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This episode starts out looking at a Poké Centre on a beach, Ash, Brock and Max leave the Poké Centre but as Ash begins to speak Bonsly starts to cry throwing Ash off. Max and Ash seem concerned but Brock just sweatdrops at his baby Pokémon. Max then runs off in search for May, Ash turns around and declares his hunt for the Battle Tube will begin.

The waves re gently caressing the beach, as May and Eevee sit and watch, May picks up Eevee and tells it how cute she is and then tells is about her next contest, only to be interrupted my Max who runs up to her calling her name.

We cut to Ash who is standing outside a building with a huge Seviper’s head atop of it. The doors open and standing there is James in a rather strange outfit, as though he was a ring master at a circus, next to him is Wobbuffet and Meowth in the same get up. Ash approaches them and begins to introduce himself, however James and Meowth rush over and start to push Ash into the hut. The doors close behind them and James introduces Lucy the battle queen, however it is Jessie in disguise. Ash challenges her but she says there are a few rules he must follow, one of which involves his Pikachu being kept in a red box to which Ash grins and agrees.

Back outside the Poké Centre Brock is feeding Bonsly through a bottle, May and Max run up to him from behind calling his name. Brock tells them that Ash has gone to the Battle Tube already and they prepare to set off after him. All of a sudden a group of 3 girls confront Brock and co. they ask them what they are doing here, to which Brock replies telling them about Ash and the Battle Tube. For some reason this upsets the lead girl who then starts to get very angry at Brock, May and Max but luckily Scott comes to the rescue walking in between the two groups of people.

The three girls are still upset and the blonde one lunges at Brock, but suddenly something flies past her, a purple spike and it lands in the ground, stopping her in her tracks. Standing there is Lucy, she tells the girl to back off the group which she does so. Brock is standing there, all red faced ready to pounce no doubt, May and Max are gob smacked at the entrance she made. Brock runs over to Lucy and grabs her hand, Brock is doing his thing as per usual, but the blonde girl grabs and pulls away Brock, but we see Lucy has also started to blush, does she like Brock back? Scott points this out and she straightens up again, back to her usual composure.

Back in the make shift tent, Pikachu is placed in the red box which is then closed around him and as Ash watches on a net falls from the ceiling trapping him. Team Rocket do their motto and reveal their true identities, which is shortly followed by the building falling down, and the balloon emerging from within, only to reveal that the actual Battle Tube is right behind where they built their fake one.

Ash orders a thunderbolt from Pikachu, which of course doesn’t work, as Ash manages to get the net off himself, Lucy jumps in and throws one of her pins at the balloon which in turn pops in and sends them back to the ground. Pikachu’s cage is dropped by James, from which Pikachu breaks free and lands in Ash’s arms.

Brock, May, Max and Scott come up behind Ash, Scott asks Ash if he is ok, to which he replies and acknowledges his presence. May exclaims how Lucy is the Battle Tube Brain and Ash seems slightly shocked at this, Jessie is annoyed that the balloon getaway was ruined and she sends out her Seviper. Ash is going to attack back but Lucy stands up and prepares to battle, she also sends out her Seviper. Jessie orders a Poison Tail from Seviper, to which Lucy replies with a Poison Tail too. The two Seviper meet in the middle but Lucy’s Seviper is too powerful and knocks Jessie’s back, Ash is amazed at its power which is only met by a Flamethrower from the Seviper, blasting Team Rocket off.

Scott introduces Lucy to Ash, Ash approaches her and the blonde girl starts screaming again but Lucy tells her to calm down, Ash then challenges Lucy, but Brock interrupts him, Lucy watches on and blushes at what Brock is saying, but she shrugs it off and accepts Ash’s challenge. Brock again grabs her hands because he sees her blushing, but Max drags him off for the second time in the episode leaving Lucy standing there again blushing and watching Brock.

The episode continues in the Battle Tube, which has Seviper on the front and it’s tail on the back, inside the battle field which consists of a pond and a lot of grassy patches. Ash is thinking tactically, he knows about what type of Pokémon Lucy could use, Seviper being a poison type he thinks what he can use best for his advantage. Brock, Max, May and Scott are sitting on one side of the stands, and the three girls cheering Lucy on are sat at the other. The referee explains that it will be a 2 on 2 battle, swiftly started by Lucy who introduces her Seviper to the battle, Ash replies by sending out Donphan. May says that Donphan is a clever choice from Ash but Scott knows how good Seviper is and what it can do.

Ash orders a Take Down from Donphan who runs in towards Seviper, Lucy orders a poison tail from Seviper which hits Donphan square on the nose, which Donphan manages to resist. Seviper jumps in for a bite attack, and Ash orders Donphan to use Rollout to counter which hits Seviper hard, but it is ok and continues to battle.

Ash orders Donphan to hit Seviper with Rollout, which Lucy asks to counter with a Poison Tail, Seviper jumps over Donphan throwing it off guard and the Poison Tail scores a direct hit on the side of Donphan below the armour. Ash orders Donphan to kick off from the wall, it fires out and starts a Take Down at Seviper.

Lucy closes her eyes, as Donphan is coming, Ash is taken back by this and confused, May, Brock and Max are just as confused, but as Donphan is about to hit Seviper, Lucy orders a Flamethrower, hitting Donphan hard knocking it back far. Donphan lands in a cloud of dust, he struggles to get up however he does so with intent and is ready to continue to fight Seviper.

