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The episode begins in the Oreburgh Gym, where Ash walks up to the arena. Roark greets him, and identifies a new found condifence in Ash, after all the hard training Ash went through. Ash ensures Roark that he will leave the gym with the first Sinnoh badge in his hand. The referee then begins the battle between Ash from Pallet Town and Roark from Oreburgh City. Dawn and Brock watch on, as the referee reminds the Ash and Roark that the battle will once again be a 3 on 3 battle. Brock then asks Dawn why she is wearing a cheerleader costume. Dawn then says that because of all the special training she went through with Ash, that she has to wear it to help cheer Ash on. Dawn then cheers, along with her two Pokémon, Buneary and Piplup, Ash appreciating the hard work she went through.

Roark starts off the battle by sending out his Onix. Responsing to this move, Ash sends out his Pikachu against the Rock/Ground type. The referee then officially begins the battle. Pikachu starts off with a super fast Quick Attack, and Onix replies with Slam. However, Ash reveals that he didn't plan to actually damage Onix. Ash then commands Pikachu to run onto Onix. It then runs up the rocky tail, and Onix then used to Screech, trying to stop Pikachu from running any further. Pikachu then grabs hold of Onix's sharp point on its head, as Onix tries to shake Pikachu off. Pikachu then uses Iron Tail, and slaps Onix's mouth. Roark then commands Onix to use Double Edge. Onix and Pikachu leap into each other, and Pikachu spins as it flies past Onix.

Ash's friends then cheer him on as the improvisation works. Pikachu then finishes off the improvisation with another Iron Tail; however, Onix uses Slam, and its tail slams into Pikachu's body. Pikachu is dragged all the way into a rock, which is broken by the sheer force. As Pikachu is stuck beneath the shattered rock, Roark reveals that between battles, he trains all his Pokemon. He then commands Onix to use Stealth Rock, and Brock reminds Dawn about the effects of the move. As Onix sent rocks into the shattered rock, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, destroying the shattered rock and also all the incoming rocks. It then hits Onix, and as Onix is still being shocked by it, Pikachu finishes it off with Iron Tail, as Onix uses another Screech. However, it's too late, and Onix has been defeated.

Dawn then compliments Pikachu's victory, and Buneary blushes due to Pikachu's powerful move. Roark sends Onix back into its Pokéball, and then he sends out his second Pokémon; a Geodude. Then, Ash returns Pikachu, as it is getting tired. Ash replaces it with his monkey Pokémon, Aipom. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are sneaking around, and reciting their motto. They get to a backdoor by the Gym, and Meowth smartly unlocks it with his claw. James opens it, and they see a hall, with four doors, and a corridor. Meanwhile, back in the battlefield, Dawn and her Pokémon are cheering again; this time, they're doing their 'Aipom Cheer'. Croagunk then walks off, although no-one seems to notice the Poison type's disappearance.

Back in battle, Aipom uses Swift on Geodude. Stars are about to shoot at Geodude, but it uses Rollout to avoid them. Aipom then uses Double Team, creating many illusionary copies. It crashes into a rock, and stops using the move. Aipom then uses Focus Punch. It punches Geodude, but it blocks the attack with its fist. It then uses Seismic Toss, and jumps up while holding Aipom, and then crashes into the ground. Geodude uses Rollout again, but Aipom dodges it, and spins just like Pikachu. Aipom uses Focus Punch again, and punches Geodude again, but this time, Geodude gets defeated. Everyone compliments Aipom's victory over Geodude. Roark then sends out his third, and recently evolved Pokémon, Rampardos.

