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The episode begins at night, overlooking a forest. Three Seedot are sleeping peacefully before one of them rolls over, falling off the branch. Bouncing off a Shiftry, it lands next to a Nuzleaf and inadvertently nudges it off as well. The Nuzleaf bounces off another branch before landing on a Vileplume, startling it and causing it to panic and run off into the forest. As morning comes, the Vileplume continues to run, and its Stun Spore wakes the Nuzleaf. As it sits up it is caught in another tree branch and falls to the floor. Yawning, it soon realizes it is far from its home and has no idea of how to get back. Crying out for help but receiving no reply it frantically only to fall off a cliff in its desperation.

Elsewhere, Ash and co are making good progress towards Oreburgh City, just needing to cross a mountain to reach their destination. Although Ash is eager to get to his first Sinnoh gym battle, Dawn moans points to a nearby Pokemon centre, suggesting they stay the night their and climb the mountain tomorrow. As Brock is feeding his Bonsly their attention is caught by a disturbance nearby in the forest. The group decides to see what is going on and dash off into the woods.

At the scene, the lost Nuzleaf has been found by the local Nurse Joy. Both injured and frightened it is backs against a tree as Nurse Joy tries to persuade it to let her help. However this only prompts Nuzleaf to fire a Razor Leaf attack at her. Brock instantly jumps to her aid, but easily get distracted when Nurse Joy asks who he is causing Croagunk to give him a Poison Jab. Ash and Dawn arrive as Croagunk drags Brock away, at which point Nuzleaf launches another Razor Leaf attack. As Dawn scans it on her Pokedex, Nurse Joy explains the situation to them

Knowing Nuzleaf to be afraid of people, he approaches it rationally, which relaxes it. Then blowing on a leaf to make a whistle like noise before giving it an Oran Berry and which point the Nuzleaf becomes frightened again. Bringing out Bonsly and feeding it the Oran berry convinces the Nuzleaf to have some itself and both Pokemon are soon eating a bowl full of the berries. As Nurse Joy is amazed by Brock's talent, he pulls out a Potion to heal Nuzleaf's wound.

As Ash compliments Brock's success, Nurse Joy wonders why Nuzleaf is here as they normally live at a large 1000 year old tree that is much deeper in the forest. As the group decides to take Nuzleaf back to the tree, Team Rocket watch the scene from behind a nearby bush. The trio decide to capture Nuzleaf and give it to Giovanni, engaging in another wild fantasy this time in which Nuzleaf's leaf whistle persuades him to give all his money to the three of them.

Back with Ash and co, Nuzleaf is walking happily alongside Bonsly as the group head towards the 1000 year old tree when suddenly Meowth, disguised as a Shiftry, jumps in front of them. As Dawn guesses it must be one of Nuzleaf's friends Jessie and James, disguised as two travelers also make an appearance, claiming that their 'Shiftry' has been searching for Nuzleaf for many years. An intrigued Dawn tries to scan Shiftry on her Pokedex, but it identifies Meowth, causing Meowth to say the Pokedex is broken, blowing Team rockets disguise. Ash demands to know who they are at which point Team rocket recite their motto before firing a net from a bazooka, which captures both Nuzleaf and Bonsly.

Brock gives chases and manages to grab on to the net before Team Rockets balloon becomes airborne. Ash sends out Staravia to try and cut the rope, but before it reaches it Jessie sends out Seviper, who uses Haze to stop it. By the time the attack has cleared, the balloon has managed to travel a significant distance but still with Brock onboard.

Later, the balloon has landed in the forest, with both Bonsly and Nuzleaf trapped in a cage and Brock tied to a tree. Team Rocket remark about their success while Brock yells at them, but they merely laugh it off. As Brock determinedly thinks about what to do, Team Rocket become hungry and get out their last scraps of food, realizing they are unable to make anything substantial with what they have. Spotting his chance, Brock declares that he would be able to turn the food into a something better for them, with a hidden agenda of being untied and then being able to rescue Bonsly and Nuzleaf. With no better option, Team Rocket accepts his offer.

True to his word, Brock makes Team Rocket a delicious meal, which they happily devour whilst he uses the opportunity to sneak off with the caged Pokemon. After putting some distance between himself and the trio, Brock has Bonsly use Double-Edge to try and break the bars of the cage. However the young Pokemon fails in its attempts and bursts into tears, hurt from the recoil of the attacks. Comforted by Nuzleaf and encourage by Brock, Bonsly finds the strength to attack again and succeeds in breaking the cage bars; freeing both itself and Nuzleaf. As Brock congratulates his Pokemon, who dances with pride at its achievement, as it begins to glow. Brock and Nuzleaf look on in awe and Bonsly evolves into Sudowoodo.

Elsewhere, returns to Ash and Dawn having been unable to locate Brock. With no other options, Ash and Dawn decide to try and find where Team Rocket's balloon landed. Meanwhile, Brock too is wondering how he is going to re-unite with his friends just as he spot the 1000 year old tree and decides to get Nuzleaf home before taking care of himself. However, Team Rocket, infuriated at how Brock was able to them with the two Pokemon, are desperately searching the forest from the balloon whilst angrily arguing with each other over who's fault it was.

