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A Young Boy goes to bed one night and wakes up in the Pokémon world as a Piplup. Being awoken by a Chimchar, he quickly befriends his new PokéFriend. Taking them to the nearby Guild led by Wigglytuff, Piplup decides to join Chimchar on an Expedition. Joined by the guilds Sunflora, they end up under attack from Team RazorWind and then by a Gabite. Can they finish their mission?

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Time & Darkness Expedition


Chimchar Piplup Wigglytuff Diglett Dugtrio Sunflora Loudred Corphish Chimecho Bidoof Chatot Croagunk Sandslash Scyther Zangoose Kecleon Duskull Shinx Golbat Drowzee Gyarados Grovyle Sharpedo Gabite Weavile

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