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It's another beautiful day at Oak's lab. The sun shines bright upon the habitats as Heracross sucks sap from a nearby tree. Down below, Bulbasaur passes a sleeping Bayleef on its morning rounds. It stops for a moment to watch the hovering Hoppips, Skiplooms, and Jumpluffs above. Seeing this makes it smile.

Meanwhile in another section of the ranch, Phanpy desperately tries to get a hold on some fruit high up in a tree. As it does, Kingler approaches to see what is going on. A few feet away, some Marril are having a dance session. Their tails are hypnotic to Kingler, and it begins to stumble. In its confusion, it accidentally vice grips Phanpy's tail, sending the Pokemon crying and rolling down the hill.

Phanpy blazes past Bulbasaur who starts to run after it. Soon, Phanpy comes upon a dancing Totodile, but it doesn't stop. It rams Totodile sky high, but the Pokemon seems to enjoy it as it starts dancing. It lands by Ash's Snorlax with a thud. Snorlax then begins to role over freaking Totodile out, but Bulbasaur saves it with its vines. Snorlax in turn rolls straight down the hill.

Cyndaquil happily sniffs the flowers until it sees the bulbous Snorlax tobogganing toward it. Like everyone would, Cyndaquil goes insane with fear and runs to save itself from being flattened. It runs so hard that it accidentally sails off a cliff and lands hard below. Snorlax too goes sailing off and crashes down, flipping Cyndaquil into the air. In its shock, Cyndaquil releases a random flamethrower which barbeques Ash's Tauros herd. Bulbasaur watches in horror as the herd begins to stampede.

Meanwhile, at the lab, Oak busily works on his computer. Tracey walks in carrying a stack of books and asks how his research is going. Oak says it is going fine as Tracey lays the books on a nearby coffee table. As he does, he notices Oak hasn't touched his lunch and begins to remark that Oak should take a break. After a bit of conversation, Oak gives in and sits down to eat.

Tracey then reminds him of the new Pokemon trainer that is supposed to come today. He then says that he should be here any minute, which catches Oak off guard. The doorbell rings at that moment and Tracey says that must be him. He hands Oak the trainer's bio before rushing to the door. Oak seems impressed by the trainer's bio, and we learn that his name is Gilbert.

Tracey rushes to the door as the doorbell rings again. What an impatient kid! As he runs through the hallway, Muk appears and begins to follow. It turns out the impatient person was actually Ms. Ketchum and Mr. Mime with some food in a picnic basket. Trace opens the door and greets them just as Muk topples over. Ms. Ketchum backs away as Tracey is smothered and makes a joke. She then asks if he can hear her and he mumbles something through the sludge. She asks him to repeat and he pokes his head out saying he's ok.

Oak is now giving a Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander their check ups before Gilbert arrives. Tracey escorts Ms. Ketchum and Mr. Mime into the room and he greets them. He then says that he was just giving the Pokemon their check ups. Tracey asks if they are in good condition to begin their journey and Oak says they are fine.

Suddenly, a large amount of rumbling is heard. As the group wonders what it is, a large section of the wall crashes and the Tauros herd stampedes through knocking everything and everyone over. The herd then crashes through the opposing wall. Oak wonders how this happened and Ash's Bulbasaur rushes in. The group then peers out to see that the beginner Pokemon were frightened and in their confusion, they began to follow the herd. Oak calls for them to come back, but they are gone.

Suddenly, the group is interrupted by a small voice. They all turn to see Gilbert has arrived. He asks if his beginner Pokemon is ready, and Ms. Ketchum recognizes him as little Gilbert. She asks if he remembers her as she is Ash's mom, but he just shrugs her off and goes to sit in a chair. Oak says he must be excited to get his beginner Pokemon and Gilbert says he can't wait. He then remarks that he really wants a Torchic so he can have a strong Blaziken. Oak begins to say that he doesn't have that Pokemon when Gilbert interrupts and says a Mudkip or Treecko would also be sufficient.

Tracey is a bit confused and Gilbert remarks that the new Hoenn Pokemon are much better then the older ones, which ticks off Bulbasaur. Gilbert then begins to go on and on about how he wants a Blaziken for its strength, but he is soon interrupted by an aggravated Tracey. Tracey roars that all Pokemon are good and he should take what they offer and be happy. Oak says more calmly that all he has are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle but they are great Pokemon.

