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The episode starts with Ash outside the Pokemon Centre training for his up coming rematch with Brandon at the Battle Pyramid. He has Pikachu, Corphish, Sceptile and Aipom practicing their accuracy by aiming their attacks at so skittles. Meanwhile, inside the Pokemon Centre Brock is looking forward to making breakfast with Nurse Joy, but his happiness is interrupted when he find Nurse Joy collapsed on the floor of the kitchen.

The gang put her to bed and Prof Oak says she has the flu. Nurse Joy tries to get out of bed saying that there is too much work to do for her to rest. Prof Oak lays her back and the gang say that they will look after the Pokemon Centre until she is better.

Team rocket are now nearing the end of their long trek back to the Pokemon Centre so they can keeps tabs on Ash and co. However they reach a fork in the rod and seiing as they can't agree which is the right way, Jessie has fate decide and throws a stick up in the air. The stick bounces of a Diglett and hits a Gloom. The Gloom fires a Stun Spore attack which knocks and Electrode out of a tree and rolling down the hill. I lands on the hood of a car and explodes.

At the Pokemon Centre the gang get a call saying that a PokeSitter car has been damaged in an accident which also injured the vehicle. Prof Oak explains that sometimes trainers have PokeSitters look after their Pokemon for them so it is important that they tend to the injured Pokemon. The ask Scott to drive them to the site so they can collect the Pokemon. When they get there they hook the vehicle up to Scott can so they can repair it back at the Pokemon Centre and help the PokeSitter, called Matt, round up all the injured Pokemon. Looking down on what is going on from the cliff, Team Rocket imagine how strong they would be if they stole all of the Pokemon and evolved them. Gleefully they hatch a plan to steal all of them. Whilst the gang prepare to head back to the Pokemon Centre the Bagon, who was the only Pokemon not injured in the accident, is watching a few Fearow fly past. Just as the gang are about to head back to the Pokemon Centre Bagon runs off after a passing Butterfree with Matt and Ash giving chase.

They chase it into a wood where Bagon attempts to fly by jumping of a rock. Despite its best efforts it crashes into the ground. Ash tries to see if it is ok but Bagon, wary of strangers, uses Headbutt on Ash and runs off into the bushes.

Having got the rest of the Pokemon back to the Pokemon Centre they heal them one by one before looking after them while they wait for Matt and Ash to get back. Max is feeding Makuhita and Whismur but has a few problems getting Whismur to eat its food. As Whismur starts to cry Max strokes it, calming it down and starts to eat. May is playing with Seedot and Swinub by throwing a ball to them and getting them to knock it back to her. She notices a Larvitar watching them from behind some furniture. She approaches it and tries to get it to join in but its shyness causes it to attack her with a Sandstorm as she gets closer. In the treatment room, Brock finishes healing Wooper, the last of the Pokemon to make it back to the Pokemon Centre. Prof Oak says that he managed to gain the trust of a Pokemon he had never met before, the sign of a natural healer.

In the garage, Scott is busy trying to fix Matt's car when the referee from the Battle Pyramid comes up to him. Scott asks him if he has heard from Brandon yet and he says he hasn't, but it shouldn't be long now.

Out in the valley wood, Ash and Matt continue to search for Bagon but see no sign of it. Suddenly they hear its cry and find it standing on top of a huge boulder overlooking a river and about to jump. Ash and Matt can only watch as its efforts to fly fail again and it falls straight into the river. It is caught up in the strong current and is dragged towards a waterfall. Lucky as it is dragged around a rock it manages to grab hold of it and climb on. However, a pack of Carvahna living in the river attack it. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on them which it does, knocking them out, but more Carvahna appear up stream heading straight towards Bagon. Ash grabs a nearby log and throws to Bagon to use as a bridge to cross the river, but two Carvahna start chewing at it, and Bagon, scared, is still stranded on the rock. Ash sends out Sceptile to help and it jumps on the log, using it as a catapult to get Bagon on to the other side of the river. Matt manages to catch Bagon as it falls but he discovers that Bagon has a fever and he and Ash head back to the Pokemon Centre as quick as they can.

Back in Nurse Joy's room she is talking to May and Prof Oak telling them how she feels frustrated that she is ill when so much is going on at the Pokemon Centre. As May says that they are all coping fine Nurse Joy spots the shy Larvitar peeping round the door. As Prof Oak goes up to it May tries to warn him but before she can it attacks the Professor with Sandstorm. Just then Max comes into the room saying that Ash and Matt have just got back with Bagon but it has a fever. Brock and Prof Oak take Bagon into the main treatment room to see what they can do and the rest of the gang wait patiently outside. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are approaching the Pokemon Centre ready to initiate their plan to steal the PokeSitter's Pokemon. While the gang wait May and Max feed the rest of the Pokemon and Matt notices how well the two of them have managed to gain the trust of them. Brock eventually comes out of the treatment room saying Bagon is slightly better but they will have to keep a close eye on it.

Just then Team Rocker appear claiming to be assistant PokeSitters from the PokeSitters Union. They start rounding up all of the Pokemon saying they are taking because Matt has his hands full with Bagon. Matt doesn't buy it but before he can do anything Team Rocket launch a smoke bomb and make their getaway. As the gang chase after Team Rocket, back in the treatment room Prof Oak is struggling to help Bagon as its fever worsens, however help is on hand when Nurse Joy turns up fully revived from her illness and ready to help.

The gang find Team Rocket making their getaway in their balloon. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but Matt stops him, as the attack would injure to captured Pokemon. Meanwhile back at the Pokemon Centre Nurse Joy is giving Bagon some medicine in order to clam its fever. As the gang watch Team Rocket May realises that Larvitar can save itself and tells it to use Sandstorm. The attack bashes into the balloon basket, shaking it violently and it also knocks a lot of air out of the balloon causing it to fall to the ground. The gang rescue the Pokemon from the cage as Team Rocket send out Seviper and Cacnea in order to try and get them back. With Pikachu no longer restricted by the imprisoned Pokemon, Ash has it use Volt Tackle to send Team Rocket blasting off. Brock now catches up to them saying that they have Bagon's fever just broke and its going to be fine.

Next morning, Bagon has fully recovered and Scott has finished fixing Matt's car. As he prepares to leave Ash, May and Max say goodbye to the Pokemon that they have befriended. As Matt drives off, the referee from the Battle Pyramid runs up to the gang saying he just got a call from Brandon, who told him he has found the Pokemon he was looking for and is on his way back.

The episode ends with Ash looking forward the his second rematch with Brandon.

Thanks to Celibitwo for writing this for us

464: Pinch Healing

464: The Pokémon Center is Very Busy!


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