Aipom starts off by using Swift again. However, Rampardos just stands there, and doesn't seem to want to dodge the move. It lets the move hurt itself, however, it seems that the move didn't hurt it one bit. Ash then worries, wondering how he'll get past Rampardos. Rampardos then uses Headbutt, and defeats Aipom, who couldn't dodge the move. Just then, everyone suddenly realised how much stronger Rampardos had become after evolving. Brock then wonders if Roark is testing how good Ash is, saying it's what all good gym leaders do. Ash then asks Pikachu to replace Aipom, certain that Pikachu will be able to win.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are sneaking through the corridor, looking for the battlefield. Just then, they notice Brock's Croagunk sitting in the middle of the corridor. The trio are amazed to see the strange Pokémon there. They then become nervous, and become afraid that Croagunk will do something to them. Croagunk then slowly walks to the trio, who take step back each time. Meanwhile, back at the battlefield, Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. However, Rampardos dodges the move, and uses Zen Headbutt. However, as Rampardos zooms towards Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon once again spins past Rampardos, once again utilising its improvisation. However, Pikachu is injured, and then falls to the ground.

Once again, Pikachu tries to use its Quick Attack move. Rampardos intercepts with Headbutt, but Pikachu dodges it by spinning again. This time, Pikachu does it horizontally, so that it was not effected by Rampardos. However, just as Pikachu reaches its tail, Rampardos throws the Mouse Pokémon off. Just as it is about to land, it uses Iron Tail, but Rampardos intercepts with Zen Headbutt. Rampardos then uses Zen Headbutt to try and finish Pikachu off.

Unfortunately, it works. The referee officialy says that Pikachu has been defeated, and Ash runs to check Pikachu. Dawn and her Pokémon are saddened by Pikachu's defeat, and says that Turtwig should win as it would have an advantage. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are still stepping backwards from outside the gym, and Croagunk is still slowly chases them. Jessie thinks that Croagunk is chasing them because it wants to join the team (EP476 Gymbaliar). Croagunk replies with a Poison Jab. James and Meowth are scared by Jessie being poisoned, and they run off at an amazing speed. Back at the battlefield, Ash sends his Turtwig into battle. Ash starts by ordering Turtwig to start running. Rampardos tries to use Headbutt, but Turtwig leaps over the Rock type Pokémon. Turtwig then bites Rampardos' tail, as Rampardos was about to slap Turtwig with its tail. Turtwig then spins, and releases Rampardos. Rampardos is then thrown across the gym to the other side.

It smashes into a rock, and everyone is amazed by how far Turtwig could throw the huge Pokémon. Turtwig then uses Razor Leaf, as a razor sharp leaves shoot towards Rampardos. Rampardos then uses a blistering Flamethrower, and it burns all the leaves. Roark then commands Rampardos to use Head Smash. Just as Rampardos is about to hit Turtwig, Ash then commands it to use Razor Leaf. However, Turtwig was hit by Head Smash. Thankfully, Turtwig survived the powerful move. Turtwig uses Synthesis to restore its health. Rampardos uses another Flamethrower, but luckily, Turtwig jumps out of the way. Just then, Turtwig uses Razor Leaf while running, so that it's move can reach Rampardos. Rampardos tries another Flamethrower, but Turtwig keeps on using Razor Leaf.

Rampardos starts another Zen Headbutt, as Turtwig jumps up into the air. Rampardos then jumped as well, but then Turtwig span underneath Rampardos. Turtwig then uses a superpowered Razor Leaf, and finally defeats Rampardos. Turtwig runs up to Ash, and Ash praises it for winning. Dawn then cheers, and Croagunk finally returns to Brock's side. Later, outside the gym, Roark hands Ash the first Sinnoh gym badge, the Coal Badge. All of Ash's Pokémon so far apart from Staravia cheered Ash on, as Dawn and Brock watched Ash. The episode ends with Ash showing off his Coal Badge.

Thanks to Captain Snivy for writing this for us

486: O'er the Rampardos We Watched!

486: Kurogane Gym Again! Deciding Match Agaisnt Rampardos!



Pikachu Aipom Turtwig
Sudowoodo Croagunk
Piplup Buneary
Geodude Onix Cranidos Rampardos
Dr. Kenzo:

Ash defeats Hyouta in his rematch and earsn the Coal Badge
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