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The episode picks up from where it stopped last time, as the heated battle between Ash and Paul continues. Ash seems to be having the advantage with all six of his Pokémon still being able to battle, while Paul has only four Pokémon remaining. Paul's third Pokémon however, his fierce Drapion, was sent out to battle Ash's Buizel, and has successfully managed to trap Buizel with its tail, ready to attack. As Buizel is struggling to set itself free, Ash tells it to use Sonicboom, however Drapion manages to grab its tail with its claw, before Buizel can attack. While it seems to be the end for the Water Type Pokémon, Ash has an idea; he tells Buizel to inflate the tube around its neck, and then deflate it, which releases it from Drapion's claw. Using Water Gun on Drapion, Buizel also succeeds in freeing its tail, and finds itself in mid-air. Cynthia is impressed with Ash's thinking, which she believes was splendid. Brock, Dawn and Jun, as well as Team Rocket are also impressed, cheering for Buizel. However, while Buizel is in mid-air, Paul orders Drapion to use Toxic Spikes, which scatter all over the field. As soon as it lands down it is poisoned, and a Pin Missile attack from Drapion finishes it off. Buizel is unable to continue. In the meantime, Reggie, who is watching the battle, seems to be impressed with his brother's strategy.

Ash sends out his Staraptor, telling it to be cautious of Drapion. As Paul commands Drapion to use Pin Missile, Ash tells his Pokémon to dodge it, which it successfully does. Ash then tells Staraptor to use Aerial Ace, however Drapion lowers its head, avoids the attack, and catches Staraptor with its tail, in a similar way with how it captured Buizel previously. It then attacks Staraptor with Cross Poison, and subsequently hits it on the ground, poisoning it with Toxic Spikes. Staraptor is unable to continue. Drapion has defeated two of Ash's Pokémon, leaving each trainer with four Pokémon each. Jun comments on how powerful Drapion is, with Dawn adding that Staraptor did everything it could.

Ash chooses to send out his Torterra next. Reggie seems to believe it is a bad choice, and Brock comments on Torterra's bad typing against Drapion, as Cynthia is watching carefully. Paul orders Drapion to attack with Cross Poison, while Ash tells Torterra to use Energy Ball. The Energy Ball strikes Drapion before it can attack, pushing it back. Ash then orders Torterra to use Leaf Storm, which strikes the Poison and Dark Type Pokémon directly. Paul commands Drapion to use Pin Missile, which results in the two moves, Leaf Storm and Pin Missile, creating a big explosion. Nevertheless, as Torterra attempts to use Rock Climb, Drapion captures it in mid-air, attacking it with Poison Fang, which damages Torterra a lot. Ash tells Torterra to use Synthesis, which allows it to restore some of its health. However, a powerful Pin Missile attack from Drapion knocks Torterra out, leaving Ash with three Pokémon, against four of his rival.

As Ash tells Torterra to rest, Paul sarcastically comments on how he is expecting Gliscor next; Ash tells him that he is right. Paul mocks him for his battling style, revealing to him that he just used Aggron and Gastrodon to observe his battling style. Ash sends out his Gliscor, while Paul, having recalled Drapion, sends out Ninjask. Paul tells Ninjask to use Agility and Ash tells Gliscor to attack using Stone Edge. Ash is surprised with Ninjask's speed, which allows it to dodge the Stone Edge attack. Ninjask manages to strike Gliscor with Fury Attack a number of times, and avoiding Gliscor's Fire Fang attack, it sends it flying towards the ground. After is hits the ground, it is poisoned due to the Toxic Spikes, therefore Ash recalls it, replacing it with Infernape.

Infernape is immediately poisoned due to Toxic Spikes, which makes Ash think that he needs to somehow remove them and restore the battlefield. Ash then tells Infernape to use Dig, which makes Jun wonder why. Dawn suggests that he must have some kind of plan. While Infernape is underground, Ash tells it to use Flare Blitz, which sends a wave of heat energy upwards and into the air, threatening Ninjask, but more importantly removing the effect of the Toxic Spikes. Everyone is surprised with Ash's strategy, including Reggie. Team Rocket continue to cheer for Ash and Infernape. Paul then orders Ninjask to use Giga Drain, which it effectively manages to do, by moving in circles above Infernape. Ash tells Infernape to concentrate and follow Ninjask's movement. He then orders his Pokémon to use Mach Punch, which sends Ninjask flying, knocking it out. Now Paul has three Pokémon left, just like Ash.

Infernape is tired however, so Ash recalls it, sending out Pikachu, to face Paul's fourth Pokémon, Froslass. Froslass quickly uses Hail, which covers the whole battlefield in thick mist and at the same time activates its ability, Snow Cloak. Pikachu takes damage from the Hail, and its Thunderbolt attack has no effect either. Paul then tells Froslass to use Ice Shard, which Pikachu is unable to dodge. Ash then tells Pikachu to use Volt Tackle, however the Electric Type Pokémon passes right through Froslass, which is completely unaffected. As Froslass attempts to use Ice Shard once again to attack Pikachu, Ash tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail, which propels it upwards in mid-air. This allows it to dodge the Ice Shard, but also effectively attack Froslass with Iron Tail, sending it crashing on the battlefield. Hail's effect also ends. Nonetheless, Paul tells Froslass to use Ice Beam, which freezes Pikachu. While everything seems over for Pikachu, with Froslass preparing an Ice Shard to finish things off, Ash encourages Pikachu to use Volt Tackle, which sets it free and sends it flying towards Froslass. Before Froslass can attack with Ice Shard, Pikachu strikes it with Volt Tackle, defeating it in a remarkable and impressive way. Brock comments however, that despite Ash being left with three Pokémon, in comparison with Paul's two Pokémon, all of Ash's Pokémon are pretty tired.

Pikachu seems exhausted from its last battle, so Ash recalls it, and sends out Gliscor, who now has to face Paul's Drapion. Gliscor also seems a bit tired from before. Ash however encourages it, telling it to show the results of its training with the Air Battle Master. Drapion attacks first using Pin Missile, which Gliscor dodges in an incredible way. Ash tells Gliscor to use Stone Edge, which Paul orders Drapion to counter using Cross Poison. The collision between the two attacks creates an explosion in mid-air, which acts as a veil for Gliscor. This makes it difficult for Drapion to predict from where exactly Gliscor will attack using Giga Impact. Gliscor swiftly attacks Drapion on its back using Giga Impact, however before Drapion can attack using Poison Fang, Gliscor is already rolling away from it in the air. This gives it enough time to recharge from using Giga Impact. Paul then commands Drapion to use Pin Missile, which Gliscor dodges with its swift movements, as Ash tells it to use X-Scissor. The episode ends with Gliscor heading towards Drapion, ready to attack using X-Scissor. The rival battle continues…

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655: A Real Rival Rouser!

655: Intense Fighting Full Battle! Ash VS Paul!


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Ash coninues his quarter final match against Paul
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