May, excited, and admiring her latest Contest Ribbon and her new Pokemon egg which is safely incased in a glass tube. Hugging the egg and rubbing the case against her face, May gushes over how cute it is, while Max looks away, embarrassed by his sister's overaffectionate actions towards her new egg. Brock is cooking for the group, while Ash continues his training for the upcoming Frontier Facility battles. Standing apart from the group, Ash and Pikachu are trying out attacks, and Ash orders Pikachu to run and use Volt Tackle. Pikachu does so, speeding along before getting surrounded by pure electric energy. Just as the attack is about to reach its peak power, the energy starts to fade away and Pikachu stops, confused. Seeing his pal's problem, Ash runs over and remarks that it looks like they still haven't been able to perfect the attack yet. May, Max and Brock walk over, and Max pulls out his PokeNav to check nearby locations. Seeing a place nearby called Dragonair's Lake, Max commets about it and Ash suggests that they go visit it and check it out.

After a brief period of walking, the group eventually come across the lake in question. However, the lake is certainly not what they imagine... instead of a serene, beautiful lake much like the name of the lake suggests, it's quite the opposite. Downtrodden, ruined and dirty, the lake doesn't appear to be a very nice place at the moment, or used by anybody. The group aren't impressed, and Max comments that it's giving him a bad feeling just looking at it. The others agree, and they walk off to investigate. As they do so, it appears someone, or something... is watching them from under the water. As the walk off, a shadow emerges from the depths of the lake, keeping an eye on Ash and co.

Eventually, the group come across an equally run-down house nearby the lake. Ash shouts a greeting to anybody who might be in the house, and May does the same. However, they receive no greeting... the place and the surrounding area seemingly totally empty. Seeing that really nobody is around, the group decide to take a rest, with Ash and Brock pulling out their fishing rods and getting down to some fishing. Brock comments that it's good to take a break from all the travelling and battles, and relax for a while. However, the concentration used for fishing can also be good training, which stirs Ash up- After all, training for Ash is very important if he wants to succeed in the Battle Frontier. After sometime of fishing, Ash begins to close his eyes and eventually falls asleep. Max laughs and says that maybe Ash is relaxing too much, as Brock and May, who are also enjoyingfishing, look at their friend unimpressed. At that, Ash wakes up and laughs sheepisly, embarrassed that he wasn't able to concentrate enoughto stay awake. Before he can say anymore however, he suddenly gets a bite on his rod, and a very big one at that, as Ash struggles to reel it in. May encourages him, saying that it must be a great catch and Ash pulls even harder, but continues to struggle. Seeing a failing battle; May, Max and Brock all grab Ash and pull him backwards to try to reel in the catch, but it doesn't seem much use... until whatever has grabbed onto Ash's fishing line comes straight out of the water, pushing the line and Ash and co. backwards onto the floor.

The group leap to their feet once they see what Ash pulled out... a rather angry looking Crawdaunt, who snaps its claws at them as May checks her Pokedex to check up on the details of the Pokemon. At that moment, Max remembers that Crawdaunt is the evolved form of Corphish, which prompts Ash to send out his own Corphish to go up against its evolved peer. Up for a battle, Crawdaunt jumps towards Corphish and uses its Vicegrip attack, and Ash responds by ordering Corphish to do the same. However, the sheer power of Crawdaunt's attack proves too much for Corphish and is sent flying back, but not out. As Ash stands, amazed at Crawdaunt's power, Crawdaunt follows up by using Crabhammer. Again, Ash tells his Corphish to do the same attack, and once again, Corphish ends up receiving a harsh blow from its evolved form. Deciding to finish things off, Crawdaunt fires out a Bubblebeam attack, and Ash counters by ordering the same attack from Corphish. Like the last time, Crawdaunt's version of the attack proves too stong and Corphish is sent flying back. As Ash asks his Pokemon if its okay, Brock's shouting brings his attention back to Crawdaunt, who has grabbed onto the group's fishing rods and snaps them in its claws.

Just then, a female voice shouts out to Crawdaunt, telling it to stop. Crawdaunt looks over, and a tall girl with very light brown hair appears. Crawdaunt doesn't look impressed, and jumps back into the lake. The girl asks if the group are alright, and May says that they are, before Brock jumps in to do his usual chat up lines. Brock asks the name of his savior, and the girl tells his that her name is Asagi. Brock is once again stricken by love, but is then dragged away by Max who isn't impressed by Brock's constant flirting. Ash walks over to Asagi, and apologises for causing any trouble. Asagi tells him not to worry about it, and that she's used to it as of late. She's been around his lake for a long time, and Ash asks her about the state of the lake at the moment... downtrodden, dirty, and unloved. Asagi knows exactly what he's talking about, and goes onto explain how not long ago, the lake was full of people, and Pokemon.