Gilbert then remembers that Ash received a Pikachu and says that those would be fine too even though he'd really like a Hoenn Pokemon. Ms. Ketchum grins and says he must really look up to Ash. Oak then says that it was really a one time choice. Gilbert cuts in saying he really wouldn't care if he got a Pikachu instead of a Hoenn Pokemon as he could evolve it fast and get a Raichu. Tracey is now extremely pissed, and he shows it by scolding Gilbert for wanting to evolve a Pokemon so fast. Oak tells Tracey to calm down and explains to Gilbert that Pokemon don't need to evolve to be strong, but right now they have to find his beginner if he even wants one.

An old woman tends to her shop when she suddenly sees the group rush by making a game plan to find the missing Pokemon. Oak hands three Pokeballs to Tracey and tells him to just recall the Pokemon when he finds them. Tracey, Ms. Ketchum, and Mr. Mime then rush off. Oak then turns to see Gilbert is out of breath. He asks him how he plans to travel across the world when a short run tires him out.

The old lady then approaches holding up a Pokemon Magazine. She explains that she saw Oak in the latest issue and wonders if all his theories are true. Oak nervously tells her everything he knows, and then rushes off with Gilbert close behind. The old woman seems mad, but she then realizes she can help Professor Oak find the missing Pokemon and with that, she rushes off happily into her store.

Oak and Gilbert are now scaling a small hill. Gilbert begins to complain and Oak asks him why he complains so much. Gilbert remarks that if Oak would've just had Hoenn Pokemon, this wouldn't have happened. Meanwhile, the old lady starts broadcasting throughout the town on a loudspeaker. She tells the residents of Pallet Town that Oak is in dire need of help in finding his missing Pokemon and everyone should start looking. She then puts on some hip music to get them in the mood.

Tracey and the others are now searching a large river for the Pokemon. Mr. Mime spots Charmander trying to prod at a Magikarp fin that is just above the surface. They freak out knowing that if it fell in, it could spell disaster. They yell for it to stop, but Charmander still goes at it. Magikarp begins to pull away and Charmander falls on top of it! Tracey jumps in and wades through the water. He grabs Charmander just before its tail submerges. As Tracey wades back, he sinks below the surfaces almost submerging Charmander. Ms. Ketchum has Mr. Mime fish them out with psychic.

Back on shore, Charmander turns out to be fine and Tracey recalls it to its Pokeball. He then says that one is down and only two more to go. Meanwhile, Oak and Gilbert are now walking along a narrow cliff side. Gilbert is freaking out from the long fall just to their right, but Oak and Bulbasaur are just fine. Oak remarks that Gilbert will be facing perils like this a lot when he becomes a trainer, and Gilbert leaps from the side saying he isn't afraid.

A small section of the cliff gives way and Gilbert changes his mind. Oak says if it is too much for him he could always wait at the lab. Gilbert prepares to leave when they suddenly notice Squirtle high above hanging desperately to a branch. Gilbert seems worried, but then remembers he doesn’t care for Pokemon like that and prepares to walk off. The cliff suddenly gives way and Gilbert is sent falling down the canyon. Bulbasaur grabs him with its vines and saves him in the knick of time. Gilbert stares at his savior with a little more impression then he had for the Kanto beginners. Squirtle suddenly lets go and begins to fall, but Oak catches it just before it passes them. It retreats to its shell as Oak tries to keep his balance. He too begins to stumble, but Bulbasaur grabs him. The three head down to a field and Bulbasaur tries to make Squirtle come out of its shell by soothing it. Gilbert says they should just recall it to a Pokeball and be done with it, but Bulbasaur just yells at him. It continues to sooth Squirtle as Oak tries to explain to Gilbert about the Pokemon world.

He tells Gilbert that Pokemon have feelings too, and trainers need to see these wonders and treat all Pokemon with kindness and affection. That way, the trainer will share a friendship with their Pokemon that can never be broken. Oak mentions Ash, and explains that he had his doubts about him, but Ash proved to be one of the best trainers he had ever come across because of his affection for his Pokemon. Bulbasaur starts to form pictures of Pokemon with its vines, and Gilbert recalls the time that Bulbasaur saved him.

