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The episode begins with a view of the big city. A Wingull hovers above and flies down into a park. Meowth just happens to be in this park. He looks up at all the buildings, exclaiming how much he loves the city. He then opens his picnic basket and begins to eat. He takes out a sub sandwich and places it down. After some time, he looks over to a nearby Tauros statue and begins to day dream of people placing a giant golden Meowth statue up just for him.

As he dreams, he reaches to take a bite of his sandwich, but chows down on only his hand! He freaks out and blows on it, obviously hurting. He then looks over to see his sandwich hovering in midair. Meowth thinks he's just hallucinating and goes to grab the sandwich, but it slides away. He tries again, but his sandwich then takes off running! Meowth gets mad and chases it, now revealing that a red stripe seems to be carrying the sandwich.

Up above, one of the Pichu bros is collecting berries in a tree. It looks down to see Meowth chasing his sandwich. After watching for some time, Pichu's brother slides down to see what's going on. They both watch Meowth give chase and decide to help out. They slide down the tree and rush after him.

Meanwhile, An Azumarill is happily preparing a table. It places some flowers in a vase and steps back, knowing it's perfect. A Smoochum, Magby, and Wooper watch it. Suddenly, the sandwich floats by followed by a very angry Meowth. He leaps onto the table and smashes it before continuing his hunt. Azumarill is now angry, and gives Meowth a mad look.

It then begins to pick up the mess, but Meowth returns when his sandwich passes by. This time he smashes the whole table! Azumarill calls out to him and he apologizes, saying he wouldn't be in such a rush if his sandwich wasn't. The sandwich turns around and rushes towards the other Pokemon, then veers left. The other Pokemon decide to help and they chase after it, knocking Azumarill down. Now it is extremely mad, and it begins trying to water gun them. Meowth tells it to stop and ducks, but Azumarill is too mad.

Meanwhile, a Teddiursa is also in the park. It digs on the ground and finds some acorn shells, but to its dismay, they are empty. It then hears some commotion and turns to see many Pokemon chasing a floating sandwich. The stripe trips on a rock and the sandwich flies into Teddiursa's mouth. Meowth freaks out as the little bear chows down on his flying food. He tackles it and begins to knock it around. He smashes Teddiursa's head against the ground and tries to get his sandwich back, but it is long gone.

The Pichu bros discover a footprint in the ground and wonder what it could belong too. Meowth inspects it with a magnifying glass, and soon everyone is sitting down wondering who the print belongs too. Meowth exclaims that when he figures it out, the owner will pay for his stolen sandwich. He sits on the ground and begins to think, but isn't having much luck. He begins to blame the other Pokemon, angering the Pichu bros. They exclaim that the print could very well belong to him too, and he informs them that he wouldn't steal his own sandwich.

Meowth then inspects everyone's feet, and concludes that Magby stole the sandwich as its foot is most closely matched. The Pichu bros deny it, as Magby was chasing it along with them. Suddenly, the stripe waddles by. The Pichu's point it out and a sweat drop appears above it. All the Pokemon begin to chase it through the park, knowing that it is the culprit. After some time, the stripe runs into a stadium.

The Pokemon follow, but find the stadium is full of multicolored stripe paintings. The group looks down to see a Smeargle happily painting the walls next to a bushel of apples. The stripe steals and apple and rushes off. The Pokemon run to catch it, but soon realize it's futile. The Pichu bros then get an idea and tell the Smeargle to splash its paint all over. It does so, and exposes the stripe as a Kecleon! It tires to sneak away, and Meowth jumps on it, pretending he still can't find it.

The Pokemon crowd around and the Pichu bros explain to it that it's covered in yellow paint. It realizes this and rushes off. The Pokemon all give chase, but the Kecleon has disappeared. Meowth then notices a trail of yellow footprints, so they decide to follow them. After some time, the group comes to a concrete tube where the prints lead inside. They peer in to see the Kecleon taking care of a baby Azurill. It opens its mouth and feeds it the apple. Meowth realizes that it only took the sandwich to feed it and he starts to understand.

