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The episode begins once again outside a busy Contest Hall, with many Coordinators preparing and training their Pokemon in preperation for the upcoming event. Along with all the others is May, who is also preparing for the Contest, and is grooming her newest Pokemon Eevee for its next challenge. As Eevee comes out of its Pokeball, it flips over and lands perfectly on its feet before letting out a cute cry of its name. May asks if Eevee is alright with being in the Contest, and Eevee smiles and nods happily. Watching them is Ash, Max and a Bonsly feeding Brock who sit on the sidelines drinking cool drinks. Max wishes his sister luck, as Eevee runs happily around her legs.

A little later, a young girl along with a Raticate make their way through the large crowd, and appear to be looking for something or someone. Just as they make their way to a clearing, Ash and co. walk towards her, with May shouting Eevee's name. Just then, Eevee appears from beneath the girl with the Raticate and sends her falling back in surprise. May grabs Eevee in her arms, and asks the girl if she's okay. May apologises to the girl, and tells Eevee not to run off like that again. The girl then asks May if she's competing in the Contest, and goes on to say that this will be her first Contest, and that she's looking for the Contest Hall. Brock points to the large building to the left of them, and says that that's the place she's looking for. The girl then thanks them, and runs off towards the Contest Hall. May then wonders where Eevee could possibly have been hiding before, and Eevee jumps out of her arms to show her: At hitting the ground, Eevee digs underneath them and pops up beneath Ash and sends himfalling back in shock. Max declares that Eevee must have learned Dig somehow, and May holds Eevee up proclaiming how amazing it is.

Just then, a young woman walks over to them, pushes May and Max aside and starts gushing over Brock's Bonsly. The group then go to sit down, and the woman explains that she is Yuna, and a Pokemon Breeder, to which Brock tells her that he is one too. After some talking, Brock then calls out his other two Pokemon to show off to the woman, as well as pulling out his own Pokemon food to prove his breeding prowess. He explains that this is the food he feeds to Marshtomp, and asks her to taste some. She does so, and compliments his cooking ability: The food is just right for a Pokemon like Marshtomp. She then says that Brock must enter the upcoming Contest, which gets a shock reaction from everyone, including Brock who appears to ponder the matter. Breeding and Coordinating sometimes go hand in hand, of course, Brock goes on to say that he will do anything for Miss Yuna, and runs off to fetch a Contest Pass... coming back seconds later with one and showing the group. Max and May are amazed, and Max says he can't elieve is actually going to enter a Contest, and Ash suggests that maybe May just found herself a new rival. With his Contest Pass in hand, Brock makes a speech, and proclaims that he'll win the Contest no matter what and win the ribbon.

Elsewhere, we find Team Rocket preparing for their latest scam, as Jessie puts a box full of ribbons down on the floor after proclaiming that she will soon be a Top Coordinator... with Mime Jr. joining in on the act. James asks what she's planning to do, and Jessie points down to the box of ribbons at her feet. James starts inspecting them, and screams in disgust when he realises that Jessie used his precious bottlecaps in order to make them! Jessie isn't too bothered however, and explains that if she is to become a Top Coordinator, sacrifices need to be made.

Inside the Contest Hall itself, Lillian is making her usual pre-Contest speech in order to get the crowd fired up and ready for the Contest. The audience lap up her performance, shouting and cheering in eager anticipation of the main event. She then shows off the ribbon that can be won in the Contest, as May and Brock look on from the Trainer's Waiting Room. Beock admits to May that he's rather nervous about it all, but smiles and continues to watch Lillian's speech. Back inside the Main Hall, Lillian introduces the three judges for the Contest: Mr Contesta, the head of all Pokemon Contests, The Head of the Pokemon Fanclub, and the local Nurse Joy. With those introductions over and done with, Lillian gets the ball rolling and calls on the first Coordinator... who turns out to be the girl with the Raticate from earlier. The girl starts off by calling out her Raticate, and then throwing a log into the air. Raticate jumps as she does this, and rips through the log with its sharp teeth until there's nothing butsplinters left. The crowd cheers, and Brock remarks that her performance was pretty good, to which May scolds him and says that she's one of his rivals for the Contest Ribbon!

Lillian then call on May, who sends out Squirtle as her appeal Pokemon. Max shouts good luck to his sister, who proceeds to order Squirtle to use Rapid Spin. Squirtle does so, landing on the ground, withdrawing itself into its shell and spinning. May then orders Squirtle to start spinning faster and faster, and then follows up by telling it to use Bubble to create a pyramid of sparkling bubbles. Lillian wonders if this is her big finish, but May then goes onto call for an Ice Beam, which freezes all of the bubbles and creates a large ice pyramid which Squirtle poses happily on top of. The judges then all praise her for her appeal, as Brock looks on from the waiting room, pondering on how he could better May's attempt.

Several appeals are then shown, including one from an Arbok and a Sableye. After some time, Brock is called on to do his appeal, as the crowd and Pikachu cheer and Max wishes his friend luck. Brock starts things off by sending out his Bonsly, and calling for a Fake Tears attack. Bonsly does so, and the crowd looks on in surprise at the crying Pokemon. The judges seem impressed at the display however, which pleases Brock greatly as he dives over to Nurse Joy to express his happiness. Lillian however, pulls him away by the ear and tells him to finish off his appeal if he has anything left to do... which he does. Smiling at the camera, Brock's eyes light up as he grips a white baseball, and stares at an also determinded Bonsly. Brock then hurls the ball at Bonsly, who manages to catch it, using its head branches as a baseball glove. The crowd cheers as Bonsly smiles happily at its success. Brock isn't finished however, and he throws lots of balls into the air, which Bonsly manages to bounce all of them off itsbody and juggle them. The audience claps, and Brock cannot believe how well recieved his performance was.

