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The episode begins in a Pokemon Centre, with Ash, May, Max and Brock taking a rest on their journey towards their next destination, the Battle Tube. May is still fawning over her Pokemon egg, as Brock bottle feeds his new Pokemon, Bonsly. Ash says that it's exciting waiting for it to hatch, and Brock asks if Bonsly likes the bottle. Bonsly nods, as Nurse Joy walks over to the group and greets them. They greet Nurse Joy in return, and she enquires about May's egg, and says that she's sure it'll be a strong and healthy baby when it comes out. Brock then slides over towards her, and recites his usual declarations of love and passion, as the poor nurse appears to be slightly taken aback by his surprising actions. Bonsly isn't too happy at being ignored in the favour of a woman however, and headbutts Brock away from Nurse Joy, and jumping up and down in anger.

Sometime after that, we find Bonsly staring at Munchlax in shock as the incredibly hungry Pokemon gulps down a whole bottle of milk in one go. Or rather, Bonsly's bottle. The baby Pokemon starts to cry, and May scolds Munchlax for its greed as Brock tries to comfort Bonsly. Nurse Joy offers to take them all so they can all have something to eat and rest, and the group agree, all but Ash who decides that getting some training it would be a better idea and so walks off outside by himself. Squirtle, for some reason then runs after Ash and Pikachu, and is followed by May who wonders why Squirtle is running after Ash like that. Outside, Ash walks out of the Pokemon Centre and is watched by a group of very familiar people... Team Rocket have once again found Ash and co. Jessie smiles as she sees Pikachu, having still not given up on their quest to nab it from Ash. James then spots Squirtle, and remarks that they might as well steal that too. May then runs out of the Pokemon Centre, and Meowth says that he's noticd the twerp girl too. James leans over and suggests that they try and steal them now, and Meowth smiles and agrees. Jessie stops them, and says that she has a better idea than just running in and grabbing Pikachu, as always. She suggests that all three of them split up for now and attempt to tackle each one of the twerps seperately.

Back down on the ground, Squirtle is running around lost, having gone in a totally different direction to Ash. Unsure what to do, it keeps running ahead as. May, not far behind, shouts out to her Pokemon in a hope that it will hear her and make its way back to her. Looking around, she notices that this area must be the desolate and abandoned part of town, as all the windows are boarded up and generally the buildings look old and not taken care of. May then spots one building that remains open, and walks into it, thinking that maybe Squirtle wandering in there. Inside the building, she calls for Squirtle some more, before noticing a framed picture resting on a chair. She walks over to the photograph, which appears to be an old black and white one taken a long time ago. The photo shows what seems to be a mother and son in a large and lively looking town square. Wondering why such a picture would be here, May continues her search and walks through a door at the other end of the room, and comes out outside. Thebuilding she entered was the entrance to the town's old train station.

A familiar voice calls out to her, and May's attention is brought to Squirtle who is being held by an old woman sitting on one of the train station's benches. May apologises to the woman if her Pokemon caused her any trouble, but the woman says that it's okay... it was nice being with such a nice Pokemon. She then hands May back her Squirtle, and May thanks her. The woman introduces herself as Kuni, and May introduces herself in return, and says that it's very nice to meet her. May asks what the woman is doing here in such awful weather, and Kuni looks sadly over to the train tunnel nearby and mutters something about waiting for someone. Just then, a young girl's voice calls out to them as it starts to rain, and both May and Kuni look over to see a young girl with an umbrella running over to them with a worried look on her face. The girl addresses Kuni as her grandmother, and Kuni smiles and tells May that her name is Kumiko, and introdues her granddaughter to her new friend. Both girls exchange greetings, and Kumiko insists that Kuni takes her umbrella to protect herself from the rain. Kuni looks sad and appears unwilling to take it at first, but then sighs and takes the umbrella from Kumiko, and walks off by herself with a lonely look on her face. Kumiko and May look at the old woman with worried looks on their faces, just before May notices another old black and white picture that Kuni must have left on the bench.

Elsewhere, Ash and Pikachu are busy training. Jessie watches from the bushes, and smiles to herself and says that with her stealth, it'll be a piece of cake getting Pikachu this time. Ash then orders Pikachu to use Volt Tackle, and Pikachu does so, running straight into a rock and causing it to explode through the sheer power of Pikachu's newest and most powerful attack. One of the rocks goes flying and hits Jessie's face however, and sends her knocked back into the bushes unbeknown to Ash and Pikachu. Back at the Pokemon centre, we find James standing on top of a box looking into the centre from outside. He mutters something about waiting for a chance to strike, but looks depressed at all the delicious food that Brock, Max, Bonsly and Munchlax are enjoying.

Back with May and Kumiko, we find them sitting on the steps leading into the train station, with Kumiko holding the picture that her grandmother left behind. May asks what the picture is about, and the girl explains that the man is called Hiso. A long time ago, in the ancient past, Kuni and he took care of many Pokemon eggs. However, one day, Hiso told her that he had to go away on a journey. Kuni wasn't too happy about it, and they argued. The next day however, Hiso went to the train station and waited for Kuni to come. When it appeared like she wasn't going to come, he grit his teeth and boarded the train. However, just as he did that, Kuni rushed into the train station holding a piece of paper. At that though, she was too late. Hiso had already boarded the train and gone inside... and so, she never got to say goodbye to the man she loved. At that, often as she could, Kuni would come to the deserted train station and wait in case Hiso would ever return. May is sad to hear such a sad story, as is Squirtle ho begins to tug on her arm. May manages to muster up a smile and tell Squirtle that everything is alright. Watching the two girls from the nearby bushes is Meowth, who has also heard the story and begins to cry.