Ash orders a Hyper Beam from Donphan, but using the delay to her advantage Lucy gets in a Poison Tail attack from her Seviper. Seviper slides around Donphan to its exposed fleshy side, and hits Donphan where it is vulnerable before it is able to react, Donphan sides back still charging Hyper Beam and fires it directly at Seviper, but just before it strikes, Seviper uses Poison Tail on the water infront of it and splashes up a water barrier into which Hyper Beam collides.

A cloud of dust surrounds Seviper as Ash and Donphan watch on eagerly, May, Max and Brock are confused by what just happened however Scott goes on to explain how Seviper did it by using the water as some sort of barrier blocking the power from Hyper Beam.

From the smoke out fires a Flamethrower from Seviper, Donphan however jumps out of the way as instructed by Ash uses Rollout. Lucy however tells Seviper to aim more to the right and scores a direct hit onto the Rollouting Donphan, however Donphan is not fazed, infact it is just set on fire. Ash tells Donphan to continue its attack straight into the flamethrower to where Seviper will be standing, but Lucy warns Seviper just as Donphan is about to strike and Seviper jumps out of the way.

Donphan continues to roll and uses a rock to roll up into the air after Seviper hitting it whilst still on fire knocking Seviper out. The judge declares Ash the winner and Donphan breaks out of the rollout and the flames, just after doing so Brock stands up and calls out to Lucy who blushes in response, Brock calls out again but Max grabs his ear and pulls him back to his seat. The girls in the crowd spur on Lucy and she shakes off the blush and calls out her next Pokémon, Milotic.

Scotts explains how Ash needs to be careful as it being a Water type and Donphan being weak to it, Ash orders a Take Down from Donphan, much to May and Max’s surprise, however Lucy orders a Hydro Pump from Milotic knocking Donphan out with one hit. The judge declares Lucy the winner and in response Ash sends out Pikachu.

Pikachu has the advantage as stated by May but Brock and Scott know that Milotic will not be an easy battle due to how powerful a Milotic can be. Ash orders a Thunderbolt from Pikachu, which Lucy does not respond to, Milotic takes the damage from Thunderbolt but then it snaps free with its tail and fires a Hydro Pump at Pikachu. Pikachu is hit, whilst this is all happening Brock stands up and cheers on Lucy again, which makes her blush, again. The blonde girl in the other side of the stadium shouts back to Brock but Ash then interrupts with an Iron Tail, trying to seize his chance.

Lucy orders a Iron Tail from Milotic which is too much for Pikachu sending it flying, but Pikachu manages to land on all four. Pikachu charges at Milotic with a Quick Attack, but Milotic responds with a very powerful Twister slamming Pikachu into a rock which it follows up with a Hydro Pump throwing Pikachu through the rock and hurting it, landing on its back. Lucy tries to finish it up with an Iron Tail, but Pikachu responds with a Volt Tackle, hitting Milotic hard.

Milotic stands there with electric sparks all around it, it is paralysed. Ash orders a Quick Attack at the paralysed Milotic, but Lucy orders a Façade attack, Milotic begins to glow and it hits Pikachu hard sliding it across the playing field. Pikachu regains it feet and is ready to attack, Scott goes on to explain how Façade does more damage if the Pokémon is paralyzed, and because of the Volt Tackle, Milotic hit Pikachu for more damage.

Ash thinks about his next move, but then he has an idea, he orders a Thunderbolt from Pikachu to show itself, Lucy orders a Twister from Milotic and when the two meet Pikachu enters the twister with its lightning surrounds as a kind of armour. Pikachu starts to rotate within the Twister and then to finish off the battle, Ash orders a Volt Tackle from Pikachu which speeds down the Twister and scores a direct hit with Milotic.

As the dust settles from the explosion we see the paralyzed Milotic slam to the floor KOed and Pikachu standing there exhausted but victorious. The judge declares Ash and Pikachu the winners, whilst the group reflect on what a clever idea the Volt Tackle within in the Twister was a smart move from Ash. Ash shakes hands with Lucy who congratulates him on an outstanding battle. Lucy presents Ash with the Luck Symbol who then does his standard victory pose.

Outside the Battle Tube, Ash and co. are preparing to leave, Scott informs Ash that he now has to head to the Battle Palace where he has to challenge Spenser. Max looks it up on his PokéNav and sees that on the way May can enter her next contest. Brock grabs the hands of Lucy and does his usual stuff, he bid her farewell as both blush bright red, but Max grabs his ear and pulls him off before he had a chance to finish.

Ash and May bid everyone farewell and then leave as they are waved off, Lucy stands there, blushing brighter thinking... We focus on a house, inside a Snorlax, Abra, Makuhita, Skitty, Snorunt and Cyndaquil all with the squinty eyes greet Lucy, who picks up Snorunt and Skitty and again blushes. Brock stands at the back of the boat looking back at the island and Lucy, and Ash, Max and May look forward to the contest in Modama Town.

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435: Queen of Serpentine

435: Fierce Fighting at the Battle Pike! VS Pike Queen Lucy!



Pikachu Donphan
Wobbuffet Seviper
Mime Jr.
Abra Snorlax Cyndaquil Swinub Makuhita Skitty Seviper Milotic

Ash defeats Lucy and earns a Luck Symbol
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