In the meantime, Brock has reached a fast flowing river. With Nuzleaf's tree on the other side, the only way to cross it is to jump between some stepping stones placed in the river. Knowing Sudowoodo dislikes water, Brock returns him to his Pokeball, causing Nuzleaf, who was being carried on his back to fall to the ground. Still scared and uncomfortable without its new friend, Nuzleaf begins to cry, forcing Brock to bring Sudowoodo back out. With Nuzleaf calmed, Brock persuades Sudowoodo to cross the river with him.

As the two of them jump between the stones with Nuzleaf on Sudowoodo's back, Team Rocket spots Brock and the Pokemon from their balloon. Just as they reach the riverbank, Team Rocket appear, furious at Brock for tricking them back in the forest. They demand he hand over Nuzleaf to them, but he refusing prompting Jessie to send out Seviper. With Sudowoodo still stuck on the stepping stones Brock sends out Croagunk to fight Team Rocket. Jessie commands a bite from Seviper, who easily lands a hit on Croagunk, who doesn't even bother to dodge the attack. Brock has Croagunk fight back with Poison Jab, which also scores a powerful hit and sending Seviper flying backwards. Jessie has Seviper follow up with Poison Tail, but Brock successfully counters by having Croagunk use Poison Sting. The attack manages to stop Seviper in its tracks and also destroys Team Rockets balloon. The smoke from the blasts is spotted by Ash and Dawn, who realize that must be where Brock is.

Back at the river, Jessie orders a wrap from Seviper, who ensnares Croagunk because once again it didn't try to avoid the attack. Brock uses the opportunity to command a Brick Break from Croagunk, who strikes Seviper right on the head. As Jessie orders Seviper to Wrap harder, Brock has Croagunk hit it with Brick Break again. The two attacks continue until one final Brick Break finally knocks out Seviper. However Croagunk also succumbs to its injuries and is recalled by Brock. James immediately sends out Carnivine, who typically hugs James affectionately on its release. Annoyed, James throws Carnivine off him and commands a Bullet Seed. With Sudowoodo still stuck on the river, the attack goes directly to Brock and Nuzleaf. Looking on from the river, Sudowoodo sees the fear in Nuzleaf and eager to protect its friend it finds the courage to jump the last stone.

James commands Carnivine use Bite, but Brock has Sudowoodo dodge and use Double-Edge. The attack scores a hit, but James quickly has Carnivine follow up with another Bullet Seed. Brock has Sudowoodo counter using Mimic, and the two Bullet Seed attacks collide in mid-air causing an explosion. As it clears, Ash and Dawn finally catch up to them. Dawns notices Sudowoodo and scans it on her Pokedex realizes Bonsly must have evolved.

Ash offers to take over battle but Brock refuses, wanting to finish Sudowoodo's first battle by himself. James has Carnivine use another Bullet Seed, which catches Sudowoodo off guard and lands a hit. Brock retaliates by having Sudowoodo use Double-Edge to charges through the attack slam into Carnivine. James follows up with a Bite attack, with which Carnivine manages to clamp onto Sudowoodo. Brock has Sudowoodo escape by using Flail, which allows to throw Carnivine across the battlefield. Carnivine still is beaten though, and James has it use yet another Bullet Seed, however this time Brock get Sudowoodo to dodge and use Mimic, which lands a direct hit on Carnivine, fainting it.

As Brock and Nuzleaf congratulate Sudowoodo on its victory, Jessie and James continue to fight by sending out both Cacnea and Dustox. At this point, Ash is ready to step in to aid Brock, but before he can command Pikachu to attack, a powerful whirlwind emerges from the forest and a Shiftry jumps out. Dawns scans it on her Pokedex. As Team Rocket wonder what to do, Meowth yells to Shiftry that Ash and co are the ones who took Nuzleaf. As the group argue that it was really Team Rocket, laugh and prepare to snatch the Pokemon.

As the angry Shiftry bears down on the group, a claw flies over its head and grabs Nuzleaf. Up above, Team Rocket attempt to escape in a Wobbuffet balloon, as Brock demands they return Nuzleaf. Enraged, Shiftry uses Razor Wind to burst the balloon, which causes the trio to loses their grip on Nuzleaf who falls to the ground. As Ash and co look on, terrified, Shiftry uses Whirlwind to cushion Nuzleaf's landing. With Team Rocket still hurtling around in their balloon, Ash has Pikachu use Thunderbolt, which destroys it, and send the Team blasting off again.

Back on the ground, a relieved Nuzleaf is seen hugging Shiftry, who is also glad to have it back. As Ash Brock and Dawn complement Sudowoodo on how it has grown, its receives grateful looks from both Nuzleaf and Shiftry.

Later, Nuzleaf has finally been returned to its home, with Ash and Dawn reminding it stay close to home and to take care of its friends.

The episode ends with the gang waving goodbye to the Pokemon and heading back on the road to Oreburgh City.

Thanks to Celebitwo for writing this for us

482: Leave it to Brocko

482: Leave it to Brock!!


Officer Jenny

Pikachu Staravia
Sudowoodo Bonsly Croagunk
Wobbuffet Dustox Seviper
Cacnea Mime Jr. Carnivine
Vileplume Seedot Nuzleaf Shiftry

Bonsly evolves into Sudowoodo
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