With that, Gilbert sits down next to Bulbasaur and uncaringly says that he wants to try and help. He places large leaves on his eyebrows and mockingly pretends he is Professor Oak. Bulbasaur is a little freaked by this. Gilbert starts to make silly faces whilst continually saying that he is Oak. Squirtle peeks out at this, but Gilbert gives up. Suddenly, Squirtle pops out and leaps happily into Gilbert's arms. Gilbert happily begins to play with it as Oak smiles.

Back in town, Tracey tells Oak that they found Charmander. Oak says they have Squirtle, so now Bulbasaur is the only one left. The loudspeaker sounds and the old woman commands that Oak come to her store. There, she reads through some sheets of paper telling Oak all of the reports and sightings of Bulbasaur. One man saw it in his garden, another saw it pretending to be a doll, and she explains that she saw it pretending to be one of her melons as well.

Tracey then asks where it is now and she replies that there haven't been many more reports for a while. The phone then rings and she rushes to answer it. She then remarks that a bunch of Primeape was seen in the forest, and there have been reports that Bulbasaur was near there. Oak thanks her and the group heads off.

In the forest, the group watches the Primeape family. Gilbert seems a little scared of their intimidating looks; not to mention that half of them are fighting, but Oak says that it's just normal behavior. The group then notices Bulbasaur is hanging from the tree just above the Primeapes' heads. Ms. Ketchum says this is bad, as if Bulbasaur falls it could get really hurt. Oak wonders what they should do and Gilbert says that Ash's Bulbasaur can use its vines to save it. Tracey tells him to keep it down, and then remarks that the Primeape would be on those vines faster then they could reach Bulbasaur.

Oak decides to step out and reason with the group. The Primeape don't look to happy with him, and he nervously says he is just wants his Pokemon back. With Oak creating a diversion, Ms. Ketchum has Mr. Mime use psychic to lift Bulbasaur off the tree. Gilbert seems happy that it's working, but he suddenly sneezes messing up Mr. Mime's concentration. Bulbasaur is let loose and it falls right on the lead Primeape's head!

The whole group is now in an uproar. Oak and Bulbasaur rush back into the bushes and Oak exclaims that the Primeape's won't stop until they catch them now. With that, everyone takes off running through the forest. In a Scooby-Doo style run, the Primeapes chase Oak and co around the forest. Some take to the trees and begin to catch up. A crossroad is ahead and Oak tells them all to split up.

Suddenly, a Primeape grabs Gilbert and sort of rides piggy-back on him. Gilbert freaks out and runs the opposite direction of everyone else. He manages to get the Primeape off, but the whole group is now after him! Gilbert then realizes the beginner Bulbasaur is also with him. Oak and the others realize they are missing and look around for them.

Gilbert and Bulbasaur come to the edge of a cliff and turn frightened to face the Primeapes. Bulbasaur hides scared behind Gilbert, but Gilbert then builds up confidence. As he and Bulbasaur await the pack, Ash's Bulbasaur suddenly knocks the Primeapes away with vine whip. It then leaps in front of Gilbert. While the Primeapes regroup, Bulbasaur picks up Gilbert and the other Bulbasaur with its vines and sends them safely across the cliff. Gilbert asks it how it plans to save itself, but Bulbasaur ignores him.

The Primeapes leap at Ash's Bulbasaur and Gilbert yells out to it. Suddenly, Bulbasaur soaks in light and releases a large solar beam at the pack. After a blinding flash of light, an explosion occurs and the Primeapes are fried. With a roar from Bulbasaur, the pack rushes off scared. Gilbert is very impressed and now holds the beginner Bulbasaur in his hands happily.

Back at the road in front of the lab, Gilbert prepares to set off. The beginner Bulbasaur is at his side, and he remarks that he has made his decision to pick Bulbasaur. Oak says it's a great choice and the group waves goodbye as he heads off. Bulbasaur calls to him as he goes, and Gilbert turns. He puts his thumb up and exclaims that when he returns, his Bulbasaur will be just as strong as Ash's. With that, Gilbert and his new Pokemon take off down the road on new adventures.

The scene then returns as Oak says a Haiku about Gilbert. Ms. Ketchum is a little mad and says he never did one for Ash. After a lot of conversation, the episode finally ends with a lot of laughter.

Special Thanks to GoldenNoctowl77 for writing This for us

Journey To The Starting Line

Pallet Town! The Setting off of the Pokémon Trainer!


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