Meanwhile, Azumarill has finally redecorated its table. Kecleon approaches with Azurill, and it happily leaps into its arms. The two Pokemon hug and Meowth realizes that Azumarill must be its mom. He then asks Kecleon what happened and it explains how it was walking along and found Azurill cold and trying to find shelter from a storm. It was obviously lost, so it took care of it by feeding and carrying it around. Meowth says that was pretty nice of it.

Azumarill thanks Kecleon and invites the whole group to have dinner with it at its table. Everyone sits down to a feast of fruits. Meowth says grace and they all dig in. The scene then ends with the Pokemon happily eating.

A new episode starts when the Pokemon are finished. After dinner, the Pichu bros play with the Azurill. The smart Pichu bro looks around to see its brother hiding in a bush by the table. When Azumarill isn't looking, it goes to snatch an acorn, but Pichu stops it. It begins to scold it, then the two notice Azurill is missing.

Meanwhile, Meowth wonders the back alley of the city as hungry as can be. He looks up and spies a sleeping Skitty up above. Meowth is instantly in love and creates a kissing face in a puff of smoke. It floats up to kiss Skitty, but it wags its tail, blowing it out. He sighs, saying it wasn't meant to be. He tries again and calls up to it, but Skitty just continues to sleep. Meowth then sadly walks on.

At the tire playground from the third mini movie, the Pichu bros rally the Pokemon together. They all begin to search for Azurill, who bounces by. The Pokemon give chase only to find Azurill happily bouncing across a busy highway! Semi after semi drives by, but luckily, Azurill makes it across safely. The Pokemon then use the cross walk.

Azurill comes to an alley and jumps on top of a Wooper who is wading in a barrel of water. Wooper is then trampled by the Pichu bros and their search party. It is a little aggravated, but decides to join them. Meanwhile, Meowth finds a wedding dress covered in roses in a shop window. He quickly "deflowers" it and decides to give the roses to Skitty.

Azurill happily bounces along next to the harbor. The search party watches as it leaps into the harbor. They think it's going to hit the water when a Feraligatr leaps out. Azurill bounces off of it and makes it to the other side of the harbor. The Pokemon stare in awe at the incredibly ironic scene. They then take the nearby bridge and the chase ensues.

Meowth brings a ladder to where Skitty is carrying the bouquet of roses. He blushes, hoping she'll like them, and he begins to ascend the ladder. Azurill enters the scene and spies the roses. It instantly wants them and uses its tail to bounce up to some clothes hanging in between the buildings. It gets itself caught in them, but continues to pursue the roses. Meowth presents them to the sleeping Skitty, but before it wakes up, Azurill leaps in. It lands on the roses and leaves with them, leaving all the clothes where they were. Skitty wakes up thinking Meowth is presenting her with a bouquet of clothes, and she slashes him. He falls off the ladder wondering what happened. He then looks up to see Azurill happily bouncing away with his roses.

Meowth still refuses to give up and this time he brings Skitty some cake. He holds it out, but Azurill jumps by and eats it. Skitty looks to see the empty plate and closes the window on Meowth's face. Meowth then tries to woo Skitty with some guitar music. It seems to be working, and Skitty comes to the balcony to listen. Azurill also comes and begins to dance to Meowth's music. Meowth becomes enraged, and tries to crush it with his guitar, but he only smashes Skitty. He freaks out and apologizes, but Skitty closes the shudders, sending him falling again. Meowth looks up at the jumping Azurill with tears in his eyes. He becomes very angry and says he is going to get revenge.

Meanwhile, the group of Pokemon continues their search for Azurill. They spy it on the rooftops as it nears the edge. It looses its balance and begins to fall. The Pichu bros tell Wooper to use water gun, and Smoochum picks it up. Meowth sits on the rooftop preparing to shove Azurill off. Smoochum tells Wooper to use water gun, and it does. At the last second, Azurill regains its balance and hops away, but Meowth is struck by the water gun and sent blasting off.

Azurill bounces off a tarp and lands next to the group of Pokemon. They all grab it, glad that it's ok. Meowth lands on the other side of the city. He is saddened by the loss of his beloved Skitty, but doesn't get a chance to think anymore about it when he is flattened by a Snorlax rolling over. The Pokemon group returns Azurill to Azumarill, and is in turn rewarded with another meal.

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Feraligatr Pichu Azumarill Wooper Teddiursa Smeargle Smoochum Magby Azurill Skitty Kecleon



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