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Ash, Misty, and Brock have made it to Volencia Island, but they're not sure where to find Professor Ivy. Ash complains about the heat, and they stop in a Pokémon Center to get some information. Of course, Nurse Joy is there (she's the second cousin of the sister-in-law of the Joy in Saffron) and of course, Brock is quick to introduce himself. Misty pulls him away by the ear, and Ash asks for directions to Professor Ivy's lab.
Moments later, the group are in the lab, searching for signs of life. A trapdoor beneath Pikachu opens up, and three triplets come out. These are apparently Ivy's aides. They greet Ash and his friends and take her out back onto the beach. Suddenly, a huge Gyarados surfaces from the water. He settles, and Brock stares at the young woman petting him. The triplets call to her, and introduce her to Ash and his friends, saying that they're from Professor Oak. They go back inside the lab and Ivy shows them the Pokéball.
She tells them that the only information they have about the Pokéball is that which you can gather by looking at it. She says they've been calling it the "GS Ball" because those letters are printed on the ball and because it is Gold and Silver colored. After demonstrating the incapability of transporting it she tells them that they can't open it either, not with any form of force. She gives the ball to Oak and tells him to get it to Oak safely.
In Pallet Town, Professor Oak is studying a Magikarp. The phone rings and Ash tells him that he has the ball. Ivy takes the phone from Ash, and she and Oak start to compliment each other on some articles they did. Ash breaks in and tells Oak that he'll see them soon.
Back at the airfield on Volencia Island, Team Rocket have made it ashore. James and Meowth start to sob, and Jesse whacks them with a wrench. She reminds them that Ash and his friends need to get back to the mainland and they'll have another chance. They set in on repairing the blimp.
Professor Ivy shows Ash and his friends around the lab area and Brock comments on how huge it is. A Vileplume comes out of a bush, and Ash notes that it looks different. Suddenly, two of the aides come out with a cart full of food. Several Pokémon come into the clearing and start to eat. Brock asks Ivy about why the Pokémon look a bit different and she explains that it is because of the climate of the island. She says that she herself has bred most of the Pokémon on the entire island, and tells them that she loves each and every one. As wonders aloud if there is a "tropical style" Pikachu and he notices his Pikachu eating some of Ivy's food. He scolds him, but Ivy tells him that it's perfectly all right.
One of the aides directs their attention to a Butterfree clinging to a branch on a tree. He's not eating. She tells them that, in fact, he hasn't eaten anything for days. Nothing they've done has seemed to get him to eat, not even changing the nutritional content. Brock takes a piece of the food and sticks it in his mouth. He chews at it for a moment, then runs off.
Moments later, Brock is crushing something with a motor and pestle. He tells Ivy and her assistants that a Pokémon doesn't care about nutritional value, it cares about taste. Ivy asks him how one can tell what flavor a Pokémon likes and Brock answers with one word: "Experience." He takes a handful of the stuff he was crushing and sprinkles it on the food. The Butterfree immediately goes to the food and digs in, much to everyone's amazement. He tells Ivy and her aides that Butterfree like their food sweet, and Ivy expresses her embarrassment about not knowing this. Ash tells her Brock's dream of becoming a Pokémon breeder and the two aides beg him to teach them what he knows. The third aide appears and tells them that they need to cook dinner for themselves. Brock looks up.
They go back inside the lab building, and Ash and his friends are horrified at how messy it is. Ivy tells them that they've been too wrapped up with their research to clean house. Ash notices that Brock is shaking. He quickly dons an apron, and grabs a sponge and vacuum. He dashes around, and in minutes the house is clean and dinner is made. They dig in, and Brock notes how much they're like his family.
That night, when everyone's asleep, Ivy and two of her aides are watching several Vileplume dance around. Brock approaches and offers Ivy a snack. She tells him that they're beginning a new study of theirs. She explains that the Vileplume spray pollen every night to protect their territory. Suddenly, a Raticate jumps into the clearing. Ivy dashes out of her hiding place to save him. The pollen gets to both of them, and Brock rushes over. The aides contact Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center.
Nurse Joy treats both Raticate and Professor Ivy. Ash and Misty are up, and wonder what happened. Joy tells Ivy that the Raticate will be fine since she got it out of there so quickly. She apologizes to her aides about putting herself into danger and they comfort her.
The next morning, Ash and Misty say goodbye to Professor Ivy. Misty wonders where Brock is, when he runs in carrying several boards. They go outside and see him on the roof, repairing a leak. Ivy tells Ash and Misty that it appears Brock is going to stay with her. He tells Ash and Misty that this is true. He wants to learn more about Pokémon and if he stays, he can. He tells them that he also feels that Ivy and the Pokémon need him. Ash and Brock shake hands and waves goodbye. After Brock tells them not to forget him, Ash and Misty set off for the airfield.
Misty asks Ash how he plans to get back to the mainland. He takes out the blimp tickets and she reminds him that the blimp was totaled. They get to the airfield and are stunned to see a very nice looking blimp floating there. Jessie and James (dressed as pilots) usher them aboard, despite their worries. The blimp sets off.
Ash and Misty yell out for the food they're supposed to get, and Jessie and James show up again. A cage slams down on them, and Team Rocket says their motto. They notice that Brock isn't with them and start to tease them about how they're alone with each other. Pikachu readies a Thunderbolt, but Jessie reminds them that they're on a blimp full of flammable gas. If Pikachu uses his electricity, the blimp will explode. They tell Ash to hand Pikachu over and Jigglypuff appears once again. He starts to sing, and Team Rocket quickly don parachutes. It's too late though, and they're sucked out of the blimp by the open door. Jigglypuff falls along with them and they float down to the water.
The blimp continues on, however, with it's passengers asleep. What will happen to them?!

085: Pokéball Peril

085: Pokémon and Pokéball in the South



Professor Oak
Nurse Joy
Professor Ivy

Pikachu Bulbasaur Squirtle
Vulpix Zubat Geodude Onix
Psyduck Staryu Togepi
Nurse Joy:
Special/Other Trainers:
Butterfree Raticate Nidoran♀ Nidoran♂ Vileplume Paras Poliwhirl Weepinbell Cloyster Magikarp Gyarados

> Ash and Co. find Professor Ivy and get the GS Ball.
Brock Decides to stay on Valencia Island