That is, until one day, an old but stern looking businessman came to the lake with his goons and offered to buy the land. Asagi refused, and all was well until not soon after, she noticed that the Pokemon in the lake were in turmoil. Pokemon and boats full of fishermen were being attack and thrown over, all by the Crawdaunt which had suddenly appeared in the lake. From that moment on, the lake which she loved got worse and worse and came to the state that it's in today. Moved by her story, Ash says that he'll do his best to help out against Crawdaunt... especially since Corphish wants a rematch too. Corphish snaps its claws in agreement, and Max remarks on its eagerness. Just then, an old woman pops up behind Ash and Max's backs, causing the two boys to jump back in shock. Ash asks who she is, and Asagi explains that the woman is her Grandmother.

Sometime later, the group appear to have prepared to boat to go out to face Crawdaunt in. Inside the boat are Brock, Pikachu and Asagi, with Ash, May and Max staying on land. The boat sets off, along with Brock's Marshtomp. Ash and Pikachu goes one way to patrol the lake, and May, Max and Squirtle going the opposite direction. Ash doesn't seem to come across anything as Corphish also patrols the lake, and May and Max don't have much luck either, both groups wondering where in the world Crawdaunt could have got to. May asks Squirtle if it has seen anything, but Squirtle is too wrapped up in staring at a lakeside flower.

Brock, Asagi and Marshtomp speed along the lake, and stop when they spot Crawdaunt going onto land through some bushes. Brock tells Marshtomp to go get Ash and the others and alert them, and Marshtomp does so as Brock continues to watch Crawdaunt slink off. Crawdaunt pushes some of the bushes aside, and comes onto land to... greet the old businessman from Asagi's flashback! The old man welcomes Crawdaunt, and tells it to eat up all the delicious Pokemon food he has prepared for it. It seems that the Crawdaunt belongs to him, as Ash points out as the group arrive and hide in some bushes to watch Crawdaunt. Asagi recognises the old man, and tells the group that he's the businessman that tried to buy the land and the lake. The businessman then gets up, and asks three shady looking figures that are looking over the lake... it seems that Team Rocket have once again gotten into some sort of sneaky trick, and appear to be posing as land developers. James, dressed in a rather fancy looking red jacket and his hair i a ponytail, starts to mutter some artistic nonsense, before Asagi and the rest of the group jump out of the bushes to confront them. Jessie looks shocked to see Ash and co. here, but James smiles and says that this could be their chance. Meowth agrees, and wonders if they could use Crawdaunt to help them get Pikachu.

Asagi shouts at the old man, accusing him of using Crawdaunt to destroy the lake's reputation and then buy it up on the cheap. Ash jumps into the fray also, challenging the man to a Pokemon Battle, his Corphish against Crawdaunt. The man smiles, and starts to explain his reasons for wanting the lake... when he was a boy, he was fishing at the lake one day. For some unknown reason, he was dragged into the lake and got tangled up in his fishing line making him unable to escape. Just when it looked like everything was lost, a mysterious shadow emerged from the depths of the lake. The next thing we knew, he was awake on the lake's bank alive and well. He then laughs, and walks off. Ash looks at him angrily, and Asagi says that its time for them to go prepare. Ash agrees, and they depart.

Sometime later, Ash is training with Corphish and Pikachu. He orders Pikachu to use Volt Tackle, and Corphish to use Crabhammer. The two attacks connect, and both Pokemon are sent back, and begin to square off again. May, Max and Brock appear to be impressed, before Asagi's Grandmother calls out her Vapereon to let it join in on the battling. She challenges Ash to a battle, and Ash agrees. They get into a formal battle position, both facing off with Brock acting as the referee. The battle starts, and Ash orders Corphish to use Crabhammer. The old woman responds by telling Vaporeon to jump into the water, which it does, causing Corphish's attack to miss. The battle is taken to the lake, and Corphish attacks once again before Vaporeon is ordered to use Acid Armor... which makes Vaporeon invisible on the lake surface. As Corphish looks around for where Vaporeon could be, the old woman orders Vaporeon to use Quick Attack. Vaporeon emerges from the lake and smashes into Corphish and sends it flying into a patch f the lake's weeds. The weeds cling onto Corphish, causing it to grow heavy and making it almost impossible for Corphish to move. Seeing her chance, Vaporeon is ordered to use Hydro Pump. It does so, and the force of the blast sends Corphish smashing into a nearby rock and sending it out for the count. Asagi's Grandmother explains to Ash that if he wants to have a chance of beating Crawdaunt, he has to use something more than power. Ash nods, and asks Corphish if its ready for the next, vital battle. Corphish nods in agreement, and sometime after that, the battle between Ash and the businessman begins.