Later that night, May returns to the Pokemon Centre and explains to the group about her day and tells them the story of Kuni. The group is pretty depressed to hear the tale, but things are livened up again when Max notices that May's egg is starting to glow... which means, according to Nurse Joy, that it's soon to hatch. Just as May hands Nurse Joy the egg, Max notices that Squirtle is gone, and May jumps up in surprise... Squirtle has gone missing, again! However, she has a good idea at where it could have gone, and runs off by herself to go find it. Heading straight for the train station, May is surprised to find Meowth sitting on the very same bench that Kuni was sitting on that very morning. May asks what Meowth is doing here, and Meowth says that he's looking at the beautiful full moon which has come out tonight. May says that she isn't fooled, and tells Meowth to tell her where he's hidden her Squirtle. At that however, Squirtle calls out to her from the train tracks, having found something. May and Mowth run over to where Squirtle is standing, and May picks up what her Pokemon was pointing at: A locket. She then opens it up, only to find a picture of Kuni's husband that she had lost at the train station on the day he had left after she bumped into someone and it had fallen off. Both May and Meowth are shocked, but not as shocked as they appear to be when the locket starts to glow bright gold. May screams as the golden light bursts out and envelopes them all.

When the light fades and May is able to open her eyes, she and Meowth look around confused. However, they don't have anytime to stand around idle as a train whistle sounds all around them and a train speeds towards them before they managed to jump back up on the train platform which is full of people. May and Meowth look at eachother in shock, wondering what could have possibly happened, before one of the train station staff runs over and shouts at her for being on the train tracks. The attendant then shouts at them to get out, and they do so, not wanting to get in anymore trouble. Once outside, both are shocked when they look around to see that the town looks totally different: The buildings are no longer deserted, and there are people everywhere. Not only that, but the tree that Kumiko pointed out to her has not whithered. May swallows and wonders if maybe... somehow... they have managed to travel back in time! Meowth shouts at her and says that that's unbelivable, but May tries to reason with him and poits out that all this couldn't have happened in present day.

Just then, Hiso walks past them and goes into the train station, just like he did all that time ago in the past. Or rather, as it is now, the present. May is shocked, and whispers who he is to Meowth, who can't believe it. May nods and says that maybe this is their chance to sort things out and to prevent Hiso from ever leaving. Meowth looks worried however, and points out that maybe they shouldn't mess with such things. May doesn't listen however, and storms off into the train station with Meowth running after her to try to reason with her. The ticket man then asks to see her ticket, and she explains that she's just here to see someone off. The attendant from before appears however, and personally carries May and Meowth out of the train station and dumps them on the steps. Meowth then looks down at the ground and says that maybe they can't help afterall. At that, it starts to rain and they both realise that Kuni will be appearing soon to just missHiso. May has an idea however, and runs off towards some balloons just as Kuni, inside her house, realises that she needs to go find Hiso and make up with him. Kuni runs towards the train station, as May and Meowth rise into the sky on a makeshift hot air balloon that they have just made.

When they get high enough, May orders Squirtle to use Ice Beam on the sky above. Nothing happens at first, but soon enough the rain starts to turn into snow, which soon covers the whole town and prevents the train from leaving. The train attendants grumble about the weather, just as Kuni runs into the train station and shouts out to Hiso. Hiso is incredibly pleased to see her, but says that he thought she wouldn't come. Kuni apologises, and tells him that she can't do with him. Hiso smiles, and the two walk off together, with Hiso holding Kuni in his arms. May and Meowth watch all of this from above, and smile at the thought they they managed to help the two. However, the pendant begins to glow and surrounds them once agai in a blinding light. When they come to, they once again find themselves on the train tracks back in the present, and just managed to jump out of the way when once again, a train nearly hits them. They walk out of the station to find the town not in the same deserted state it used to be, but a lively and growing town. Meowth walks off by himself, just as Ash calls out to May, followed by Max and Brock. May is a little dazed, but soon comes to when Max tells her that her egg is starting to hatch.

Back in the Pokemon Centre, Ash, May, Max, Brock and Nurse Joy crowd around the egg as it glows, signalling that it is about to hatch. Three people then come into the room, and greet Nurse Joy. May turns around to see who it is, and is shocked to see an older Hiso, Kuni, and Kumiko who smile happily at her and introduce themselves for what is now the first time. Nurse Joy whispers to May that Hiso is one of the best people around when it comes to taking care of Pokemon eggs. Outside, Meowth watches and realises the same thing as May: Who the older people are, and that they did manage to change things for the better after all. Ash points out that the egg is really starting to glow, and May looks back at the egg to see it start to hatch, to reveal a cute little Eevee who smiles happily at the group. May greets her new Pokemon and takes it into her arms, hugging it.

Later that night, the group are about to head off on their next leg of the journey, just as Squirtle appears and points out to everyone, including Nurse Joy, Hiso, Kuni and Kumiko, the beautiful sight of the tree in the middle of the town square glowing as Volbeat and Illusime fly around it and cause it to light up.

The episode ends with them all gazing at the sight of the tree, which continues to stand as a monument of May and Meowth's adventures through time.

Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

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Egg hatches into Eevee
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