Outside, Team Rocket's latest money making scheme is in full effect, with Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbuffet dressed in Hippie style clothing and selling various Contest related merchandise. Jessie clenches her fist and looks back towards the Contest Hall, muttering to herself that it should be her inside there, competing towards her goal of being a Top Coordinator. Back inside said Contest Hall, Lillian is announcing the Coordinators that will go through to the next round: May, Brock and the girl with the Raticate are listed, which means both of our heroes have made it through to the battle stage of the Contest. The battle stage itself is then decided... with Brock going up against the girl with the Raticate.

Inside the coordinator waiting room, May tells Brock she's looking forward to seeing him in the final round. Brock nods, and May wishes him luck and he thanks her. At that, Max, Ash and Yuna enter the room to meet with the two eager Coordinators. Brock tries despretely to flirt with her, but she laughs off his advances and tries to change to subject to May's Squirtle, who she compliments. Sometime later, Brock's battle against the Raticate girl begins, with Brock sending out Marshtomp and the girl sending out Absol. The Absol user is the first to order an attack, to which Brock orders Marshtomp to dodge. Marshtomp does so, leaping over the danger and landing safely. Absol is then ordered to use Quick Attack, and Brock counters by telling Marshtomp to use Mud Shot on the ground beneath Absol... creating a slippery surface which Absol starts to slip on. Seeing his chance, Brock then orders Marshtomp to use Water Gun on the fallne Absol. Marshtomp does so, and Absol is sent flying back and out for the count. rock is announced the winner, and advances to the next stage.

Sometime later, both Brock and May have made it all the way past their respective challenges and have found themselves going up against eachother in the Final Round. Max is worried about how this will turn out, as Lillian starts the battle off with her usual excited style of presenting. May sends out Eevee as her battling Pokemon of choice, and Brock sends out Marshtomp. May begins by telling Eevee to use Shadow Ball. Eevee fires off the dark ball, and Brock cooly tells Marshtomp to use Protect... which forms a protective barrier around itself, negating the attack. May is shocked that Marshtomp knows such a move, and Brock takes advantage of this and calls for a Mud Shot. Marshtomp fires off a barrage of mud.

May quickly recovers from her shock and tells Eevee to use Dig to avoid the attack. Brock doesn't let this phase him however, as he tells Marshtomp to lower itself to the ground and use its gills and arms to try to sense where Eevee is underground... a move which greatly impresses the three judges.May tells Eevee to come out now, but Marshtomp is waiting for it with a Water Gun, which sends Eevee flying back. May calls out to Eevee, who is lying slightly injured on the ground. Yuna remarks that Eevee can no longer use Dig to hide underground as long as Marshtomp is able to sense it like that, and Ash grits his teeth as he watches his two friends go head to head. Brock isn't about to let Eevee recover however, as he tells Marshtomp to use Mud Shot again.

May cries out to Eevee again, who manages to jump out of the way just in time to dodge the attack. Brock then tells Marshtomp to attack again, and May counters by telling Eevee to use Shadow Ball. Brock counters himself by telling Marshtomp to use Water Gun, which stops the Shadow Ball, and then Quick Attack which slams right into Eevee. May tells Eevee to use Dig to go underground again, and Marshtomp once again senses where Eevee will come out, and headbutts it when Eevee emerges. Eevee isn't about to give up however, and proceeds to launch a volley of quick Dig attacks which constantly keep Marshtomp on its feet and stop it from being able to sense where it will emerge next. Brock then decides to use Mud Shot to cover the whole arena with mud, thinking he can stop Eevee from going underground this way.

Brock then tells Marshtomp to use Water Gun, but Eevee dodges... until it lands on the muddy surface of the battle arena, and slips over, unable to maintain its footing. Brock then tells Marshtomp to use Wter Gun again, which once again hits Eevee and pushes it back, costing May serious points. May grits her teeth and wonders on how she can possibly win this... until she notices a dry patch of earth and tells Eevee to go jump on top of it. Eevee does so, and Brock calls for another Water Gun. Just as the attack is about to hit however, Eevee jumps on top of the water stream and runs down it towards Marshtomp.

Eevee then Tackles straight into Brock's Pokemon and sends it flying back into its own mud. Brock orders Marshtomp to use Water Gun again, but each blast is avoided by Eevee who jumps between the various dry patches of ground in the battle arena. May then tells Eevee to use Shadow Ball, which this time hits home and explodes on contact with Marshtomp. She then tells Eevee to use Quick Attack, and Brock responds by ordering a Mud Shot. Eevee once again dodges the Mud Shot, and smashes straight into Marshtomp. May then orders Shadow Ball, and Brock tries to counter with Water Gun, and the two attacks collde once again, negating eachother. At that, the timer for the battle runs out, and May, who has more points than Brock, wins the match. The crowd cheer and clap, and May is awarded the ribbon as she is surrounded by all the other Coordinators from the Contest.

Later that day, we find Yuna explaining to Brock that the girl he beat in the first round was in fact her sister, who has just started out as a Coordinator. Brock struggles to find what to say, but they both thank him and Yuna says that he made a wonderful Coordinator. They then both walk off into the sunset, as once again Brock is left feeling rejected.

Sometime in the night, we find Team Rocket crowded around themselves, with Jessie once again proclaiming her dream of being a Top Coordinator. The episode ends with her ranting into the night.

Thanks to Alfonso for writing this for us

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