Ash starts things off by ordering Corphish to use Crabhammer. Crawdaunt is told to do the same, and the two Pokemon leap towards eachother with their claws glowing from the attack. The two Pokemon smash into eachother, both trying to use their Crabhammer attack to gain an advantage. Unlike like time, Corphish isn't overcome by Crawdaunt's power and remains steady. Ash then orders Corphish to use Bubblebeam, and the old man does the same. The two bubble attacks hit eachother, and Corphish concentrates to keep his attack strong. Ash tells Corphish to take it to the lake, and Corphish jumps out of the way before the Bubblebeam can hit. The old man laughs, and tells Crawdaunt to use Vicegrip. Crawdaunt does so, jumping into the lake but misses as Corphish jumps underwater. Corphish then emerges from under the lake, and smashes into CraWdaunt using Crabhammer. The old man isn't impressed, and orders Crawdaunt to use Vicegrip again. Ash counters by telling Corphish to use Harden, then Crabhammer. Crawdaunt's attak hits and is deflected, and Corphish lands another heavy attack on Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt is sent flying back and smashes into a nearby rock. The businessman encourages Crawdaunt to get back up, which it does, before Crawdaunt is grabbed by a huge blue hand. Looking up, the group sees a huge green mecha with a large red 'R' on it... Team Rocket!

The villains laugh as they hover over them, and Asagi asks what they want. This prompts Team Rocket to begin their motto from inside the mecha. When they finish, the old man screams at them for tricking him... James laughs and says that that's right, they did, before they send out another large hand to grab Pikachu. Having got what they came for, Team Rocket fly away using boosters on their mecha. Ash screams at them to stop, but Asagi has already prepared a boat for them to go chase them. The old man follows in a speedboat of his own. Seeing that they might escape, Ash orders Corphish to use Bubblebeam, May orders Squirtle to use Bubble, and Brock orders Marshtomp to use Mud Shot. The attacks are fired at Team Rocket's mecha, but continue to miss as the mecha moves from side to side to avoid them. Jessie laughs and says that they'll never be caught, and they continue, increasing their speed. Just as it looks like everything is lost, Squirtle has an idea, which it tells to Corphish. Corphish nods, and Squirle climbs on its back and is flung by Corphish into the air before using a new attack, Rapid Spin!

The group are amazed at this new attack, which has been used seemingly out of nowhere, as it smashes into Team Rocket's mecha causing it to slow down, but not stop. Squirtle then falls back down to the lake, but its fall is stopped by Brock who orders Marshtomp to use Water Gun to keep it up. This gives Ash an idea, and he tells May to order Squirtle to use Rapid Spin. May does so, and Squirtle begins its new attack, before begin fired into the air once again by Corphish who uses Bubblebeam. The power of Rapid Spin, behind the force of Bubblebeam, smashes into Team Rocket's mecha once again and causes it to drop out of the sky, and dropping Crawdaunt and Pikachu with it. Just as things look like they are okay, the mecha falls out of the sky and into the lake causing it to explode and send Team Rocket blasting off again!

The group are washed up onto the shore by the force of the explosion... all except the old man, who wasn't so lucky, and begins to sink into the lake unable to swim. He curses himself, as this is just like last time... but no miracles will be able to save him. That is, until he notices a mysterious shadow with glowing red eyes emerging from the darkness of the lake. However, it is not alone. On one side of him, is Dragonair. On the other, Asagi's Grandmother. Both of them grab him at the same time, and float back up to the top of the lake. The man looks down to see his human savior, and begins to remember more of what happened when he was a boy. Just as it looked like everything was hopeless, Dragonair, and a young girl came to save him. Looking down, he wonders if this woman could be the same girl... but before he can question it more, the lack of air causes him to choke slightly just before they reach the surface.

The group look on in shock, both at Asagi's Grandmother, the old man, and Dragonair. He soonawakens, to find Dragonair watching over him. Looking at the old woman, he asks why she saved him, especially after all the things he's done. She smiles, and begins to walk away, saying that she loves the lake, and the businessman begins to understand where exactly he was going wrong. He then thanks Dragonair, who sinks back into the lake. Ash asks him if he wants to finish their battle, but he refuses, saying that now, after all this, he finally understands. He doesn't want to lake, as he's found something more... much more. At that moment, Dragonair's voice echoes from out of the lake, which calls forth all the Pokemon that had previously left. Several come from a connecting river, and some apparentlywere in the bushes the whole time.

The episode ends with the group looking on in wonder as the Pokemon, and the life of the lake, return at last.

Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

429: On Olden Pond!

429: Dragonair's Lake!


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